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Published: Friday, July 22 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Depressed about the NBA. D-Will leaving the Jazz and now I guess going to play for Turkey since odds are there will not be a NBA season or a shortened one coming up.

Can the Jazz keep anyone long term like a Stockton or Malone whoever they draft? A top tier player. Who want's to play in Salt Lake? And with Sloan gone and watching the complete undisciplined ball play of the Ty Corbin coached team It's hard to take being a fan for so many years and growing up on Jazz basketball and feeling that their isn't much hope for this franchise to content anymore.

Salt Lake City, UT

By the way, you all MISSED a year of the draft that the Jazz participated in. Brilliant. 1974 was the first year, not 1975!

Salt Lake City, UT

And with all of these brilliant picks the utah jazz have made... How many Championship Banners do they have hanging in the Delta Center?

GO Lakers!

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