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Published: Friday, July 22 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Eagle Mountain, UT

TV is TV. As long as we can get it locally, life is good for Ute fans. I will be watching them.

And Y "fans" \ U trollers. Shut up about comparing to ESPN. That horse is dead buried and decomposed.

Lehi, UT

Y fan here, glad we can watch all Utah games, most likely now with this deal. Love Coach Whit and Chow. Wish them every success this year. If they are great this year they'll be snapped up by Fox, if not, KJZZ works for me. It will be at least as good as BYU TV and probably Utes will earn some extra cash and who doesn't need that. I'm an old PAC-8 and Cal season ticket holder that appreciates a great college football game. Both schools better start recruiting players and assistant coaches. Next, upgrade all athletic programs starting with football and basketball. Hope we all succeed.

Orange County, CA

For us non-Utah Utes, we'd like to see the U on ESPN a few times. Between Versus, CBS College Sports, and the Mtn there were very few U games I couldn't see. KJZZ isn't enough for a university trying to be a national power (or even a regional power trying to get some exposure outside of the Great Basin). I wish Hill & Co. could get us more exposure here in SoCal. After all, this is where U'll be recruiting for football and basketball to match the PAC-12 talent level, so what can U do for us out-of-state tuition payers?

Clearfield, UT

Any channel > The Mtn.

pittsburgh Ute
West Jordan, Utah

I have mixed feelings here. Of course I am happy to be able to see my Utes play on TV any time I can. But I would love them to have more national exposure. Since I have young children, I cant make it to every game so I love having them on locally. When I lived in Pittsburgh me and several Ute fans would get together and watch games on Versus and others. As the program continues to improve, the bigger TV deals will follow.
Go Utes!!

Tomahawk Red
North Salt Lake, UT

This is actually good news. I was nearly certain that the Montana State game would not be televised (like the San Jose game last year).

It doesn't matter to me, since I will be at all of the Ute games this year. But it's nice the rest of the fans can see it on TV.

west jordan, ut

"TV" is most certainly not TV. Or have you learned nothing from the sad and pitiful tale of the MTN? Market exposure, and the resulting revenue, is very much the driving force behind the conference expansion that has become the primary ammunition for the utes cries of "supremacy". But the good news is that with one notable Ann Arbor exception KJAZZ should indeed cover and serve the sum and total of the ute fan base. Rather than troll, this BYU fan wishes to congratulate the utes on finding the perfect fit.

Richmond, VA

@ TJ, My, aren't we a bit jumpy this morning, are we? But I can understand where you're coming from, bro! Like you said, "...the ESPN horse is long dead, buried, and decomposed." Here's hoping none of the airhead fans from either side will start such nonsense as you referred to. I'm a huge Cougar fan but I also love to see the Utes continue to be a great success and root for them against all their opponents except BYU. Glad the Ute fans will be able to see their team locally on TV. The future indeed is looking great for both programs, but it won't mean a dang thing if they don't win. Go Cougs! Go Utes!

sports fan
Provo, UT

I like it, due to the PAC still being under its pathetic old broadcasting rights deal the possibility stands that a lot of games won't be nationally broadcast so Utah sets up a one year deal with a local provider that will greatly benefit the state. Just one more way the university of Utah is giving back to the community. Next year when the new deal comes onto effect something like this will not be possible.

Love being a Ute fan!

Springville, UT

Shucks! It was sure fun gloating about ESPN and AM radio.

I guess I'll waste time now allowing the 'ute fan' to grow within me and watch a game or two.

A regional tv contract for a regional team, I like that.

Provo, UT

KJZZ will be adequate for the Utes' target audience.

Pocatello, ID

A one year bandaid for just a few games. No big deal. The big deal starts in 2012. I'm glad to get more of the loose ends tied up for this year of transition.

Go Utes

Escondido, CA

sammyg from Springville, UT:

I'd rather be a team in a prominent conference with a shot at the Rose Bowl every year with the accompanying exposure that this brings, as opposed to a team with an uncertain future with no guarantees other than a small bowl in Dallas overshadowed by the Cotton Bowl each year. Any other sports fan with knowledge of the football landscape would agree with me as well.

Eagle Mountain, UT

westcoast. You have some good points but there are other considerations. BYU has several "bowl" type games a year, nationally televised along with all their other games. Every team has an uncertain future. Look as Washington, Colorado and every other bottow third team in every conference, BCS included. IF BYU does well enough, they will be in a BCS game at some time in the near future. No guarantees, but that is possible. If Utah does bad enough, they could be sitting at home during the bowl season.
No guarantees for either is there.
Being a team in a prominent conference only takes you so far doesn't it. Ask Washington State or Colorado if they wouldn't trade a bunch of their affiliation money for a couple of good seasons and a BCS game. I am sure that any sports fan with a knowledge of the national football landscape would agree.

West Jordan, UT

Utah's TV package will grow as the team is successful. Both schools are embarking on a new journey. Let's hope both enjoy tremendous success.

GO Coug's, Good luck Utes!

Rock Of The Marne
Phoenix, AZ

Sammy G and BYU/RSL fan, thanks for joining us. It is always good for a laugh to read the threads regarding my Utes (even while in the Middle East) to find without fail the petty thoughts of certain Y fans directed against my Utes. Thanks for showing your support to the U of U which obvivously occupies way too much of your time. WestCoast1 was right, Utah's position is far better than BYU's anf only a reality challenged Y fan would see it differently.

Cedar City, UT

So lets see...

BYU = 8yr contract with ESPN (World Wide Leader in Sports) who will feature BYU 10 times next season.. Every game that is not on ESPN will be shown on HD BYUtv. BYU is set up to receive anywhere from 9-12 million in the first year of Independence. Keep in mind BYU had an athletic program running in the black already with the 1.2 million mtn. west payout.

Utah= 1 game on ESPN (thanks to BYU) 1 game on Vs. (thanks to USC) and 1 game on FSN (FSN?) - Then Utah can also be seen on Kjzz. Which is strictly regional. I guess the bright side is, Utah has 3 games on national TV. But how did the 3 national games go last season? (47-7) (28-3) (26-3). I think this years games on National TV will probably turn out about the same. Utah has some serious ground to make up before catching up with even the bottom teams in the PAC.

It is pretty clear to see who is and is not relevant on the National Stage.

BYU > Utah

Ann Arbor, MI

"But how did the 3 national games go last season?"


"It is pretty clear to see who is and is not relevant on the National Stage."


Let's tak a look at ol' bYu National games last year..K?

Air Force Versus LOSE
Fl. St Versus LOSE

And all four were blowouts.

Thanks for playing

Bluffdale, UT

Last year I lost my job, my tickets, and my cable TV. I hung to the games with ESPN Radio and KSL Radio (BYU Games) and ESPN gamecast online. Great to have free TV football again.
Although this year I am going to all of the Utah games plus 2-3 road trips to make up for last year.

Bluffdale, UT

Arizona State, Oregon State, UCLA, and Washington don't have guaranteed national TV deals. They have to win first. Utah is in the same boat. KJZZ is just a back-up after MT ST.

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