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Published: Tuesday, July 26 2011 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Draper, UT

The word isn't "attitude" it's "unjustified annoying arrogance" - especially interesting for a program with zero BCS wins.

Provo, UT

Uh oh, let the jawing begin.

"Gentlemen, start your engines!"

Brad Rock sure knows how to keep us occupied during these long, cruel summer months without college football.

My take on the article? Similar to AD Chris Hill's comments in the article on Sunday play about essentially not wanting to make waves in their new conference (since the U are the new kids on the block and basically have to do what they're told), K Whit and Bergstrom didn't want to make waves for fear of upsetting the current balance in the PAC 12 and getting the U kicked off of the PAC 12 TV schedule entirely.

Any thoughts? :)

Go Cougars!

Provo, UT

@The NIT "especially interesting for a program with zero BCS wins."

And yet, BYU has one national championship...one more than Utah. Guess it's more realistic for the Cougs to set a goal for something they've accomplished once before, than for the Utes to set their sights on their very first NC.

Ok, now let's hear all the Ute fans excuses about how BYU's national championship shouldn't count...

This is going to be fun.

Go Cougars!

Salt Lake City, UT

"Is BYU more entitled to say it's shooting for a national championship than Utah?"

Been there, done that!

Of course BYU is more entitled to talk about repeating something they've already done before.


Sorry Brad- Utah fans prefer a program that actually goes out and gets BCS wins, rather than just talking about it.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

Remember that day - "It is great to be a Utes" on that big day anouncement.

Media day, utah kept it quiet.

This is how it will work, BYU goes undefeated (maybe) but will get ignore to bcs game (maybe). Utah goes undefeated and won't be playing for NC (ditto). Go ask Auburn (remember?). BcS won't change. Oh, one more - now that NFL finally got things taken care of and Utah won't have to worry about Sunday's game(s) (I think).

Salt Lake City, UT


Yeah, the Cougs won a national championship...in 1984. Almost 30 years ago. It's ancient history.
Win a national championship in this millennium and I'll give you some credit.

As for the matter at hand:
Actions speak louder than words.

Coming into the spotlight as a relative unknown in a big conference with guns blazing and overconfidence just sets you up for failure and criticism.

BYU comes out every year claiming they have the best team ever and they're on their way to a national championship...until they get pie on their faces from that first loss.
Then they have to work their way back from the disappointment from their own fans and mocking from everyone else.


Lol! Oh boy, you BYU fans crack me up. So, you want to talk numbers, huh? Try this on for size: We've had 3 Head coaches post undefeated seasons, which is all you can really do to win a NC, and on top of that, the University as a whole has seen 7 undefeated seasons in it's history. Now -go ahead- google how many times BYU has gone undefeated...you back yet? How is that 1 undefeated season feel, now? Having fun yet? Now try this: Go back to Google and type in "Top 5 most undeserving College Football National Champions." That one has GOT to sting a bit. How does it feel knowing that when the nation thinks of fluke and National Championship put together, BYU comes to their minds? Just curious.

You're right- this is WAY fun!

Alexandria, VA

Looks like Rock is trying to create an argument here. Possibly some DNews bet to see who can get the most comments. I'll add mine: BYU has a more difficult road to a BCS game - must go undefeated and blow out the chumps on the schedule. Utah can lose one, maybe two, and still go to a BCS game. This being said, Utah has a PAC 12 schedule, and only losing one game this year would be pretty amazing. But, their draw is promising, so they might be able to do it, not withstanding their loss to BYU in September.

Orem, Utah

I disagree that if BYU wins all their games, they might not get a BCS bid. With their games on ESPN nationally and with the ESPN promotion, BYU will be fine if they just win games. Good luck Utah in the Pac 12. Go Cougs

Harwich, MA

Emulating anything "BYU" is the last thing Utah should do, and certainly not on the mind of anyone up on the hill.

Salt Lake City, UT

Three comments in and we're already talking about 1984?

Brad Rock is everywhere in this article. It seems as Rock just reads through these boards to find a topic which will stir up the same old. He has a negative slant most of the time but will say something that 'makes up' for it so it doesn't look like bashing. I have said it before and I say it to myself after every BR 'article'. Why does he even write for the Utes?

Springville, UT

And they call it the Conference of Champions? Obviously not in football.

Utes have more BCS wins than their conference foes, except USC? Wow, that's an interesting factoid.

It didn't make a difference in the MWC so what makes it any different in a supposedly stronger conference?

West Jordan, UT

Easy to be less confident when you know your team isnt that good...

West Valley City, UT

If the same rules applied when the Utes went undefeated as they were when BYU did, then the NC count would be Utah 1 BYU 1, and we wouldn't even be having this conversation. The FACT is that BYU was the ONLY team to finish undefeated, so they were awarded the NC. Utah has also finished the season as the ONLY undefeated team, yet got snubbed. Go look at the season by season breakdown and see how many times Utah has gone undefeated compared to BYU.

Magna, UT

@NIT. You said,

"The word isn't "attitude" it's "unjustified annoying arrogance" - especially interesting for a program with zero BCS wins."

There is a ton of irony in your statement, just look and you'll see it.

Congrats to U for two BCS wins and invitation to join a BCS conference. U earned the right to be proud and even a little justifiably arrogant. Mockery on the other hand is not a sign of humility nor is it ever justifiable.

Whitt played his media day very conservatively and in IMO rightfully so. BYU & Bronco on the other hand are in a completely different position not bound by conference protocol.

BYU is playing on a field very few programs are brave enough to dream about with significant risk and it fits their profile and mission. Time will tell how it works out for them.

Utah is playing in a safe and comfortable security blanket and it fits their profile and mission, Time will tell how it works out for them.

Two Schools with very different agendas. BYU is Independent, Utah is dependent, Utah football is the end, BYU football is a means to an end.

Ogden, UT

Well, to hear Oregon State's coach Mike Riley, they're all so good in the PAC-12 that it should really "be interesting."

Wow, that really says it all right. They'll "be interesting."

Sounds like they'll be so evenly matched they'll all have .500 win/loss records in conference play.

It'll be SO interesting, not one of them will go to a BCS bowl.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

What? Not one comment yet about Brad being a BYU homer?

Owens Cross Roads, AL

BYU fans and newspapers discuss high school players ad nauseum, Ute fans discuss which of the former Utes will be All-Pro this year in the off season and who may get slighted. Fans in NC are freaked out when Steve Smith lists his house, John Beck is denied entrance to the Redskin's training facility yesterday because security didn't recognize him.

I'll take Kyle's approach EVERY day to Bronco's Utah Valley MLM hype.

Remember Holmoe brought Cal's football program to its knees, in spite of everyone's early optimism, he'll do the same for BYU. You can put lipstick on a pig, but....

Holladay, UT

When Utah announced that they were going to the Pac 12, a Ute fan was a guest on one of the sports shows on local TV, and he said the rivalry was now irrelevant. What a laugh.

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