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Published: Sunday, July 24 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Eugene, OR

Yes, and if every non-Tea Party politician in Washington magically disappears tomorrow morning, this'll mean something. Otherwise, this is just more grandstanding.

How much longer can we afford to play games, guys?

Centerville, UT

If I were an investor in the US, I would have already lost confidence in the undisciplined spending of the past 2 decades. I would actually feel relieved that efforts are currently being made to correct this problem.

So the damage has been done by Democratic and Republican congresses, and presidents.

Republicans have correctly identified the spending problem congress has. By rejecting tax increases and focusing on reducing spending we return to a course of sanity.

Libs want to increase taxes on the wealthy. This is to rally their base for the upcoming election, and to continue redistribution of wealth in the country. They state that federal income taxes are only 14.4%, where they traditionally average 18%. What Libs won't tell you is that 14.4% only applies to income taxes. If you look at all taxes we pay (state income, gas, energy, cable, cell/land line phone, property, garbage water, recycling, sales, social security, medicare, drivers license, car registration, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. ....etc.) I am sure we would find that our total tax burden approaches 50% or more!

Obama can't lead or govern. Boehner was wise to get this done without Obama.

Sanpete County, UT

These people need to stop with the politics and the posturing and GET TO WORK. They need to disconnect the debt ceiling thing from all the other political mumbo-jumbo garbage and STOP OUR COUNTRY FROM GOING INTO DEFAULT. Time is running out.

Has everyone in Washington just gone insane???? Does no one understand that this is ALREADY APPROVED SPENDING by a Congress from years ago and the bill is just now coming due??? Does no one understand that this is NOT the Obama administration's debt, but BUSH'S administration???

Does no one understand the consequences, both financial to the US (would INCREASE our debt because we'd have to pay more interest in addition to the principle) and globally (could easily throw us into a REAL depression)???

Grow up, Washington. Fix this mess NOW.

  • 4:52 p.m. July 24, 2011
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Somewhere in Utah, UT

We have both a spending problem AND an income problem. A rational and appropriate plan must address both. The Democrats are willing to address both, including putting some of their "sacred cows" on the table. The Republicans are only willing to play politics, and to heck with the country'sf welfare. As a registured Republican, albeit one who is disgusted with what her party is doing right now, my message to my political leaders and party is this -- stop acting like children, start acting like adults, and work with the Democrats to get this problem fixed.

  • 5:10 p.m. July 24, 2011
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Midwest Mom
Soldiers Grove, WI

The plan that Obama has proposed seems reasonable and sound; make cuts and raise taxes. Why must we keep subsidizing the wealthy? Taxes are the lowest in 60 years, yet no matter how horrible the economy, the GOP keeps calling for more cuts, in what the "haves" must pay. It looks to me like the GOP is more about making Obama look bad than they are about solving the problem; in fact, I believe that they are willing to destroy our economy for political gain. McConnell's and Boehner's ridiculous statements that "Obama must go before we can fix this" or that "Obama is the single, greatest impediment to the economy" are merely preludes to the horror of what will be 2012 elections, courtesy of the Supreme Court's Citizen's United decision. Reasonable people can find solutions, if they want to do so. Perhaps when Michelle Bachmann begins investigating "anti-American" politicians in Washington, she might begin with her own party. BTW, I voted for Nader.

Casa Grande, AZ

Funny how nobody considers work and land redistrubution of wealth. Only redistribution of fiat currency as important in the discussion.

I'm sure God meant for there to be an elete class that owns and controls everything and isn't required to sweat or even pay taxes in fiat currency. Please give me the reference when you find it.

Provo, UT

David said: "Republicans have correctly identified the spending problem congress has." That's certainly a friendly way to spin it! The Republicans should have no problem identifying the spending problem since they are they are largely responsible for the spending problem. Two unfunded wars. An unfunded Medicare prescription drug benefit. And thirty years of lowering the taxes for the wealthy.

The only president to have a balanced budget in the last 30 years was Clinton, a Democrat. Reagan double the national debt. So did Bush II.

Now that they're suddenly panicking about the national debt they want to balance the budget solely on the backs of the poor and the elderly. They won't even consider returning tax rates on the wealthy to the sensible levels of the past.

Warren Buffett himself even laments how perverse it is that his secretary pays a higher portion of her income on tax than he does.

The Republicans aren't trying to prevent an economic apocalypse. The current Republican leadership IS the economic apocalypse.

Casa Grande, AZ

If the Bush tax cuts were so important, why weren't they made permanent in the first place?

The Republicans are willing to bring us to the brink of financial default on tax cuts THEY didn't make permanent?

Well Read

14th Ammendment:

Section 4. The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned. . . .

The Tea Party are in an act of war. President Obama needs to unalateraly declare the debt limit raised because he is charged with protecting the nation against any emergency. the Tea Party have caused just that

Salt Lake City, UT

Ever wonder why this country is even tinkering with default? Its because Americans don't work anymore. A growing majority of them depend on entitlement programs to pay for their pleasure seeking. The government they've got is one that represents their interests- keep those freebies coming! The country simply cannot keep subsidizing this ever expanding population of freeloaders who hail from Democrat, Republican, and Teaparty ideologies.

Brother Chuck Schroeder
A Tropical Paradise USA, FL

Why Does the Tea Party Want America to Fail?. Associated Press reported that it called for $60 billion in cuts, which, if so, would represent a significant defeat for the tea party caucus. Even at that level, the cuts will likely produce direct job losses of 650,000 in government layoffs, which would likely trigger to another 325,000 layoffs, mostly in the retail and service sectors nearly 1 million jobs altogether according to an analysis by the Center for American Progress. Whatever the job loss is whether it's 1 million, 800,000 or 650,000 the tea party's 180-degree flipflop on jobs is remarkable. Just a few months ago, they won the House by convincing swing voters that their number-one issue would be "Jobs, jobs, jobs." Boehner went around the country campaigning for them, lamenting, "Mr. President, where are the jobs?." But all of that was forgotten last week as details about the tea party budget cuts emerged. Not only will their bill kill hundreds of thousands of middle-class jobs, it offers nothing that addresses the need for "Jobs, jobs, jobs." Loss of 1 Million Jobs Would Trigger the Second Republican Recession since 2008.

Brother Chuck Schroeder
A Tropical Paradise USA, FL

The debt ceiling looms. Confusion reigns. Schemes abound. We are deep in a hole. Ronald Reagan might as well be sitting in on the troubled debt talks, so frequently is his memory invoked by both sides. Authoritarianism is characterized by highly concentrated, and centralized power maintained by political repression and the exclusion of potential challengers. It uses political parties and mass organizations to mobilize people around the goals of the regime. Authoritarianism is a form of elite social organization characterized by submission to authority. It is usually opposed to individualism and democracy. In politics, an authoritarian government is one in which political authority is concentrated in a small group of political elite, typically unelected by the people (but not necessarily), who possess exclusive, most of the time unaccountable, and arbitrary power. Seems as if "WE THE PEOPLE" have no say anymore what's going on in Congress. Raise this debt ceiling, and tax the elite wealthy. Debt talks between Obama and House Speaker John Boehner came to a grinding halt when Boehner abruptly broke them off, raising new uncertainties that a deal could be struck to avert a threatened government default. Who runs him is the Koch Brothers. Not us.

Brother Chuck Schroeder
A Tropical Paradise USA, FL

The rancorous debate over the debt belies a fundamental truth of our economy that it is run for the few at the expense of the many, that our entire government has been turned into a machine which takes the wealth of a mass of Americans and accelerates it into the hands of the few. Wall Street cashes in whether we have a default or not. Fifty percent of our discretionary spending goes for the Pentagon. A massive transfer of wealth into the hands of a few while the American people lack sufficient jobs, health care, housing, retirement security. Our energy policies take the wealth from the American people and put it into the hands of the oil companies. We could be looking at $150 a barrel for oil in the near future. Our environmental policy takes the wealth of the people, clean air, clean water, and puts it in the hands of the polluters. It's a transfer of wealth, not only from the present but from future generations as our environment is ruined. Insurance companies, take the wealth from the American people, put-it into the-hands of-few. Raise this debt ceiling, and tax the elite wealthy.

Salt Lake City, Utah

When I was young and say a piece of cake was to be divided between me and my sibling we would often fight over who gets which piece. Mom, being wise devised a plan, one could divide the cake and the other got first choice. Both of us had incentive to play fair. I have been trying to figure a similar way to solve this current dilemma facing the "cut spending" vs. "increase taxes arguments". The closest I have come so far is to say allow your national voting count based on a percentage of the federal income tax you pay. Those who pay none or have figured out loopholes to reduce their taxes, etc. get no or lessor votes, but those who pay more as a percentage of their income get more votes.

Salt Lake City, UT

Believe this the world's economy and that of the USA will not come to and end if there is a default. Apparently, the administration, also knows this and is willing to let it happen in order to reject the outcome of the 2010 election and continue with the spend, add debt, and kick the can down the road practices of the past. Yes, the last time the budget was balanced was when Mr. Clinton was in the White House and pushed by the loss of the House in the 2004 election to become a pragmist, compromise with the new house and balance the budget. In doing so, he insured his re-election. Perhaps, this President would be do well to follow that lead. @Farmintown very creative!!!

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

We will finally see something in writing from the Democrats on what they would like to do?

It is about time! So far they have only demagogued the Republican plans (Ryan plan and Cut, Cap and Balance which both passed the House). But, they have NEVER laid out an actual plan. Oh, they have said vague stuff about cutting spending (like maybe a little bit over 10 years, starting in about 9 years...) or cutting fraud and waste in some programs (why didn't they do that 20 years ago?), or slashing military spending (but not a dime from any social programs or entitlements). But none of that is in writing, so it is hard to nail them on what they really intend to do.

Obama meanwhile talks about cutting spending but just ran up another 1.5 TRILLION deficit, so his words are meaningless or deceptive. But, he, like the other Democrats has not proposed a real plan.

Until spending is cut (for FY 2011, 2012, 2013, not 10 yeare from now), granting a debt increase or higher taxes just compounds our already desperate debt problem.

Stop the spending first. Then we can talk about other things.

Boise, ID

Let the default happen. We can recover. Just maybe we force the balanced budget Amendment to keep the Democrats and over spending Republicans in line. Without it, both will continue to spend until we are bled out. This is a crisis. It is a crisis in leadership - something we do not have in Barack Obama. We will be better off in the long run, especially if we can break the Democrat's back and shame the Republicans into doing the right thing. The only way to save our country is to put the Democrats up against the proverbial wall and give them no way out.

Provo, UT

DN Subscriber. They've presented plans repeatedly. Obama presented a plan more ambitious than the Republicans' plan--$4billion vs. $2billion. But it included repeal of tax cuts for millionaires, so the GOP shut it down.

To say the Dems have not put forth a plan is simply disingenuous.

Ann Arbor, MI

The consequences of not raising the debt ceiling would be disastrous. Im continually surprised by the lack of basic financial-market understanding by commenters. Please stop comparing the U.S.s balance sheet to your personal credit cards. Our economy would suffer that is a fact, not an elitist, fear-mongering conspiracy.

We need to fundamentally change the debt structure of our nations balance sheet, but playing chicken with the debt ceiling is foolish. If the debt ceiling is not raised, the conservative cause will suffer a major setback. It may take decades to recover.

As conservative voters, we need to demand real solutions from our representatives. Many fellow conservatives need to get their heads out of the clouds. Failing to raise the debt ceiling would not solve our nations debt problems, but rather, make the situation worse.

Salt Lake City, UT

Harry Reid has a 2.5 trillion dollar deficit reduction proposal that has 0 revenue increases. Apparently we've gotten to the point where Democrats are arguing the Republican position, and yet I still think Republicans would reject Reid's proposal just because a Democrat wrote it.

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