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Published: Saturday, July 23 2011 10:00 p.m. MDT

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South Jordan, UT

I'm dismayed that Hatch isn't just retiring. We need some new blood in the Senate, not more of the same old tired nonsense. Hatch promised us in 1976 to get rid of the old established cronies in Washington. Frank Moss may be gone, but Hatch has taken his place, and I don't mean that in a positive way.

Layton, UT

I may not have always agreed with Senator Hatch's choices, but I think the state of Utah would be crazy if they let an opportunity like this pass us up. Senator Hatch is a good man and he knows how to get things done in Congress. I say we keep him.

Kaysville, UT

"The biggest problems that our country is facing now are in many ways directly tied to Senator Hatch." Congressman Chaffetz.

The Congressman is a demagogue of the highest order. The above quote is just one more unfounded claim by the man who is going to run against Senator Hatch from his own party. The man who lied by saying in Senator Hatch's office he would not run against him and then denying ever having said that to the press. He's welcome to change his mind but can't change the facts. The man who is following the populist movement from the right to the tea. The man who was the only member of the Utah delegation to pay a professional photographer to follow him around snapping glamour shots during the last state Republican convention.

Chaffetz is an political opportunist, who is playing the tea party movement for all it's worth. He is forty miles wide and a half of an inch deep. If Utah is thinking of replacing a statesman like Hatch, with a lightweight showboat like Chaffetz, heaven help us. Certainly we can do better than Chaffetz to replace Hatch when that day comes.

Cedar Hills, UT

Term limits are in order. Bye bye Hatch.

Kaysville, UT

"He claims to be the champion of fighting for a balanced budget, but 26 times he has voted for or allowed a debt-ceiling increase." - Congressman Chaffetz.

Again, we are asked to drink the Kook-aid. The debt ceiling is a quirk of our political process that is no where mandated in the Constitution and was first used in 1917. The real issue is the budget deficit and the factors that make for deficits or surpluses. Basically, those factors are revenue and spending. That is what Congress should be focussing on, not the artificial debt ceiling. Arguing over the debt ceiling is a little like burning the credit card statement instead of cutting up the credit card.

Raising the debt limit is nothing more than honoring current obligations. The real question is what to do about the future costs of entitlements as the baby boom generation retires. Everything else is just a populist diversion from the populist wings of both parties.

Hatch as been a champion of a balanced budget since his first term in the Senate. Chaffetz comments are misleading and self serving. Hopefully, we can retire his political career very soon.

DD JayMario
American Fork, UT

Orrin Hatch is a fighter and is an asset to Utah. Unfortunately, he bears the responsibility all career politicians do for putting our country in jeopardy with unfunded entitlement programs and a lack of concern with deficits over many decades. Had Chaffetz been there during the past 30 years, he would be facing the same threat today.

Rocklin, CA

People from Utah would be very wise to keep Orrin Hatch. Orrin Hatch has brought a lot of federal dollars to Utah over the years. I can't think of anything that Chaffetz has done for Utah. He is more interested in harrasing the TSA.

A voice of Reason
Salt Lake City, UT

I turned 18, voted... I couldn't stand President Bush... and was very liberal, with few 'moral-issue' exceptions. Then I realized I couldn't stand liberals just as much... then I started down the conservative path... then I took every philosophy and political class in college I could imagine...

Now, I am as die hard conservative as they come.


With that in mind, I personally think Hatch is so-so. I have things I like and don't like.

But his being on the senate judiciary committee and the statements he has made about the "recent" SCOTUS nominations... THAT ALONE is enough to re-elect him!

Springville, UT

Well, let's just hope that the Republicans never control the Senate and this won't be an issue. Heaven help us if they do.


If I am in debt and having trouble paying my bills and interest payments are getting bigger and bigger, then I can improve my credit rating by increasing my debt and adding more interest payments?

Is this what the "experts" are telling us?

Is this what Senator Hatch has repeatedly voted for?

Santa Clara, UT

I doubt that Hatch will make it out of Caucus, much like Bennett. People are weary of politicians, especially those who stay a lifetime.


I am afraid if Utah does not re-elect Orin Hatch, Utah will be cutting off its nose to spite its face. Of course I don't agree with everything he has done but Utah needs an experienced and powerful voice in Washington to champion our best interests.

Government Man
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Just say no to Chaffetz. Senator Matheson has a nice ring to it. But, we would be better off keeping Hatch and putting Matheson in the Governor's Office. Chaffetz needs to return to Provo and let him do whatever he does.


The only thing I've heard Hatch do for Utah was push to keep Hill open. Otherwise Hatch does for Hatch.

Dixie Dan
Saint George, UT

What a very uncomfortable thought: U.S. Senator Mike Lee and Jason Chaffetz representing Utah in Congress. With a little bit of luck, we could also have Carl Wimmer there also. Now isn't that a pleasant thought for Utah?

midvale, ut

"If Sen. Orrin Hatch wins re-election, his influence could skyrocket"
If marijuana was legal millions of people could finally relax "
If the Jazz win a championship we could Celebrate
If there were term limits, Which Orrin supported, he could have been out of office 24 years ago.
IF and COULD two of the biggest little words in our language.

Sugar City, ID

And suppose that instead of winning the Senate the Republicans lose seats, which candidate would be the best for Utah? the worst? Considering the future for my grandchildren, Chaffetz would, by far, be the worst case scenario.

Most historians of the great depression seem to blame the Smoot tariff bill for the depression, or at least a major cause. Care to enlighten us anyone?

Cedar Park, Texas

The political life of a true believer conservative in Utah seems to follow this trajectory. Get elected by the right wing. Go to Congress and vote right wing. Get nothing accomplished since the right wing has never controlled both houses and the presidency. Begin to realize that compromise is the only way to get anything done in Washington. Decide to reach across the aisle and compromise and finally get a bill passed. Get blasted from the right wing who believe that compromise is giving the enemy what they want. Get challenged in subsequent election by another true believer. And the cycle starts all over again.

Kamas, UT

"If Senator Orrin Hatch wins re-election." That's a might by "IF." No man his age (78 on election day 2012) has ever won an elective office in Utah. After six terms and thirty-six years in the U.S. Senate enough is enough.

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

i just only realized that hatch was still alive. it must be campaign time. i have heard and seen Lee more in the last 6 months than i have Hatch in the last 30 years. orin, didn't you campaign against Moss because he had been in to long? you've been in 25 years plus longer than him. how does that work? but Chaffetz doesn't do anything for me either.

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