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Published: Saturday, July 23 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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sports fan
Provo, UT

i have got to get one of those ties.

Pleasant Grove, UT

Reading this article reminded me of a principle long forgotten by our modern secular society.

Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy.(Exodus 20:3)

"And hallow my sabbaths; and they shall be a sign between me and you, that ye may know that I am the Lord your God." (Ezekiel 20:20)

"We have become largely a world of Sabbath breakers. On the Sabbath the lakes are full of boats, the beaches are crowded, the shows have their best attendance, the golf links are dotted with players..even ball games are played on the sacred day. Business as usual is the slogan for many, and our holy day has become a holiday. And because so many people treat the day as a holiday, numerous others cater to the wants of the fun-lovers and money-makers." (Spencer W. Kimball - Ensign, Jan 1978)

College sports have jumped on the band-wagon because there's money to be made. It's unfortunate that it pits us against a divine injunction.

As a God-Respecting Ute fan, I'll cheer them along, six days a week.

Apo, AP

Everyone needs at least one day of rest each week--a time to relax from the day-to-day duties and refocus.
It's too bad that sports, shopping, and business have all become so important that we can't take one day off each week from these activities.

Belgrade, Serbia

I think this article missed a great angle. What impact will this have on recruiting Mormons? Will the BYU coaches hammer to the Mormon guys and gals the Sunday point? If my kid were being recruited I would certainly like the idea that they will observe the Sabath. I think this will help BYU in that the Pac-12 and the MWC schedule their games on Sundays. Makes the decision easier.

Washington, UT

Ah, the price you pay to become more like the world. You get money, glory and praise, but you must slaughter the Sabbath to do it.

Rock Of The Marne
Phoenix, AZ

As Mormon and a Ute fan the Sunday play issue is my least favorite part of joining the PAC 12. Hopefully money talks and they at least won't have to play home games on Sunday as attendance will be lower meaning less money. It would be nice if they would not make Utah play on Sunday at all but I am pretty sure that isn't an option that will be offered. Thankfully the major sports will likley only be on Sunday during playoffs. I respect BYU for holding fast on this issue. Good Morning Utah from the sands of Arabia.

Springville, UT

Independence > conference peer pressure

I sincerely hope that Sunday play is held to a minimum out of respect to those players and fans that it makes a difference to.

Iowa City, IA

It's not a "culture" thing why Sunday games are not preferred it's a "biblical" thing. Most Christians know that, it doesn't matter what faith you belong too. Keeping the sabbath holy is part of every christian religion code of conduct. It's one of the very basic fundamentals of Christianity.

Sandy, UT

Commisioner Scott has even indicaed that the Pac 10.2 is willing to play Sunday football games.

Sunday games for utah, Sunday practices for utah, games televised on kjzz or kued.

ESPN ignores them.

Oh yea, every LDS Athletes Dream Scenario?


Greenfield, IN

We get it--Utah should not have joined the Pac-12. Can you go back to writing articles on BYU and how it made the best move in NCAA football history by going independent.

I Choose Freedom
Atlanta, GA

. . . "never on Sunday," to accommodate fellow MWC member BYU's policy of not playing on Sunday."

Hummm, No, I think that is God's policy. BYU just chooses to comply.

Mesa, AZ

This is great. More Sunday games for the Utes means that LDS kids and athletes from other faiths that honor Sunday as the Sabbath day will have even more reasons to attend BYU.

Ben H
Clearfield, UT

Now it is clear why the Pac-10 passed on BYU.

Harwich, MA

How could playing on Sunday possibly be a headline?

Fred Vader
Oklahoma City, OK

As a Utah alum, this is very disappointing. Selling our birth rite for a mess of pottage. Sad indeed.

Ann Arbor, MI

Welcome to the real word!

Powell, OH

Sure would be nice to visit and watch UofU vs SoCal on a nice Sunday afternoon. A great family outing seeing top notch football, tailgating and eating BBQ and enjoying the day with friends all having a good time.
A lot better than those self righteous types telling everyone 'never on Sunday' while the go home from or skip church to watch pro football on TV.

Congrats to UofU for helping move Utah into the 21st Century - and doing so openly.

Hoosier in Utah
Spanish Fork, UT

Don't think for a moment BYU won't use this as a recruiting tactic. This is one of many reasons BYU would never had received an invite to the PAC-xx conference--and would never had accepted without this concession.

Utah moving to the big leagues can only be a good thing, but they are going to lose recruits to "that team down south" due to pressure from parents, bishops, but possibly most of all, their own personal convictions.

Payson, UT

I wish the culture in America still had one day a week that was truly non-commerical, but gone are those days in the U.S. I will attend Sunday games only if they are major events (championships, major out-of-conference games). Otherwise I'll just be watching on TV or catch the highlights later in the day.

Never understood the BYU thing - they encourage their star players to go into the NFL draft and play on Sundays, yet won't play on Sunday. I imagine the cougar fans have 101 excuses as to why it's not hypocritical of them to watch and support their favorite players playing on Sunday and then attempt to belittle schools/conferences that do play on Sunday. Again, I guess that's just the culture they breed down there.

Somewhere in Colorado, CO

From Cross Country to Track and Field. From Basketball to Golf...

University of Utah's recruiting just got a little bit tougher...

Like it or not, LDS kids do not want to practice or play on Sunday. Some might even forego a scholarship altogether to avoid "playing" on Sunday.

I get called-in to work in my LE capacity job sometimes on Sunday. But on every other Sunday, I, myself, and I teach my kids to avoid sporting events, and other non-essential activities in honor of "The Lord's Day."

If BYU (or SUU, or Utah State, or Weber State, etc.) can guarantee kids that have been raised in active LDS homes that they will never have to practice or play on Sunday, BYU has an advantage over the U of U in going after active LDS kids... And, like it or not, the U of U has a *lot* of active LDS involved in sports...

The Lords Day is a big deal to a lot of active LDS kids...

I was recruited in HS. One of the things that determined where I went to school was how the coach honored my desire to serve a mission, and Sundays off.

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