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Published: Thursday, July 28 2011 7:00 p.m. MDT

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Springville, UT

oooooo! 12 stories to comment on. Ducks are glad to have the Utes in the conference for obvious reasons.

Go Ducks, my first favorite team of the Pac 10.2!

Cedar Hills, UT

Sammy, you'll get over the whole PAC 12 thing soon enough. Stick in there buddy!

How about a meeting in December against the Ducks? No predictions or anything (ala The Quest), but it sure is fun to think about.

Go Utes!

Classless Ute Fan
Magna, UT


***Ducks are glad to have the Utes in the conference for obvious reasons.***

I agree. With Utah, and Colorado, in the conference, Oregon stands to make much more revenue. Now with the shared revenue agreement, the ESPN/Fox TV contract, and the conference network starting, it is looking very rosy for all PAC12 teams. Also, when Oregon plays Utah, it will raise their SOS. That is because Utah is a higher ranked team than the average PAC12 team.

I also agree with Utahcountyute. A meeting in December with the Ducks sounds very intriguing. I would love to see it happen. From what I've read on Utah and the PAC12 South, it could happen. Nothing is absolute in the season until it is actually played.

Go Utes!

Idaho Falls, ID

Oregon? Give me a break, I've seen Boise State bury those guys twice.

Salt Lake City, UT

sammie would fit right in with Duck fans. They think college football began in 1994, much like sammie thinks 1984 is the jumping off point for his legacy filled program. Fun fact: The Ducks went to the Rose Bowl after the 1994 season. They got an L hung on them by a certain red-clad team that year in Eugene.

Ice Man Ike

Funny, this article doesn't mention anything about Oregon's 2008-09 losses to Boise, nor the 1994 loss to Utah. I wonder why that is? Maybe because it has NOTHING to do with last year's team or this year's. Alas, I accepted a long time ago that there will always be those who like to bring up the past as if it's somehow relevant to how a team will perform THIS YEAR. That being said, I'm excited for the new Pac-12 and BYU's independence. Good moves by both Utah and BYU. Oh, and have fun in the newest version of the WAC, Boise! A new set of patsies to beat up on!


Las Vegas, NV

The Ducks may be enjoying success for years to come, but Chip won't be around to see it. Oregon is going to hang him out to dry once the NCAA finishes with their investigation and before they can issue sanctions.


Bring on the Ducks! They barely got by us in Berkeley last year. We'll have a useful QB this time. Go Bears!

Iowa City, IA

The ducks will not repeat as the Pac-12 champs this year...

Trevor Hoopenstein

Welcome to the conference of champions Utes!

yeah UO fans are confident, but it's a rough game and there are always a lot of good teams in the Pac10 now 12. As we learned a few years ago with Dennis Dixon, one play/injury can change everything. The odds are always stacked against anyone running the table like we did last year, but if they can avoid key injuries they should be really really tough. This is year 3 with Kelly at the helm and the talent he's been signing is bigger faster and more highly thought of then what he inherited. Players and coaches are that much more comfortable with understanding their roles. The 44.8 points they averaged last year might become the norm. They're also a pretty young team with only 11 Seniors, so they should be even better in 2012.

best of luck this year and looking forward to our first conference clash!

Salt Lake City, UT

MAFU, "They think college football began in 1994, much like sammie thinks 1984 is the jumping off point for his legacy filled program."

Well, what do you know. Every ten years history starts anew. BYU thinks football began in 1984, Oregon in 1994, and MAFU and his crowd in 2004.

Classless Ute Fan
Magna, UT

Trevor Hoopenstein,

***They're also a pretty young team with only 11 Seniors, so they should be even better in 2012.***

You are assuming that the "young" ones don't get drafted. I would be surprised if many of them didn't enter the draft next year.

Trevor Hoopenstein

I expect Cliff Harris and LaMichael James to enter the draft, but anyone else would be a surprise as no other Jr. is thought to have much in the way of draft prospects. Oregon is stocked with quality young talent at CB and RB though so they should be fine there. More of a concern is losing 3 starters on the OLine following this season.

They've won the last two Pac10 titles without elite USC type talent. Case in point, in the last NFL draft only one Duck (Casey Matthews round #3) was drafted. That talent gap is closing, recruiting has really taken off under Kelly.

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