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Published: Saturday, July 23 2011 10:00 p.m. MDT

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The majority of Americans want our laws enforced. Our current laws say we deport everyone here illegally. There is no question here.

As for jobs American won't do, it's been proven that at a fair wage there are none. And let's not forget the unlimited visas for agriculture.

What we are talking about is business's insatiable appetite for cheap labor, and they are willing to cripple this country and put 9% of our citizens out of work to get it.

Where is the compassion of our business community?

Los Angeles, CA

How absurd. Leave these poor people alone. We need the labor and the expense of deportation is a waste of valuable resources. Obama, you know better; quit caving to the hateful right.

Bountiful, UT

Fact: Scapegoating, prejudice, propaganda and hysteria increase during economic downturns.

Salt Lake City, UT

@ TMR - you really must be joking. These 'poor people' are breaking the law. There's no hate and it's not just the right that expects people to live by the law. Unfortunately, race seems to be an excuse for breaking the law. However, if it really was about race, you'd hear "Deport all Mexicans" instead of "Deport Illegal Aliens" - of which includes all races ironically enough. Hence the reason the statue of Lady Liberty has a blindfold on.

The truth of the matter is citizens of this country (the law abiding ones anyway) are becoming more and more intolerant of this excuse of hiding behind alleged racism. If we are not a nation of laws, then we may as well be Mexico.

Santa Clara, UT

That is great news. However I am confused. Does the article mean immigrants or illegal trespassers? Immigrants are legal, Illegals are ...well illegal and should be deported as the law provides.


63,000 divided by 12,000,000 = .00525 or 1/2 of 1%!

Yep, we are making real progress here! What a dedicated effort.

The invasion continues!

Iowa City, IA

TMR - "We need the labor..."

How is that unemployment rate looking? If our need is labor, wouldn't it make sense to put citizens to work before the non-citizens who will send a huge portion abroad via remittances?

Vernal, UT

If any illegal comes to the attention of law enforcement such that they end up being locked up in jail, then I don't think it really matters whether they are committing serious crimes or, as the mayor of Boston would say, non-serious crimes like stealing cars. That is an illegal that needs to lead the rest on his/her way home. Call it bad luck if you like, but they have no right to be in our country in the first place, so sending them home is just a normal result of their behavior.

Clearfield, UT

RRB I grew up on a farm and we could not, I repeat could not find locals to harvest crops and do other manual farm labor. We needed immigrant labor, period. By the way what is a fair wage for farm labor? Oh by the way I thought Obama was a marxist socialist who was soft on immigration.


The laws need to be enforced. As far as TMR's comment, calling the right hateful, he/she needs to get over name calling. This issue is not about hate but about common sense and the law. We are a nation of laws and if we chose to follow some laws and not others then chaos will ultimately rein as all law then becomes suspect.

Ogden, UT

@TMR How absurd. Leave these poor people alone. We need the labor and the expense of deportation is a waste of valuable resources. Obama, you know better; quit caving to the hateful right.

Folks this is from Lost Angeles illegal capital of the Country who I might add is Bankrupt.

As John Wayne said: "Head em up and move em out"

Cheap labor is misnomer. It is a way to shore up the bottom line. it has nothing to do with a lower price.

My biggest expense in my business is gasoline. Come on folks all of you pay so I can have cheap gas!!!

Heber City, UT

Dear TMR how clueless you are. My brother was approached by an illegal. This illegal told him he would work for less than what he was currently paying his other employees. My brother told him to leave. The illegal said he would work for less than minimum wage. My brother told him to leave. The illegal then said my brother could pay him under the table. He only left when my brother said he would call the police if he didn't leave. I simply do not understand what you and others cannot comprehend about what the word illegal means.

Years ago in Arizona when they passed a law to punish employers who hired illegals many left. All of a sudden these jobs they had were filled by law-abiding Americans. Wow, so much for that mantra, "they take jobs Americans won't do."

At Swift in Northern Utah thousands applied for the same jobs the illegals had when the Government raided the plant.

IF they want a job let them do exactly as my grandparents did. Follow the rules and the law and we will welcome them.

Boise, ID

This is about the Democrats bolstering their voting block at the expense of law and order. But then they always think what they want to do is more important than the rules. It goes back to the hippie days of free love, drugs and rock and roll when scoffing at societal norms was cool and expected. Now as adults, these same people have integrated their irresponsible ways into the way government is administered.

Mesa, AZ

They are here illegally & they know that they are here illegally. With that mindset, & coming from countries where laws are often ignored & bribes are commonplace (and expected), ignoring & violating the laws in their new U.S. community is a way of life for many.

For example, driving a stolen car---"I didn't steal it, it's my cousin's & I'm only driving it." Driving an unregistered and/or uninsured car--"It's not my car. My cousin said I could drive it." Now, most of us would never be in those circumstances. We would check out ownership first.

Another example--registering a child for school. Proof of residency is typically needed, & they often forge or get someone else to forge a document stating a residence. Also, with the confusion over names it's not uncommon that they register someone else's child as their own (while the parent is in jail or deported).

Free and reduced lunch forms at school--full of "inaccuracies" & completed by an illegal alien!

And, medical bills. Here in Az they use the ER for just about anything, & they walk away from the bill. Our facilities are bleeding out!

Lawbreakers. And they know it.

Sandy, UT

For the law-abiding, working immigrants who have not yet achieved legal status: Give them legal status and get them on the tax rolls. We need them, our economy needs them.

1. Give them legal status
2. Close the borders
3. Increase by 4-5X the number allowed to enter legally each year

This would help our economic problem AND would allow us to act like the citizens we should be - compassionate, smart and willing to admit our mistakes - fix them and move on.

It is as much our fault as it is theirs that they are here. The system we have allowed to develop encourages them to come.

Let's fix the system, embrace our new immigrant neighbors, benefit economically and be able to hold our heads up knowing we did the right thing for other human beings. It's a win-win-win.

Jonathan Eddy
Payson, UT

"The majority of Americans want our laws enforced."

I would have to disagree.

If this were true, the majority of Americans would be recalling most of their elected officials in Washington and locally for blatant law breaking of the Constitution that they raised their hand to the square to obey. Disobedience to the law is the very reason why we are suffering as a country today, but we seem to be okay with it.

I suppose the reason Americans do not demand true obedience to the law is because they really don't know the law themselves; except of course the laws pertaining to immigration.

Miami, Fla

NeilT, I think you could have found enough labor if you'd pay a decent wage. There is no job Americans won't take if the price is right. Unfortunately, illgals knowingly bid wages way down so they can get the jobs.

What is a fair wage for farm labor, you asked? A fair wage is whatever it takes to get an American citizen to take the job. And we have about 15 million sitting home on their couches, drawing billions in unemployment benefits (up to 99 weeks worth) when they should get off the dole and get a job.



My family has worked the orchards of Utah county, back when they were plentiful. We worked side by side with Navajo's, people with 50% unemployment. Some of my family started out as visa workers (from Mexico) until they earned their citizenship after years of work. It was worth it to them.

Your family had unlimited visa workers available to them, like all farmers do. If they are having trouble, it's their own fault.

We have 12-30 million people here illegally, if farmers have shortages now, then the illegal aliens have reached the point where they won't work on the farms either.

What's a fair farm wage? Go to the site for the H-2A visa and see the guidelines.

Los Angeles, CA

At the risk of defending myself in such an unfriendly group of posters, let me explain just a bit. I was raised on a farm in Utah. Illegals were needed then and are needed now. Deport all of the illegals in this country and you will wake up tomorrow, my friends, with very little to eat. They have rendered a tremendous service to this country and deserve our gratitude, not our condemnation. In my experience, they generally are more humble, gracious, polite, and hard-working than are U.S. citizens.

Boise, ID

Some folks think this all about something they call "fairness", whatever that is. "Leave these poor people alone" one poster said. These "poor people" have committed a crime by not obeying the law. Some Americans think that this is a zero sum game where there has to be a winner and a looser. That is what the Democrats say but it is not what most conservatives believe at all. Balderdash.

No one I know seriously thinks we can or should send them all back to where they came from. What we should do is first; ignore the Democrats who want to make this a good versus evil thing. That is pure political sophistry. Second, get control of those who are here illegally. Document them and handle them as one would for any misdemeanor and then make them chose whether they are here for work or something else and register them.

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