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Published: Sunday, July 24 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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sports fan
Provo, UT

no way BYU and ESPN have a contract? When were they planning on telling everyone about it? I think This is the very first time its been in the paper.


That is pretty neat to hear about the type of influence Steve Young has had at ESPN and how well it has reflected on the university.

Bountiful, UT

Looking forward to seeing BYU on ESPN. I would have watched BYU on the Flintstone's TV over the MTN. I'm a Y fan and I am so excited about BYU and Utah's new future. It will make for an exciting fall. Outside of the game with BYU, I'll be hope the Utes succeed in the PAC 12.

Syracuse, UT

This is only the beginning of a wonderful and powerful relationship. We may stumble a few times here and there, but within 10 to 15 years, BYU will be the premier program in the Nation.

Mark it down.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Interesting... Utey's hate the D News and now ESPN hitches it's wagon to BYU and is eager to claim it's long standing history and relationship to BYU that goes back to it's very first college football broadcast. It's really interesting the pathetic attempts by utey's to try and play that down.

Iowa City, IA

Now if the Holiday Bowl will remember how it got to where it's at and invite the Cougs to have a contract with them.

Celebration time is over. Congrats to Holmoe and the entire BYU program for boldly going independent. Thanks to ESPN in a big way...now it's time to go to work and maintain that respect.

We need to be in the talk is cheap mode now. Fall camp is two weeks away!!

Pete in Texas
Copperas Cove, TX

Very cool article. I loved the idea that plainly explained that ESPN isn't doing this as some sort of charitable action or community service event. ESPN is all about the almighty dollar as was so aptly displayed when they broadcasted Lebron's decision. ESPN would only get involved in something that is going to bring money into their own pockets and viewers. That's why they got involved with BYU. BYU is known worldwide and has a following to match. ESPN knows that if BYU is playing, folks are watching. Period! I love the combination of ESPN and BYU partnering up and hope this will last for a long time.

One last thing: very few schools could've pulled this off by themselves. Entire conferences have to group together to get this kind of viewing draw. If you're a Ute fan, you better count your lucky stars you got in with the PAC 1(?) because with your fan base, you'd be lucky if PBS would've ever given you a looksie. A stadium that can't fill 48,000 seats year in and year out? Pffft.... nice.

Had to get my "Ute" jab in for the day. Go Cougars!

Springville, UT

I bet this story digresses to BYUs NC and the Utes two BCS games. OOPs the cat's out of the bag again!

Such a great time to be a Cougar fan!

ESPN coverage and BYUtv reruns of the games!
Recruits keep coming.
An Elite 11 QB is coming.
Sirius and XM radio coverage.
Some great games against STORIED programs and more to come!
NO Sunday play.
Honor Code.
Heaps is healthy!
Positions are filled, locked and loaded for 2011.
An IPhone / IPad app.
HD studio up and running.
Coach Mendenhall and Doman at the helm.

... and we're all happy that the utes got some local tv coverage this year.

Bring it on and thank you ESPN!

West Jordan, UT

When the Pac10 chose Utah over BYU Kyle Gunther said BYU was like the ugly girl at the dance.

Personally, I dont think of ESPN as the nerdy kid asking for a dance, do you Kyle?

Houston, TX

The Holiday bowl would be nice but why not aim for the Cotton Bowl which will become a BCS bowl in the next few years? BYU tends to fill the Jerry dome against local teams.

Pullman, WA

BYU has all of the pieces coming together for a great ride. This will be a great showcase for a team and for a program that is second to none in leading out as role models in character development, team work and just good old fashioned work. But it will also become more and more a way to show the world that you can be good on and off the field and still be a winner in sports as well as in academics. I salute all who have contributed over the years. Your efforts will be multiplied as the country begins to witness BYU on the public stage.

Out of obscurity baby, that is what this is all about. Now go bring your A-game night in and night out.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

BYU did promised to play in the Holiday Bowl for the NC and why not invite them back and who knows what might happen for them.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

sports fan

Thanks for the sarcasm, I think we understand your point of view.

Some powerful insights quoted here that most people probably haven't thought about before. Y fans like me who are still celebrating the unprecedented access to the team that represents the school and church we love...

...and haters who just don't want to think about it, hoping it will all go away.

Doctor J
Manti, UT

BYU is on ESPN 10 Times this year...10 out of 12 games...

Eagle Mountain, UT

Your comment smacks of jealousy and obsession. What's up? We have never seen those things rear their ugly heads on the DN comment boards before. Especially on BYU articles.

Be happy with the rest of us. You get to watch at least 11 BYU games this year. No matter where you live in the USA and many places outside the USA.

Sandy, UT

BYU has 10-11 "National" games on ESPN this year.

All of the ESPN games will be "Re-Broadcast" during the week, on National/International BYU-TV.

Utah has just announced a deal with KJZZ, to broadcast games "Locally".

Utah is playing USC on Versus.

Colorado is playing USC on ESPN.

When choosing Pac 12 games, ESPN did not pick up any Utah games.

Utah and Washington State were the only Pac teams which ESPN has chosen not to carry.

The Pecking order has been established.

Recruits will Notice and want to play on National TV every week.

Sandy, Utah

Propaganda, a great convincing tool in the media.
Although the benefit to everyone leaving the Mt. West Conf. is not having to listen to those rookie announcers trying to use BIG words. I still laugh about players getting hit in the thorax! TC
I liked the question posed to the ESPN rep on media day, when he was asked If BYU performs poorly, will it affect the televised showings? He looked like a deer caught in the headlights. It said it all!
So bring in the old boys and continue the propaganda, youll need it.

Murray, UT

Another nice positive article from the Deseret News regarding BYU and anything they do. It is their porogative. I get it. I know they have readers who want nothing but positive reports about BYU. But how about at least one positive report about the U for every negative one? You know, a little fair and balanced?

That last article about the PAC 12 and Sunday play was a non story that was meant to paint the U in negative light. The article should have touched on the real issue of why college conferences have latched on to what has already occurred in the little leagues with Sunday play.

Iowa City, IA

re: bleedred

It wasn't a "deer in the headlights" look, it was, "How can I nicely respond to such a dumb question kindly." That question ranks right up there with "hit in the thorax."

Frisco, TX

"Now if the Holiday Bowl will remember how it got to where it's at and invite the Cougs to have a contract with them."

I think you're onto something here. Cougs are committed for the next three years to Armed Forces, Poinsetta and Fight Hunger Bowls; but I think you'll see the Cougs negotiate a tiered offer in 2014 and beyond. It could look something like:

0 - 1 loss = possible BCS bid - Cotton Bowl will become a BCS bowl, if BCS stays intact.

1 - 3 losses = Holiday Bowl or equivalent - Holiday Bowl is looking to sever ties with Big 12. They currently get the 5th place Big 12 team which was not bad when there were 12 teams, but now that the Big 12 is a 10 team conference, the 5th place Big 12 team may not even be bowl eligible. I could see the Holiday Bowl keeping 3rd place PAC12 vs a highly ranked BYU team.

4 - 6 losses = Poinsetta or Armed Forces Bowl. BYU draws big crowds in San Diego and Dallas. These two bowls would love to keep the Cougs.

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