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Published: Wednesday, July 27 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Saint George, UT

I appreciaate the added informatio regarding the legal aspects:

"I've never spent so much time with lawyers in my life as since we went independent."

Provides an insight into the complexities of scheduling that I had not considered befoe. What a pain in the rear end to have to deal with lawyers so much.

South Jordan, UT

Scheduling must be difficult. For every Nebraska, there has to be two San Jose States. The smaller schools are lining up but the bigger schools don't need BYU because they already have conference affiliations. Good thing ESPN is on their side because individually, most of the games simply would not happen.

Salt Lake City, UT

Given recent experiences with the mountain, I'm guessing that not as many fans will be complaining about night games.

Rueben L
Folsom, CA

A couple things are clear after reading this. Holmoe, Mendenhall and BYU would be wise to be respectful to their rivals to the North, because they need them for scheduling a heck of a lot more than Utah needs BYU. Looking at BYU's home schedule next year, if Utah wasn't playing in Provo, it would be the worst lineup of home games since the pre-LaVell era. The Utah and possibly Central Florida games are the only home games that hold any interest as far as quality opponents. Utah has 9 guaranteed games every year against quality opponents with their conference affiliation, and share equally in the PAC-12 money from the contracts with ESPN, FOX and the PAC 12 network, regardless of how many times they appear on TV. If I were Chris Hill, I would think long and hard about only offering Holmoe 2 in Rice-Eccles for 1 in LaVell Edwards. If BYU says no, they lose out a lot more than Utah does and have one more game they need to try to fill.

Frisco, TX

Rueben L
"If I were Chris Hill, I would think long and hard about only offering Holmoe 2 in Rice-Eccles for 1 in LaVell Edwards. If BYU says no, they lose out a lot more than Utah does and have one more game they need to try to fill."

From a scheduling perspective, you're right, BYU needs this game more than Utah. But from a "what's best for the fans", this game is equally important for both. Utah will never find another opponent who creates the rivalry interest like this one. Neither Utah, nor BYU football would be the same without this game. To suggest a 2 for 1 instead of a home and home typifies the undeserved arrogance of some Utah fans.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA


Do I sense a new buzz phrase in the making? "Undeserved arrogance," I like it!

Your reply is spot on. We need games. Do we need THAT game? No. Do we need it at the price of being dictated to? Heck no! Insisting on a two for one, either way, is the surest way to insure that the rivalry gets a break.

Bountiful, UT

That is very unlike Bronco to 1) use the word "red" in any sentence ever to the media and 2) say, ". . . red is, proceed with a lot of caution. Stop and look both ways and make sure you're ready to go."

I know, I know, he put Utah in the yellow category below the top-25 caliber along with Utah State (ouch). Just saying . . . a bit un-Bronko-like.

Greenwood, IN

"if Utah wasn't playing in Provo, it would be the worst lineup of home games since the pre-LaVell era."

Last year BYU played a home schedule of Washington, Nevada, SDSU, Wyoming, UNLV, and New Mexico. This year it's Utah, UCF, USU, SJS, Idaho State, Idaho, and NMSU.

Utah = Washington (BCS team)
UCF = Nevada (quality mid-major team)
USU = SDSU (up and coming mid-major team)
Idaho = Wyoming (over matched mid-major team)
SJS = UNLV (perpetually underachieving mid-major team)
NMSU = UNM (hopelessly bad mid-major team)
Idaho State = bonus exhibition game

Aside from the bonus exhibition game, I don't see much difference from last year. Are you even old enough to remember the "pre-LaVell" era?

Highland, UT

@lil' reuben

"Holmoe, Mendenhall and BYU would be wise to be respectful to their rivals to the North"

What makes you think they aren't respectful? Of course you know they are what you really mean is you think they should grovel. Earth to reuben....utah is not the equivalent of BYU in national prestige nor accomplishment in football. utah is nothing more than a cling on who must attach itself to other more prestigious and accomplished programs simply to survive.

Sure having a yearly game with utah helps scheduling but with the scheduling restrictions the pac10 has dictated to the hapless and powerless utah program it requires them to schedule in the fairly easy to fill September slots and really doesn't do much at all. BYU has no problem finding quality September opponents.

Return to your fantasy land where utah is in a position to demand a 2-1 despite it's lack of national prestige or interest, its small stadium, its lack of respect from tv exec's, etc. In the meantime the fact chris hill isn't so stupid as to take your advice is readily apparent considering he has made absolutely no attempt to do so.


SU Wildcat
St. George, UT

To CougFaninTX:

Undeserved Arrogance on the part of Utah??? Really?

If that is the case, why did BYU force Utah State into basically a 2-for-1 deal instead of a home and home, guarantee money notwithstanding. Now that typifies Undeserved Arrogance.

Farmington, UT


Apparently Utah needs BYU to get on ESPN. Without the BYU game this year, Utah would be relegated to the obscurity of Versus and KJZZ all season long!

And the day that Utah offers BYU 2 for 1 and BYU actually considers it is the day that the Board of Trustees discontinues athletics!

Mesa, AZ

Why does everyone think that seasons coming will be like this one for scheduling?

Let's look at the facts. Teams already have scheduled games 2-3 seasons out. they are locked into those games. This means that BYU will have a hard time for these first two years. Then it will be a lot easier.

Think like a AD. There are weeks in any schedule that can be moved given a two year lead time. If one can be moved to schedule a nationally televised game and a neutral location for big bucks, why would you turn that down? It's all about money, and ESPN doles it out to teams who draw.

I think that playing utah every few years fits the program just fine. I could care less if they played every year.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Very few PAC teams are worth a two for one: USC, Oregon (for the time being).

Washington State is worthy of a two for one...in our favor.

Until they prove otherwise, Utah is in the middle, one and one or no deal. And before Utah proves themselves in the PAC, BYU may just as easily prove themselves "all interesting" and the team folks are trying to get on their schedule, even for a two for one.

Eagle Mountain, UT

BYU and Utah Players, Coaches and Administrators have a great deal of respect for each other with very few, if any, exceptions. The only lack of respect is from a few pretend fans on both sides whose dislike for the other team out-weighs their loyalty or like for the team they pretend to be a fan of.

Atlanta, GA

Reuben said, "Utah has 9 guaranteed games every year against quality opponents with their conference affiliation. . ."

Really? I cannot believe you said that. Regardless, I do not believe that even you believe it.

Colorado? Washington State? Oregon State? Arizona?

Undeserved arrogance? Couldn't have said it better myself.

Omaha, NE

Fun article to read. So glad BYU is not playing Idaho or Idaho State next year. I hope BYU stays away from lower division schools. That's just such a waste. Schedule teams like Florida International for those green games. The schedule for next year looks great. That will be a fun year too.

Papa Smurf UTE
Herriman, UT

I personally dont think they should have made Utah St a 2-1, and Chris Hill nor Holmoe should ever ask for a 2-1 in the rivalry. However, if the other major conferences do what the Pac and others have done, where after Sept, there are no out of conference games. Then scheduling for the Y, and having decent games in Oct and Nov is going to get tough. No one wants to see Idaho, Idaho St, UNM, New Mexico St, Utah St, San Jose St, etc as all of their home games in Oct and Nov, actually, ever for that matter. The Y will have ESPN's help, but if that conference rule is in place, it wont matter what ESPN does, Utah, Texas, Nebraska, Penn St, Ohio St, etc will not be able to come to LES late in the season, and if the Y loses 1 game early and has cupcakes the rest of the way, fans may lose interest.

Farmington, UT

Re: SU Wildcat

So, in your mind, Utah is so big time now that them asking for a 2 for 1 from BYU is the same as BYU asking it from USU? That is exactly undeserved arrogance. Utah has proven nothing in the PAC-12 and here we have all these people raising them to some stature that you usually have to earn in college sports.

And apparently some fans think that scheduling football games should be like charity. BYU cannot afford to play USU home-and-home over the long run. To play the "red" programs, they'll have to play them on the road quite a bit. That takes up their road schedule quickly. Playing every other year in Logan makes it harder to accomodate those "red" teams. BYU doesn't make enough gate playing at Romney to make it worthwhile to go every other year. And besides, Utah State loves playing at LES because of the gate they get. Instead of having to travel to College Station or Norman Oklahoma or Auburn Alabama to get those big paydays to keep their athletic department afloat, they only have to travel 100 miles south on I-15.

Silent Lurker
Cottonwood Heights, UT

BYU fans, how is Utah wanting a two for one with BYU any different that BYU wanting a two for one with Utah State?

Atlanta, GA

Good points, giantfan. I don't think that Utah State is complaining too much about the pay they will receive from coming to LES. If the truth were known, BYU probably had to insist on playing at Utah State every third year or else Utah State would have wanted all of the games at LES. Money talks.

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