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Published: Sunday, July 24 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Cedar City, UT

All the Utes' comments about BYU's schedule absolutely kill me. When Utah joined the PAC and the Big 12 went to 10, both Utah and Iowa State agreed to drop their game for 2011. As a result, Utah had ONE slot on their schedule to fill, and the best they could manage was Montana State. At the same time BYU has to fill NINE games (3 were already scheduled) and the Ute fans are bagging on BYU because four of them are pretty weak (although none as weak as Montana State). Please, please, please try something new. Everytime you mention this it shows your lack of football IQ.

Tomahawk Red
North Salt Lake, UT

Y Grad/Y Dad,

I respect most of your posts and I think you are an intelligent college football fan. However, I would like to point something out.

Utah fans are in no way "trying not to think about" BYU's ESPN deal. Yes, you guys can hold that over us as being better than our '11 deal. There's no debating that. But that most certainly does not mean we're upset or unhappy with our TV situation. There's a big difference.

Although it would be nice to have 10 games televised by ESPN or ESPN 2... Utah will be on TV plenty of times this season, and we will get to see them all just fine. Beyond that, what's the big deal? Why would I, or any other local Ute fans care whether the game is seen in Glendive, Montana or Bangor, Maine?

Again... it would be nice. But it's most certainly NOT required for us to be happy with the Utes' TV setup this year. We certainly aren't losing any sleep over it.

Tomahawk Red
North Salt Lake, UT


I could agree with your entire post, with the exception of one detail.

BYU will absolutely not get into a BCS game with one loss. At least, not as an independent. You will have to undefeated.

If and when you join the Big XII, then one-loss BCS parties can become a possibility.

Bluffdale, UT

"Although it would be nice to have 10 games televised by ESPN or ESPN 2... Utah will be on TV plenty of times this season, and we will get to see them all just fine. Beyond that, what's the big deal? Why would I, or any other local Ute fans care whether the game is seen in Glendive, Montana or Bangor, Maine?"

Tomahawk Red,
I enjoy your posts and the points you make, so I hope this doesn't come across as offensive. The big deal is if Utah is trying to recruit a 4 or 5 star linebacker, running back, or db in Texas, California, etc., and he notices that most Utah games are broadcast local so his friends and family will only be able to see him play a couple games a year, he will probably choose another school. It's a big deal for kids these days whether they are from Glendive, Montana or Bangor, Maine. Local fans in Utah may not care, but if they want Utah to do well, they need to care. USC, Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, and Ohio State are good every year in part because of exposure.

Houston, TX

@ TomRed

Under normal circumstances you would be right. However, if BYU is drawing well on ESPN and depending on the win loss record of other non BCS schools BYU could get into a BCS game with 1 loss.

The BCS is all about money and if BYU generates good ratings there chances improve.

Orem, UT

Tomahawk Red

"Why would I, or any other local Ute fans care whether the game is seen in Glendive, Montana or Bangor, Maine?"

Why indeed?

Utah fans are happy with KJZZ.

BYU fans are happy with ESPN.

Life is good!

Brer Rabbit
Spanish Fork, UT

Good article, but I don't like the title. Just as there are very few "Ex-Marines" there are very few "Ex-Cougars." The Marines stamp USMC on a young person's heart. Brigham Young University stamps BYU on the heart of most of those that graduate. I have both stamped on my heart.

Woods Cross, UT

Yes there is no question that BYU's current situation is tons better than the Mountain channel. That was a dead man walking from the first. Why Boise decided to jump to the MWC is a mystery. But don't confuse BYU's contract with ESPN with a major conference contract. BYU has EXACTLY the same deal they would have had if they had joined the WAC. Yes the WAC, CUSA, MAC are all ESPN contracts which made the Mountain deal so stupid for the MWC. Look at BYU's schedule they play a MAC/WAC menu of ESPN games, weekdays, saturdays on ESPN2 and U and the road games would have been ESPN anyway with the SEC or Fox national with OSU. THe only benefit game is the TCU game which would have been on the mtn. Ugh. So if you like the WAC, Mac and CUSA you will like BYU's new standing as a non-bcs independant and their exposure is the same.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Tomahawk Red

Please forgive me if I implied that any Utah fans are unhappy with any aspect of your new arrangement. I do not believe that for a minute, nor should any of you be. I was being totally serious with the striking gold and a 2 to 3 year timeframe to totally cross into the "promised land." And I really DO believe that Coach Whit will do more with less and have his team competing for the conference championship, sooner rather than later.

But you have to admit, there sure seem to be a lot of people who should otherwise be ecstatic with their football lot in life, who just can't get over BYU. Yes, I know, there are about an equal number of BYU fans that just can't leave U alone, and it really is embarrassing, but there you have it.

And I think we can both agree that it just can't be mentally healthy for a Utah fan who is REALLY bothered by the 15th article about ESPN and BYU to actually READ the article and then POST on it. I think it is really only a symptom of a greater underlying problem.

Captain L
Provo, UT

TRed: Your right most if not all of the ute games will be on TV, at least for the local fans. That will sufice most of the ute fans but not the few that live outside the state. That is one of the reasons BYU fans are so excited about BYU being on ESPN and BYUtv. BYU has fans (many fans)all over the country and world wide & have longed to be able to see their cougs and with the mountain TV contract couldn't. BYU's fan base is one of the reasons going independent is feasable for the cougs, not many teams have as big or as wide spread a fan base as BYU. The combination of ESPN and the nationwide/worldwide fan base the cougs have are what make independance a good move. If the cougs have as much success as I think they will independance will be more advantagous than a BCS conf.

Bluffdale, UT

There is a big difference between the MAC/WAC deal with ESPN and BYU's deal with ESPN.
First of all, BYU gets all the money and doesn't have to share it with other teams in the conference. BYU will make more on one ESPN televised game than BSU made for the whole season from ESPN. I use BSU as an example because of their success.
Second, BYU has 10 games televised on ESPN; BSU and most other teams from the MAC/WAC averaged 5 to 6 games a year. When you consider that ESPN is only obligated to show 4 games per year, that should tell you how far ahead of the game BYU is.
Third, and you brought this up, ESPN is brokering games for BYU at neutral sights that will pay BYU more than they are making on their home games. Consider that BYU made somewhere around $2.5-$3million on the OU game.
Fourth, even if ESPN doesn't pick up a game, BYUtv will broadcast that game into just as many homes in the USA as ESPN would have as well as millions of homes around the world.

Gilbert, AZ


"But don't confuse BYU's contract with ESPN with a major conference contract. BYU has EXACTLY the same deal they would have had if they had joined the WAC."

Show me a single WAC team that played 10 games on ESPN last season.

Show me a single WAC team that had full rebroadcast rights for ESPN's entire library of past, current, and future BYU games.

Show me a single WAC team had an exclusive partnership with ESPN, that not only GUARANTEED that a minimum number of BYU games would be broadcast on ESPN every year for the next 8 years, but also established BYU and ESPN as partners in scheduling made-for-television games -- BYU-TCU in Dallas Cowboys stadium and BYU-West Virginia in Washington Redskins stadium are already set.

Your feable attempts to equate BYU's contract with the WAC is ridiculous. BYU, by itself, will be making close to if not more this year from its ESPN contract than almost the entire WAC combined.

Highland, UT


So you don't even bother to know what you're talking about when you post?

Lindon, UT

Really? I had no idea we were going independant and that it is going to be great! Why havn't they told us before?

Time to focus on other things. Its great, but move on.

Salt Lake City, UT

BYU beats Texas, and Texas wins the Big 12

and if
BYU beats Utah and Oregon State, and one of them wins the PAC

and if
BYU beats TCU, and TCU wins the MWC

and if
Utah beats Hawaii and USU and all their other WAC opponents and one of those wins the WAC

and if BYU beats UCF and they win Conference USA

then I think BYU might have a shot at playing in the championship game.

Dont' you?

The only challenge then would be the Big 10, the ACC and the SEC champs, and none of them would've beaten so many conference champs, because none play so many non-conference games.

For sure they'd make a BCS game.

So how has the formula changed? Go undefeated, go BCS.

Except now, their chances of getting into the NC game may in fact be better if they are undefeated.

Just do it on the field, take care of your own business and the post-season will take care of itself. That is the real challenge.

West Jordan, UT

The fact is, BYU was the mtn. Without them they are nothing, even if the utes had stayed in the mountain west. There is no other team in the conference that has a following like BYU. That speaks volumes of the program. Excited for the Cougars!

provo, UT

Dear deseret news, I am sick of your hypocritical standards, you have all these rules you have to follow but if your'e a BYU fan and pro BYU these rules seem not to apply. BYU fans can be gross, arrogant and obnoxious all they want and break "your" standards and you let it go, deseret news please make BYU fans follow your rules please.

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