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Published: Friday, July 29 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Gray, TN

So, how many of these "forgeries" are used by Anti-Mormons as "historic records" to malign the church's history?

Bountiful, UT

On a related note, there are mints in the world, when I read about them it was talking about one located in Lebanan that specialize in making old gold coins. In otherwords if you buy an old Americal $20 gold piece, you may be buying a forgery.

This is why, I don't like buying old things whose value is based on their being rare or old. If I buy gold I prefer buying it in a form where I pay just for the gold.

Forgeries are just to easy to make too well, they fool even the experts. Glenn Beck lets everyone know he buys all his gold in the form of old rare gold coins. If I ever had the chance to talk to him I would tell him what I am saying here.

Farmington, Utah

I remember being very skeptical as each new "find" of Hoffman's surfaced. There were too many to be believable. When Mr. Ashworth kept buying documents from H., I wanted to call him up and warn him. So sad for the families who lost loved ones because of Hoffman's greed. Always question "old and rare".

Rugeley, Staffs

Such a shame about Mark Hoffman. We both served in the Swansea Zone of the England Bristol Mission at the same time in 1975. A bright, articulate man, who could have accomplished so much for good. Instead, he sits wasting his time in a prison cell. A salutory lesson to us all to stay close to the leaders of the Church, and more especially to the Author of our Salvation and Saviour of the World.

Farmington, UT

I was editing copy for the Salt Lake Tribune when the salamander letter story broke. As an LDS, I was asked to edit the articles dealing with Hoffman. My reaction to church historians who declared the letter authentic? The letter certainly didn't sound like something that Joseph Smith would have written and was so far off base from what I had learned of him that I had no explanation. I decided to exercise faith that the truth would be revealed someday. That day came much sooner than I had expected when the true nature of Hoffman was revealed. I only regret that he was not executed.

Bountiful, UT

The white salamander letter was not the writing of Joseph Smith; it was purported to have been written by Martin Harris. A review of Martin Harris' life from his mortgaging and losing part of his farm to cover the cost of publishing The Book of Mormon right up to his death-bed testimony about The Book of Mormon and what he saw and heard as one of the Three Witnesses to The Book of Mormon, it was obvious to me that he never doubted its authenticity - the salamander notwithstanding. His life spoke louder to me than Hoffman's silly letter.

A voice of Reason
Salt Lake City, UT

I find more truth through praying about what to believe, than any 'supposed actual documents' that have ever been presented to me. I learned a long time ago that there are people who believe what they want, and people who actually believe.

Prayer is more powerful than any forgery. Ask and ye shall receive. Line upon line.

Mom of Five Teenagers
Cottonwood Heights, UT

I was just in Nauvoo this summer and in the Community of Christ's movie at the beginning of their tour (that you have to take if you want to see the inside of Homestead and the Mansion House), they referenced a blessing that said Joseph's son was supposed to be the next prophet. It must have been this forgery, because I have never heard of any such blessing (not that I've heard of everything, but you know what I mean).

no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

Mom of Five:

Life is filled with educational experiences, wonder, and lots of diverse ideas and information.
Good to have an open mind when traveling outside of Utah, home of one way thinking.
News flash! Our world is full of many religions, where others may feel that they, too, have found the answers.

The Dixie Kid
Saint George, UT

Calm down. She was just explaining what the tour guide said.

Springville, UT

So many of you claim you "knew" something was wrong when Hoffman was selling his forgeries, but did nothing about it...

Yeah, right.

Somewhere in Time, UT

OH what a tangled web we weave..........

Salt Lake City, UT

More preaching from No fit in SG. Some advice for you, "First seek to learn my truth."

Orem, UT

The forgeries would have eventually been discovered. What should not be forgotten is some good people were murdered by this selfish and evil man.

no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

Who's truth?

Phoenix, AZ

Hofmann is not the only worm in the apple.

desert dweller

I liked the Richard Nixon tapes better it was very entertaining

San Jose, CA

Mark Hoffman interested me. I asked questions about him to my seminary teacher. Later on my mission after learning there was more to life than the sports page. I ran into girl on my mission who had been baptized 56 times. Name changes...We were on to her in a matter of weeks. First time I meet her she stuffed her ID in my Face and asked my what the problem was. Her surgery was still bleeding in Texas when my Mom sent me a article in the paper about a girls running out on a 10,000 bill in Cedar City. 3 years latter I used the word manipulative to my sister in CA the bay. When talking about the type of girl is was. Sister sent me a picture same GIRL.. Mark Hoffmans are among us they have just changed their name and makeup....

Michael De Groote

Hofmann did not invent the idea of a blessing from Joseph Smith Jr. to his son Joseph Smith III. There just were no copies of a blessing, no contemporary records of a blessing that named him as a successor, and, of course, no transcript. Hofmann had an amazing ability to "find" exactly what people wanted. He took bits of historical information and weaved them together into a forgery. Ashworth said it was like going to Burger King. Order what you wanted and Hofmann would find one for you.

Values Voter

MapleDon wrote:

"So many of you claim you "knew" something was wrong when Hoffman was selling his forgeries, but did nothing about it..."

While many now claim to have had suspicions about Hofmann, I believe Jerald and Sandra Tanner were the first to actually go public at the time. They had serious doubts about the "finds" early on and Jerald Tanner even published a strong critique of the Salamander letter attacking its authenticity.

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