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Published: Thursday, July 28 2011 3:00 p.m. MDT

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DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

This is a poor example of "journalism" where a news release from an clearly biased source with an agenda provides data taken out of context, and is accepted as fact.

There were no questions on the census asking if a person is gay, so therefore they must be selectively choosing data where two unmarried adults of the same sex are living in the same residence and assuming all are gays. Not siblings, nor a child caring for a parent, nor roommates.

When biased "news" like this is spread, it is clearly an attempt to create a "bandwagon" effect to condone and accept gay behavior.

Salt Lake City, Utah

@ DN Subscriber: Yeah - if only there had been a question on the census to ask how person 2 is related to person 1 with options like Husband or wife, Biological son or daughter, Adopted son or daughter, Stepson or stepdaughter, Brother or sister, Father or mother, Grandchild, Parent-in-law, Son-in-law or daughter-in-law, Other relative, Roomer or boarder, Housemate or roommate, Unmarried partner, or Other nonrelative.

Oh wait!

There was!

Maybe they got the information because that is how the form was answered?

Lane Myer
Salt Lake City, UT

DN Sub -

They fill out their gender and then check that they are partners.

Per the census bureau:

"The 2010 Census will be the first to report counts of both same-sex partners and same-sex
spouses. The person filling out the form (Person 1) is asked to identify how all other individuals in
the household are related to him or her.
Census data are based on how individuals self identify and how couples think of themselves.
Same-sex couples who are married, or consider themselves to be spouses, can identify one
other adult as a husband or wife. Other same-sex couples may instead decide to use the term
unmarried partner. In general, people who identify as unmarried partners are in a close
personal relationship but are not married or do not think of themselves as spouses."

Payson, UT

Good point by the subscriber above - I don't remember sexual orientation coming from the census and it's unclear where these stats come from, but after having lived in 4 different states, outside of california, Utah seems to be a very gay-friendly place to live. Lots of gay couples in salt lake city. I would be curious to know on a per-capita basis, how Utah ranks among other states. I imagine it is close to top 10. Not as much discrimination compared to other parts of the country.

Orem, UT

I am not sure what this article is trying to imply. Does it suggest that the LDS church support some aspects of gay marriage? To make it abundantly clear, the LDS church will always support marriage as between one man and one woman. That will not change. Those couples who are LDS and are actively gay whether in a gay union or not, are subject to Church discipline. If this article is trying to suggest otherwise, it is clearly misleading the public.

mike ArmedForces

Calling it an example of "Poor Journalism" simply because you disagree does not make it so.


When there was more than one person in a household, the census asked for gender of the additional parties and their relationship to the primary person filling out the census.

It is doubtful that two people of the same-sex sharing a residence would choose "married" or "unmarried partners" if they were just roommates.

American Fork, UT

The survey says that they determine that a couple is gay because person 1 answering the census describes their relationship with another adult of the same sex as "husband/wife" or 'unmarried partner'. It doesn't sound like an agenda to me; it's probably safe to say most of these are gay people. After all, this is Utah, and no one who isn't gay would be brave enough to leave any ambiguity as to their orientation. Regardless of what they are, i'm not afraid of them.


How can this be "poor example" of journalism when everything reported was gathered from the Census. It is a statement of fact, not opinion and it is how it is. People here in Utah have to face up to the fact that "they" are among us and that is not going to change--all that "last days" goings on stuff. I have close relatives who share alternative livestyle. We are cousins, good friends and I have a deep affection for them. I do not hassle them about their life and they do not hassle me for not accepting same sex marriage and we get along just fine.

Colorado Springs, CO

Notice how DN Subscriber hasn't come back with a response yet to those to discredited their post.

And a question for you: Aside from it being against your "beliefs" and "morals," just how does the gay lifestyle affect you directly?

Junction city, Oregon

Dn subscriber is sharp. We need more folks like that. Thanks

Mcallen, TX

gay households is spreading in more places than just Utah.


I feel bad for the children who are brought up in these "families."


@ LBU: Why? They suffer no negative effect.

Idaho Falls, ID

Why is this news? It's irrelevant to our lives. Or at least it should be in the eyes of the LGBT community. Aren't they trying to blend in and become so normal in our lives that they are no different than anyone else? So why should we become aware of how many of them there are?

LBU- Agreed! Though gays and lesbians may be loving gentle parents, it's unfair to intentionally deprive them of a father or mother.

Sand Flea

The basic census form did not require answering all the information and the census taker could then fill in observations.

The article is mis-leading as it states that 6.6 of every 1000 homes are gay. Most would glance at that and say 6.6% as opposed to .66% - below 2000 census numbers.

Utah is very much gay friendly except for some homophobic souls (that you find everywhere). The persons expousing themselves as gay is about 1% of the population bases on census "observation". The census has NO authority or congressional mandate to determine sexual orientation so anything brought in can only be "observation" and unoffical. The 2000 numbers are extrapolation of same sex households (room mates). 2010 tried to identify this more with the long form questions and instructions given to census workers for "observations".

Citing gay sponsored surveys also discredits the article, but at least Whatcott stated the source.

Logan, UT

Maybe many of the bloggers need to read some that have already been written. A lot of repetition.
Statistics show me that Utahans are good at loving their neighbors.

Salt Lake City, UT

The article said that a quarter of gay couples here are raising kids. If that isn't a reason for gays to be allowed to marry, I don't know what is. I just don't understand why so many are so adament about denying these innocent kids the protections that my kids have and which I took for granted.

Las Vegas, NV

Um, we have always been here. The numbers are higher, but the discrimination from the dominant religion in the state of Utah influences how folks fill out their census questionnaire. When the Supreme Court rules that the discrimination will end, and it will happen, equality will be everywhere.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Welcome to the neighborhood. Please be good, respectful neighbors.

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