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Published: Sunday, July 31 2011 10:00 p.m. MDT

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DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Hatch and Lee are right to oppose this deal. It solves nothing except allowing unrestrained spending as before with a new debt ceiling.

Even an balanced budget amendment is a farce, as it will be unenforceable, with every year an "emergency" allowing exceptions.

Better to defeat this deal and "eat our peas" until a real deal is done.

We are a nation impoverished by wasteful spending, but it is not in the Defense Department (although some savings can be made there).

Only someone with little regard for, or understanding of, our national security would agree to a scheme that will be making massive cuts in defense before all other possibilities have been exhausted.

While I am heartened by the fact that this bill reportedly contains some significant cuts, I am very troubled that the debt increase (and resulting tsunami of spending) begins immediately, while the biggest, and non-specific, cuts are scheduled for the future, and which are not actually binding upon future congresses to execute.

The immediate cuts, will be mitigated to a very small degree by the reported agreement to include foreign aid, and Homeland Security within the "security" area of cuts, not exclusively DOD.

On the other hand
Spanish Fork, UT

I oppose Senators Lee and Hatch.

Informed Voter
South Jordan, UT

How can this reporter be so far out of touch to say this deal prevents default. That is dead wrong!! There would have been no default without a deal. He has either been duped by the histeria or he is a willing participant in perpetuating the myth of default. There is plenty of revenue each month to avoid default on debts! The reporter is sophomoric at best. Wise up.

Brent T. Aurora CO
Aurora, CO

I can only vote out four people -- Colorado's two senators, our house rep and Obama. And if this bill passes that I certainly will. Washington is gutless again. We needed to just default, pass a balanced budget amendment and as a start to spending cuts eliminate the Social Security program 1/1/12 assigning FICA withholding to paying off the national debt... in other words do the right thing, spend what we have, get out of state and local government, get out of peoples private affairs (like retirement), drastically shrink central/federal government and programs, and get out of debt!

Instead we just delay (again) the inevitable, passing folly onto our children and generations to come rather than facing up to our mistakes and setting things right.

Springville, UT

Of course Hatch and Lee are opposed. Hatch is desperate to appeal to the crazy right/tea party, and Lee is part of that same group which is trying to destroy the country. Are they trying to create chaos and try to fulfill their own religious predictions? It is so off the wall. Default will only give us a permanent de facto tax increase and just make the deficit even worse. Pass a simple debt increase, then battle over the budget issues. Why the dangerous games? The faction of Lee and Hatch (sort of) are crazy and will do more harm than good.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

They were both passed in the fast lane. They should both exit office and get someone to help the United States and Utah, not bow and scrape to the conservative bloggers with cell phone access.

Mesa, AZ

What a joke. I saw Lee on CNN last night. Wolf Blitzer asked him about the debt deal. He answered with a plug for his new book. That's not TEA Party, that's ME Party.

Ogden, UT

we haven't had a single bill to address the debt-limit issue come into the Senate that has been subject to an open debate, discussion and amendment process on the floor."

There is Harry Reids efforts for you. The Senate has not presented a budget in over 800 days. Way to go Senate! A bunch of empty suits.

Obama was left ingnored by both parties in the last days of this sham. Everyone realized the The Leader was in fact The Great Pretender

The only ones who were putting anything on paper was the Republicans lead by the Tea Party. Face it Kool Aiders without the Tea Party this debate would not have taken place. It would have been business as ususal..

Springville, UT

@ mohokat, you think this debate has been good for the American people, putting the world economy on the edge? If the tea party kiddies were serious and were highly principled, they would acknowledge that our past debt has to be paid, then turn attention to actually balancing the budget. This requires a mix of new taxes and/or tax reforms, plus cuts. Instead, they vote for their pet programs benefiting Wall Street and defense contractors and who knows who else and seek to beat up the middle class (whom they claim to represent). They are playing a game and it will destroy us if they get their way.

As for your shot at Obama, the White House has been involved every step of the way. Don't kid yourself. If you don't understand the politics of Washington, then it would be best to zip it.

Roland Kayser
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Give the Republicans everything they want and they still vote no. Why am I not surprised?

Kearns, UT

I love when Hatch says "My word is my bond."


You mean the guy who has been in office for 30+ years, and ran on TERM LIMITS, now claims his word is his bond?


These two, and DNews posters, continue to prove why Utah has politically become one of the most radical places in the country.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

you missed the part about no balanced budget amendment, yet you say it has everything the repubs wanted? Why am I not surprised?

You seem to be claiming that hatch and lee comprise ALL the repubs, excluding Boehner, McConnell, etc, and so forth who will be voting YES. Why am I not surprised?

Everyone knows that were hatch NOT facing a stiff re-election challenge in 2012 he would be voting FOR this deal.

What about BO's promise that everything would be debated out in the open? I guess he lied - again.

Somewhere in Utah, UT

DN moderators strike again. I posted a comment expressing my contempt for Hatch and Lee, and they didn't publish it. Let me try again:

I don't support Hatch and Lee.

Hatch is doing nothing more than pander to the tea party so he can be elected. He isn't working for the welfare of the United States and its citizens, and the people of Utah.

Lee is once again showing his ignorance and incompetence. He isn't working for the welfare of the United States and its citizens, and the people of Utah. He's just showing himself (again) to be nothing more than a political hack.



The Best Deal will be No Deal!

No more "using the Credit Card" - no more increase in the interest payment.

Avoid Interest - it is a fearful master.

Get out of debt - the only way to really restore the good name and credit of the United States.


Isn't it amazing that if anyone even suggests we cut some of the defense budget, they are accused of being unpatriotic.

I have been involved with the military for some 20 years and its obvious that money is being wasted.

Anyone else been there and witnessed the same thing?

USN Retired

Lehi, UT

Get rid of the Bush tax cuts, bring the troops in the Middle East home, pass a balanced budget ammendment, debt probllem solved.

These people who believe in trickle-down economics are a joke. The money has already been spent. It's not going to repay itself without an increase in taxes. Likewise, there must be a balanced budget in order for us not to get into more debt. This is the easiest mathematical problem in the world. Why does the Tea Party continue to fight the only solution that will solve the problem, increased revenue? Why does the far left fail to support a balanced budget ammendment? Neither party is working in our best interest. We need the Blue Dogs, America!

Kaysville, UT

Of course they oppose it. They oppose anything that they think will create havoc for President Obama and ultimately the Nation.
They want to assure their political careers and the way our State elections are operated with caucuses they don't get a chance to be voted on by the people of Utah. Only the extreme right wing delegates at convention.
Politics should not be a career.
Candidates should be elected by the people and for the people, not a extreme minority in a party convention with numbers smaller than a high school.

Lane Myer
Salt Lake City, UT

Anyone else been there and witnessed the same thing?

USN Retired


Absolutely! A colonel here in the National Guard had not used all his budget for a year and knew if he didn't use it all and more that he would be cut for the next year - so he ordered himself a mahogany desk at over $17,000. Not needed and a waste of money, but he wanted to have more money to spend the next year. Any business that ran like that would be out of business pretty soon.

Saint George, UT

I'm a Republican and proud of it, but I'm ashamed of our naive Senators. This political grandstanding to make their point has to stop! What's more important is what's immediately best for America. This bill may not be perfect, but it's the only one that will pass and stop our nation's bleeding. Get on with it and now!

Out There in, WI

This whole budget mess has been a joke, an excellent illustration of how myopic and paralyzed Washington has become. They have shown they are not capable of effectively solving the countrys problems. Shoot, they can't even recognize them! All the noise about how not raising the debt ceiling will keep us from going further into debt is baloney. Raising the debt ceiling is about being able to pay the debt weve already incurred. All this wrangling has been over whether or not to pay the bills we already owe! This so called hard line stand against more debt should have taken place months and years ago. Those fool tea-partiers picked the right fight but at totally the wrong time! Theyve done nothing more than make economic recovery harder.

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