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Published: Wednesday, July 27 2011 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Ann Arbor, MI

"but being in an AQ conference does not mean Utah is an AQ...they must earn it"


You mean like getting to and winning 2 BCS bowl games in the past 6 years..check.

Only one PAC12 team (USC) has more BCS wins than Utah.

Farmington, UT


BYU finished in the top-25 in both polls 5 times between 2001-2010, more than Utah did. But you're right, the 80's were better for BYU!

Farmington, UT


BYU finished in the top-25 in both polls 5 times between 2001-2010, more than Utah did. But you're right, the 80's were better for BYU!

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT


"...being in an AQ conference does not mean Utah is an AQ...they must earn it..." You obviously missed the news since 2004, the Utes have earned it. That's why we were invited to join an AQ conference. By being in the PAC-12 we get the money and exposure that will help elevate the caliber of players, coaches, facilities, etc. needed to be more consistently competitive at the AQ level.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Now I know why sammy-boy has been led to believe SDS is invincible. All he watches are the BYUtv replays--he sees just a few games each year, and they never lose!

Sandy, UT

@hedgie and all puffed up utes

Utah's BCS games were attained through going undefeated and winning the MWC.
Now, try doing it while getting through, the other 11 Pac teams.

Much different dynamic, and not likely at all.

Ask Arizona...32 years and still waiting.

Remember, these teams left the old WAC for the "Opportunity to play in the Rose Bowl".

As for TV.... BYU's ESPN arrangement trumps anything the U will have. Even the Pac 12 network, will not be "National" on Basic Tier, as ESPN always is and the Pac 12N is only in 40 million homes. Much like the big 10 network.

BYU-tv is in 60 million homes on Basic Tier, and growing, and millions more Internationally.

The Pac 12 Regional, is where Utah will spend most of it's time and even it is really just a poor mans version of FopxsportsNet.

As for Me and My House...

We'll take 10 or 11 games a year on ESPN, the World Wide Leader in Sports.

Sorry utes, you'll be lost in the shuffle.

Sandy, UT


No, U were invited because, The (6) Big 12 Schools/Pac 10 Merger, fell apart.

And why did it fall apart?

Because, the original plans included Baylor. In order to save face and wedge out Baylor (another Faith Based University) Colorado was invited with a pre-emtive strike by Commissioner Scott.

A Faith Based University is simply an untenable situation with the Pac 10 Presidents.

Glenn Tuckett understood this in the mid 80's (his own words). BYU was never a consideration for the pac 10. This is why BYU planned for years and was prepared from day one, once they pulled the trigger to go Independent.

Scott gambled and lost. He thought excluding Baylor would be overlooked. Well, the Texas legislature was never going to allow the other State Schools, Texas, A&M and Tech to go anywhere without Baylor.

As was the case when the Big 12 was put together and Gov. Ann Richards wedged out BYU in favor of her alma-mater Baylor.

This myth that Utah was invited because of their athletics is simply a falsehood. That is spin. The fact is, they were the last choice and not the ideal scenario, Commissioner Scott hoped for.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Bluto - Whatever helps you sleep at night.
It's funny how it's only BYU fans that don't realize the new Pac12 situation is the greatest television arrangement ever yet created.
And by the way, what is it that you and the other BYU posters here don't get concerning the 40 million now but a year to still get more outlets and the satellite companies worked out? Just curious, what do you think the number will be then?
Lastly, learn to read. If you read or even listened to all the details about the tv arrangement, ALL Utah football games will be on the national stations not the regional ones. Those stations are more about the secondary sports.
But if your denial is helping you hang in there then you just keep it rolling and we'll keep rolling our eyes and laughing.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

I just checked and I have the Big Ten Network in High Def on Comcast and it wasn't an extra charge. Its pretty cool. They are in 80 million homes and they are adding more this season. That's bigger than ESPN-U. They do all the BIG Ten football and basketball games. I think the PAC-12 has even greater potential with the regional networks. This really looks like the wave of the future for college sports.

Sandy, UT


If it helps you to sleep at night pretending the Pac 12 Network is or ever will be, the equivalent of ESPN, then have at it.

Fox and ESPN will cherry pick the Elites for their games. Utah, as we have just seen recently, is not really valued much by the "Major" Networks.

Have fun with your glorified mtn. or a poor mans FoxsportsNet, even the Pac12 Network.

Exposure is Exposure, BYU has it on the Top Platform. Utah will not.

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