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Published: Wednesday, July 27 2011 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Wow. Way to be right on top of this story D-News. You were a healthy 8 hours ahead of every other major rag. Oops. Never mind, that would be 8 hours behind. You guys usually do a better job than the others but dropped the ball on this one.

Anyway, I'm uneasy about anything called "The Mountain" but this definitely sounds like a home run. Living outside of the state, it sounds like I should still be able to see every game. Sign me up!

PAC-12 Envy
Taylorsville, UT

Hard to beat the national broadcast exposure of every football game and every basketball game every year on ESPN, Fox, or the PAC-12 network.

Salt Lake City, UT

The Pac-12 network will be available on BASIC cable in the conference's six-state footprint. The new deal also includes TV everywhere rights, permitting the networks to be viewed outside customers homes on any digital device, such as smartphones and tablet computers.

The Pac-12... there's an app for that.

Salt Lake City, UT

Remember that time when the Utes were on the Mountain, but mainstream cable companies didn't carry the mountain so watching Ute games were really difficult? And remember how when the cable companies finally did carry the mountain how crappy the coverage was? Ya, I'm glad the Utes aren't on the Mountain any more, enjoy your stay in oblivion Boise State.

Hurricane, UT

National exposure, AND BCS access all in the same package?

And somehow going independent is better than being in the PAC-12...

I'm probably a little out of line for calling it how it is, fans of Notre Dame @ Provo.


How I basically understand it that the Pac-12 Networks will similarily to how FSN works. The Pac-12 "Mountain" Network - ironic name isn't it - will carry all of the programming and sporting events that the national Pac-12 Network shows plus additional programming and sporting events that center around Utah and Colorado. These events include Spring Football games (it's about time), possibly high school football games (a huge recruiting advantage), Olympic Sports (like Utah Gymnastics, who is now a Pac-12 member and no longer and independent), and things like educational and lifestyle programming centered around us and CU. The regional network will be on basic Comcast Cable in Utah (maybe in the current Mtn. spot?), while the national network will be located in the digital sports tier range. The national network seems to be really geared towards people in non-Pac-12 markets that want to watch Pac-12 sports that are not carried on the ESPN "family of networks" or the Fox Sports Networks (FOX TV Network, Fox Sports on FX, Root Sports Rocky Mountain). The best part is the digital aspect that allows for all mobile devices to watch the network.


I thought all of our games for the next decade were only on Versus? Apparently I was misinformed.

Richmond, VA

Great news for the Utes! Congrats on a great TV deal! Both the Y and the Utes are definitely moving up to bigger and better things. Hope they both become wildly successful in the future. The future is so very exciting for both schools. Go Cougs! Go Utes!

Springville, UT

From a NYTimes article...

"The regional networks will be carried in Pac-12 markets on expanded basic cable; the national network in Pac-12 states will be shown on digital basic, and the national network will be seen on digital sports tiers, which require extra fees, in non-Pac 12 states and markets."

Someone always pays... and in the end its always the fan. Higher ticket prices, sports apparel, concessions, tv packages, Sunday play, etc.

Several will say "who cares?"

I would say that BYU's package is considerably more 'user-friendly' and accessible to more people than the Pac 10.2 Network.

For the local fan who has cable tv it sounds great. Satellite coverage has not been announced and could cost something over a basic package.

Murray, UT

On June 2, 2011 Duckhunter posted this challenge:

"But I am absolutely willing to wager the following. The pac10 network will not be available nationwide next year. Keep in mind nationwide means that no matter where you live in the nation you have access to it. But to give you a fighting chance let's say if it is avaiable in just 75% of the households in the country I will not post on a single ute article all season."

Duckhunter, looks like you lost lost the wager. When will you stop posting on Ute articles? Honestly, sometimes I will miss you but a promise is a promise.

Go Larry Scott!! Go Utes!!

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

sammyg, I'm not sure how you can conclude the the Y's package is more "user-friendly" or "accessible". The BYUTV games will be fine - provided you know that BYUTV is on channel 6,124 and the game is sandwiched in the time slot between Lawrence Welk and Little House on the Prarie. The ESPN games are basically late-night infomercials - weeknights at odd hours.

The PAC12 satellite coverage is still being worked out, but the comissioner has already said that it will be on basic satellite packages. How can he say that? Because unlike the Mountain (where the rights were owned by Comcast), the league still owns the rights to the PAC Channel.

I guess we'll just chalk up your comments to wearing blue glasses...is that a fair assessment?

hymn to the silent
Holladay, UT

And the best part is exposure to Pac 12 fans across the Country...not just UofU fans living in Vermont.

Salt Lake City, UT

Brave Sir Robin,

You are correct. And in addition to cable and pending satellite deals, Scott also says telco's are in the mix. Which means the Verizon's and At&t's of the world will be involved where their networks offer television and internet services.

Take a look at this. Texas thought they were leading the nation in football landscape disruption and laughing Larry Scott out of the state last year. But it is our schools that will basically have their own regional network channels (remember the Texas network will basically be regional), a national channel, internet access, and national coverage on Fox and ESPN, will broadcast High School sports if allowed, will broadcast other academic programming, and all make about the same in TV money (or more) as Texas does.

So who really came out the winner? Larry Scott 1 Texas 0 (and that's coming from a longhorns fan).

One thing sammyg left out is that if the Pac 12 regional networks are part of the Basic subscriptions, the cost is not stuck to just the fans but everyone in the region. So BYU fans might as well watch. They're "paying" for it too.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

This is great!!! Such an improvement over what we've been suffering with in the MWC. I love the fact that the conference retained control and the digital access over the internet. This means the conference is free to update, upgrade, expand or do whatever is best for the conference and its members going forward. I also love the structure of the regional channels that will carry all the nationally broadcast events and fill in between with events of regional interest.

This season will be exciting, but the future looks even brighter for next season. I look forward to the not too distant future when I will not have to miss a single Ute sporting event, unless I choose to.

Go Utes!!

Bountiful, UT

As a DirectTV customer I am in wait and see mode. I know Larry Scott said it is on its way, but any time Comcast tangles with DirectTV and/or Dish Network, something always goes bad. Scott has delivered and then some on his promises to date - so I expect he will get a DirectTV package together shortly.

Clearfield, UT

The quality of the broadcast on the Mtn was as bad as aiming an old camcorder at a mirror facing the field and then putting it on youtube. Now you can watch in HD on a tablet or smart phone?! From anywhere?! I can't speak for the Ute fans because Im a cougar fan but I'd be willing to bet even though this may cost a little more to get the whole shebang on your tv/tablet, after years of being stuck with the mountain 99.9 percent of the (ute) fans will eat it up. On its own it's awesome and compared to the mountain it's exponentially more awesome.

PAC 12 loves U
Sandy, Utah

Great Scott! Larry does it again! Utah's new TV deal buries byu's TV deal. I love the idea of 6 regional networks and one national network (all football and basketball games will be nationally televised) and I also like the fact that the academics will be apart of the Pac-12 network. This will give the Pac-12 an opportunity to show the nation how prestigious the Pac-12 is both academically and athletically.

Go Utes! Go Larry Scott! and Go Pac-12!

Highland, UT


Nice to see you have a Duckhunter file just like failstorm does LOL!

But of course you are wrong. The pac 10 network is not available this next season. Why do you think utah took their little kjzz deal?

Also I think you better read the fine print on this deal just a little bit better before you start declaring it to be the things all of you are declaring it to be.

@pac10 envy (LOL!)

"Hard to beat the national broadcast exposure of every football game and every basketball game every year on ESPN, Fox, or the PAC-12 network"

But of course in utah's case mostly the pac-10 network. And as utah fans are so fond of telling BYU fans no one will bother with it outside of the fans of the team involved. Now I realize that is good enough, if you are a utah fan and want to watch the game you really couldn't care less if anyone else watches it, just that you can watch it. That is the point.

Maybe now utah "fans" can finally understand that.

Murray, UT


"...but any time Comcast tangles with DirectTV and/or Dish Network, something always goes bad"

Remember, the PAC 12 owns and controls the network so comcast will not be involved with DirecTV. Comcast has no ownership interest in this network unlike the mtn. where they were the majority owner. DirecTV just needs to strike a deal directly with the PAC 12 conference and it will happen.


I am not surprised at your response but I guess I can wait a year for you to eat some crow. The file is getting rather large. LOL

Cottonwood Heights, UT

When one writes a post in 2011 and says: "next year", it means 2012 to everyone. Well, except Ducky.

Admit it. Starting "next year" the Utes get as much, national exposure as SDS, if not more--and more money to boot. So cowboy up, keep your word and disappear.

Of course if that doesn't happen, it wouldn't be Duck's first hollow note.

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