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Published: Sunday, July 31 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Port Alice, B.C.

Letting Obama off the hook for the next election is a serious mistake.

Ogden, UT

White House and congressional negotiators sought to reassure the nation that they would beat a Tuesday deadline for averting the first federal default in history. But as Congress prepared to convene for a rare Sunday session, a final deal to raise the debt ceiling and reduce the deficit remained elusive.

Well we do not know who the negotiators are but we know who the White House is and this is a total lie. Tuesday is not D day and there would be no default!There is more than enough tax money coming in to pay the interest on the notes that the Country owes along with other things like S.S., medicare, military, etc.Treasury has said many times that they could extend this so called D day.
Do not trust the Government especially The Great Pretender. By the was has anybody read Obamas debt reduction plan. Would you please send it to me or provide a link for us to read it. Please step forward.

Woods Cross, UT

Senator McConnell, this Utah Democrat thanks you for your rationality and statesmanship.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Good job Senate Democrats for bringing some sense to this debate and showing the tea party crowd what the art of compromise looks like. Hopefully the house can bring enough dem's into this bill to make the tea party extremists irrelevant and we can get about the countries business. The problem still is without revenue increases somewhere there will have to be large cuts to social security, medicaid, medicare and defense. Somebody is sooner than later is going to have to find the courage to deal with those items.

Salt Lake City, UT

It's good that we are starting to see some progress on this very serious issue, defaulting would mean that every American loses.

Re BobP: What do you suggest republicans do? Sabotage our economy so a republican has a better shot at winning the presidency?

Petaluma, CA

This mess reflects poorly on those House members who align with the tea folk.

I predict the House returns to the Dems for 2012. By a lot.

Alpine, UT

For decades, politicians have created this quagmire of endless, irresponsible spending that will ultimately dissolve the rights and liberties of this once upon a time free nation. We must rescind most federal powers and give it back to the individual States and people of their States. There is no other way. Both parties in Washington are drunken with power and have lost sight of the vision of liberty for the States and people. Who currently is running for President based on this principle? He/she should receive every free thinking individual's support this coming election.

Salt Lake City, UT

Here is the big descrepancy that is just not being truthfully reported: "Republicans and their tea party supporters would get spending cuts at least as large as the amount the debt ceiling". There are no current cuts, nor any baseline budget cuts, and most of the cuts are in the last 4 years of the decade. Basically, the spending continues as is. Why are "millions of Americans concerned about raising the debt limit" as opposed to the rising public debt? Because the PR maching out of Washington has the issued focused on this wrong target. The debt is what will impact Americans, their children and the country the most. And, nothing in the discussion of either party or the administration are about lowering this tremendous burden that is taking 20% of funds from the elderly, poor, middle class, businesses, but most of all the young.

Port Alice, B.C.


The worst result would be another 4 years of an arrogant socialist as president.

Letting the default happen would not do any harm that has not already been done. It would let the US stiff the Chinese for about 2 trillion.

Blanding, UT

Fred44 I dont understand your post. You slam the tea party then say sometime someone is going to have to find the courage to deal with the issues...it seems to me that is what they are doing. Compromise and courage cant co-coexsist in government. Go back in history some 3/5 compromise, Missourri compromise....result Civil War. Compromise is not the answer, it has to be one way or the other.

AK Cougar
Palmer, AK

Peter, you said it right. The states need to resume the powers of being a state and quit looking to Washington and the Fed to give them money. Your state does not need Fed money. Your state needs to develop some of its resources and put people to work which will make your state's treasury full and overflowing with funds which in turn will be used to do the work of state goverment. They Fed has no power over the state if/when the state turns down the Fed money. It is time for the state of Utah to claim its rights back.

The only way for the Fed to quit spending is to have the States quit demanding more and more Fed money. Too many in Washington are tryign to be the savior and bring home the bacon the home state. Only time will tell if the sate is willing to govern or be governed.

Salt Lake City, Utah

The drama is breath taking!! Will they be able to pull this deal off as the clock ticks down? Will they be able to pull the US back from the brink of disaster?

Meantime the participants order pizza as they think about where they're going to go on vacation.

Salt Lake City, UT

Re BobP:

So that was a yes, you would rather have America fail then see a Democrat as president. As someone who lost his job as a direct result of the recession I hope America does well so I can keep my current job, regardless of who is president.

Well Read

It is very clear that without the T Party we would have had a deal already. Obama and Boehner were close to a huge deal until the T Party pulled the plug. Proving they were not really interested in a budget cutting deal. They were and are in a state or revolt. They are at war with the Democratic President and the Democratic party. They want to cut all the safety net programs as in Social security, Medicare, and Medicaid totally out of the budget. Think of the money they could then give to the large corporations and their rich friends.

A Tropical Paradise USA, FL

They have no inkling of the forces they are about to unleash if they stop VA, Social Security Disability Benefits and Social Security checks. How can you succeed unless you stop big corporations from escaping their fair share of taxes by manipulating foreign jurisdictions against our tax laws, for example, or by letting trillions of dollars of speculation on Wall Street go without any sales tax, while you pay six, seven or eight percent sales tax on the necessities you buy in stores?. Military troops around the world are wondering whether the debt situation will affect their paychecks. Our nation's top two military leaders recently responded to the question, "Will we get paid?." In similar news, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has reminded troops that they are still obligated to work. Thousands of military families, including the families of deployed service members, live paycheck-to-paycheck and late pay will create very real disasters for these families. That's the "Paycheck Chronicles." Will our Medicare, Medicaid also stop?. Money can't buy happiness, but it sure makes misery easier to live with.

South Jordan, UT

The tea party is disasterous for our nation. Compromise isnt even considered. Our congress is at a stalemate. They cannot do anything. Republicans were voted back in power in the house in 2010, because they convinced america that the economy wasnt recovering fast enough. That jobs neede to be created. What have these republicans done to accomplish those stated goals?/ Nothing!! They've continued their attacks on womens rights, the elderly, workers rights, and want to cut social programs all while protecting the tax cuts given to the wealthy that in essance bankrupted our country. 75% of americans agree with our president that a balanced approach needs to be used to fix our spending and debt crisis. I seem to remember a few years ago when another Democrat(Clinton) handled a similar crisis. The result was a balanced budget and a cash surpluss. We need sensable, compromising people in congress, not these crazy tea party people who are bringing us to the brink of default and are resposible for weakining our economy. Obama has us on the right track. Fixing Bush's mess. What he needs is a little help. We can help him in 2012 by voting these crazies out.

Alpine, UT

Unfortunately, many of Utah's resources are sitting on locked-up Federal lands and restrictions that the State can't nudge past. The Feds are the ones standing in the way of progress and freedom. I think that most people fear the power and rule of our Federal government more than they do any foreign terrorist organization. We must act on our power to vote before other means are resorted to in order to regain America's freedoms. Become educated about correct principles, support candidates who believe in those principles, then vote them into office. If a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was nor ever will be.

Los Angeles, CA

Sorry to say, Obama is the worst negotiator. He comes to the table having already given up the Democrat's position. Example: Healthcare. First, he said right from the beginning single payer was not an option. Okay, fine. But then he never, ever pushed for the public option. So, he comes to the table already looking weak. The same thing was repeated with the Bush tax cuts. Though the polling showed (and still show) a large majority of Americans favor letting the tax cuts expire for upper levels of income, Obama caved. AND it occurred when the incoming Congress would be more tilted to the Republicans so it was Obama's last real chance to stand up to them. The Republicans have learned to play Obama like a fiddle, and they have.

Salt Lake City, UT

It is always easy to get polls to be in favor of the other guy paying higher taxes. Because the higher taxes do not affect the respondent in any way. Would you like Harry Reid to pay higher taxes? Sure. But, then would you like to pay higher? No, no, no. And, here is the sorry truth, higher taxes will not reduce the debt because these guys are not even trying to do that.

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

From this point forward there should be no increase of the debt ceiling without mandating a path to a balanced budget, then paying off the national debt.

I would start by eliminating:

The department of education
The department of energy
The department of labor
The department of commerce
Obama Care

All all pay for Czars.

When Social Security was first introduced the retirement age was 65 and the average life span was 64.5 years. You got to retire, on average, six months after you were dead. We should peg the retirement age to average life expectancy. Let's make it three years less than life expectancy. Today the average life span is 78 so you could retire at 75.

Sudden changes in any system create shock waves so we adjust the Social Security Retirement age by a maximum of six months each year. It might take twenty years to reach the target retirement age but in time we could do it without hurting anyone.

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