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Published: Sunday, July 24 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

It's great to hear other voices, like Matich, explain to a national audience more of what BYU is about and why the ESPN deal is REALLY a great thing. I'm excited for all sports to have higher visibility, even if it's just on BYUtv. And that's no small 'just' with BYUtv's reach.

I'd bet Texas is just waiting out their chance to be independent in football, just working to mature their own network to try to get into the BYUtv realm. With the new restrictions placed on the Longhorns' network by the Big12 last week I'm sure they're just working feverishly to get out of the Big12 and on to their own green pasture.

South Jordan, UT

I don't see any Utes raining on your parade. The article said the same things we've heard for the past few months. Nice job BYU and ESPN.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

I know ESPN is true, I know it with every fiber of my being.

South Jordan, UT

0 losses = possible BCS game unless TCU is undefeated. Otherwise Armed Forces Bowl

1 loss = Armed Forces Bowl

2 - 3 losses = Armed Forces Bowl

4 - 6 losses = Armed Forces Bowl

Sort of like the government. Whether you do good or bad, you still get the same pay.

Omaha, NE

sammyg, you're a stud! You listed all the great reasons why BYU is in such a good place right now, and why it's so fun to cheer for BYU right now.

Personally, I'd like BYUTV to pick up that Pitt/BYU game so we can see it. I was 4 when that game happened, so it would be nice to see it.

Dave S
Holladay, UT

I wonder how the Ex-Cougars loved the 7-6 season last year and the exciting schedule of WAC pushovers this year??

Teddy Bear
Las Vegas, NV


Both BYU and TCU can't go undefeated since they play eachother.

Payson, UT

RE: Ldsfan - BYU and TCU both can't have Zero losses they play each other Oct. 28.

Payson, UT

Dave S: BYU exciting schedule that includes Ole Miss(SEC), Texas(Big 12), Utah (12- Pac), Oregon State (12-Pac), UCF (Conferance USA champs), and TCU (MWC champs and Rose Bowl Champs).

Salt Lake City, UT

"I wonder how the Ex-Cougars loved the 7-6 season last year."

I'm guessing about the same as the Utes loved their 2005 7-5, MWC 4th place year with a new QB and with wins against a bunch of MWC pushovers. What do you think?

Dave S
Holladay, UT

Re: Shorts

I love how you fail to mention the two powerful teams from the state of Idaho in Idaho & Idaho St. along with the juggernauts that are San Jose St. & New Mexico St.

All of the above mentioned happen to be homes games as well. I'll bet you are really looking forward to some quality home games this year.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Dave S

Why so bitter and vindictive, brother? You struck gold, my friend! You are heading to the promised land! Of course, it only took the house of Israel 40 years to actually get in. I think utah's time frame is what, 2, 3 years?

I love how you fail to mention that one of those home game pattsies is on September 17th!

Okay, I take it back, I really don't mean that. But what is up with you guys? Really, why the hate? Let it go, it rots you from the inside out, man.

Intellectually, the article stated that Ty, one of the ex-cougars (disputed, you don't become an ex-cougar, although some become haters) will be watching his games on... wait for it... I know you can't wait... ESPN! He for one really doesn't care if the cupcakes are home or away. He'll be watching them all from his stata-lounger on the home theater.

Just enjoy the ride, guy! You realistically have the chance to be playin' for a trip to the Rose Bowl this season, even after getting cougar mauled, because you now belong to an AQ conference. Win the conference and your in!

Alpine Coug
Alpine, UT

@ Dave S

Every, repeat every BCS team plays its share of FCS and other cupcake to pad their schedule every year before they enter conference play. So what about BYU's 2011 schedule?

@ Ldsfan

Impossible for TCU to go undefeated this season, since they have both BYU and Boise State on their schedule. Two guaranteed losses.

South Jordan, UT

You are all right. TCU and BYU cannot go undefeated since they play each other. Brain freeze.

Orem, Utah

This article hits the nail right on the head. ESPN is after the all mighty dollar and they know that BYU can bring that to them with their marketability. Utah is after the all mighty dollar and the only way they can get it is to join an AQ conference which can get that for them. I first head of ESPN cheering for BYU on Lavell's tribute video where an ESPN analyst said a group of them were eating dinner and they saw on TV where Lavell went out a winner in his final game and they were the only ones in that restaurant who were cheering for Lavell.


Eddie said:

"This is only the beginning of a wonderful and powerful relationship. We may stumble a few times here and there, but within 10 to 15 years, BYU will be the premier program in the Nation.

Mark it down."

What criteria are you using in your premier program fantasy?

ted cantrell

Dave S, LDS fan:

First, BYU does have a some lower rated D1 Teams, life could be worse, they don't have any Montana States! Colorado is no great team also!

And, did I hear it right, did Utah go to the PAC 12 and the only game they play on ESPN is the one against BYU? Playing USC on Verses is kind of like playing in the Mountain ! LOL!!!!!

West Jordan, UT

I am happy for BYU and their new TV contract. Anytime it's easier to see the local teams and on a network whose cameramen can actually follow the ball on kickoff...I'm all for it.

I think all alums are happy about this. My brother (alum in San Diego) is happy that he won't have to search for the odd stations that they used to play on.

That said, is this like the 15th article about this "new" TV contract? Is this also the only thing that BYU fans can brag about? I would love to hear some BYU fans talk/brag about something that has actually occured ont he field recently, rather than just the TV station they will be seen on.

Going 6-6 last year in the regular season and 5 straight appearances in the Vegas Bowl does not make me believe they will all of a sudden be a national power or a BCS contender. Do something on the field that is noteworthy....then start talking national championships and/or BCS games.

Boise, ID

I just wish the Y had more games schduled with my Boise State. I love twisting the Cougar's tail. Someday they may even beat us.... naw.

Springville, UT


Get me some Baker's Chocolates in Greenwood will you? Discovered the place last November while listening to the radio for Husker Football and working out there!

I'm glad the Utes finally got some tv this year but 10 games on ESPN is just incredible and for 8 years? Wow!

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