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Published: Wednesday, July 20 2011 4:00 p.m. MDT

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Portland Trail Blazers
Sandy, UT

Sweet, it will be fun to play USU annually.

Enter Hedgehog......

unwholly taciturn
Sandy, UT

I wonder why USU signs a contract that has them playing in Provo four years out of five. Utah signs a contract that has them once in slc and once in logan.

Ute Fan In Utah
West Jordan, UT

So no one will call the Utes too big headed to play the Aggies anymore?? I think not. At least the AD wasn't too big headed to schedule a 2 for 1 =P


BYU gets 2 for 1, Utah doesn't.

Hmmmm....can someone say ESPN?

Farmington, UT

@ unwholly

They likely signed for the paycheck. Romney stadium doesn't hold many paying fans. (It does sell out for BYU, however, but there are a whole lot more seats generating revenue in Provo.)

Doctor J
Manti, UT

@ taciturn


Logan likes to be a part of that...who wouldn't???

Salt Lake City, UT

Both BYU and Utah have political entanglements whether they like it or not that require them to visit Logan. In the case of BYU their athletic department has been able to use the attendance and stadium capacity issue to their advantage for the past 3 decades which is why you havent seen a trait-up home and home BYU/Utah State contract in over 30 years. Chances are BYU will be paying Utah State for the second of the two straight games at LES for 2015 (Utah State will get $500,000 for the 2012 visit to Provo for just a bus trip), and as bankrupt as Utah State athletics is, they could use such a cash infusion. A Big-12 invitation for BYU could require this all to be rearranged on short order for 2013.

Like other Cougar fans I dont like the idea of BYU playing in Logan and like growing throngs of Ute fans feel that Utah State should just realize if they want in-state rivalry games with the bigger in-state draws, they better be willing to travel down Sardine Canyon to I-15 to Salt Lake City and Provo.

Taylorsville, UT

@Doctor J

"...BYU...ESPN.... Logan likes to be a part of that...who wouldn't???"

As far as ESPN goes, Utah State is already part of it. The WAC has a contract with ESPN through 2017.

Alexandria, VA

There were lots of rumors that future schedule announcements would be made last week at Media Day, but we only got some vague hints that a lot of things are done or close to done, but they're not telling what they are yet. Then we get Southern Miss yesterday (a good pickup) and Utah State today. This has all the appearances of a slow trickle of announcements, possibly leading up to some more announcements of marquis opponents. I'm excited to check the sports pages tomorrow!

Salt Lake City, UT

@toosmartforyou & unwholly:

Word has it Utah-AD Chris Hill will not sign any new deals with Utah State that will send Utah up to Logan beyond the 2014 date. If that basketball non-schedulincontroversyey is any indication by mid-decade Utah State will even see fewer Logan visits by their bigger in-state Wasatch Front rivals if ever in the revenue sports. Utah has big sums of Pac-12 $$ coming in and BYU for now has fairly large sums of ESPN/own network $$$ flowing in, and before mid-decade possibly Big-12 $$$. The only way for the Aggies taccessss some of that is travel to SLC or Provo. RES will likely be expanded to 60,000+ seats so why should either Utah or BYU travel to play at Romney Stadium that barely seats 26,000? All the "traditionions" in the world won't support that kind of a deal.

Penguin Inc.
Salt Lake City, Utah

These annual football contests are terrific for these kids.

Salt Lake City, UT

USU has been playing national programs on the road in exchange for big checks for at least four decades. In this case, USU gets the big check without big expenses. However, you've never seen Oklahoma in Logan.

Cedar Hills, UT

Ho hum - this game is about as entertaining as watching paint dry. BYU needs to move on and throw the old Oqure bucket in the trash can once and for all.

Houston, TX

BYU does not appear to be worried about filling Nov game dates. This is a game that could have been moved to Nov if it was needed to fill in games.

Billy Budd
Saint George, UT

Every top team needs stat padding games.

Last years BYU/USU game was an aberration.

BYU should easily dominate the Aggies.

Go Cougars!

Doctor J
Manti, UT

@ FYI...USU gets on ESPN when they play Auburn & BYU!

BYU gets on ESPN when they play.

Frisco, TX

Great to see the schools playing each other for the state championship.

I'm just surprised U are playing them on Thursdays. hh said this wouldn't happen and that U would only play on Saturdays. Everytime hh tells me to "mark it down", the opposite seems to happen.

Now maybe U can admit also . . . there's a place for Thursday and Friday games.

Farmington, UT


I'm not advocating BYU go to Logan; I was just explaining why USU goes to Provo. Remember that to be the head coach at USU you have to be mediocre and throw in a win against an in-state team every 6 or so years. Win too many games and a better program hires you away; lose too many and the alumni insist you get fired. And when you suddenly win the in-state game (once about every 6 years) immediately pronounce it a "heated rivalry" so the university students who were in junior high school the last time you won will really think you've arrived. That's the formula for keeping the job in Logan. That, and just smiling when your former employer (UTAH) refuses to play you because they have nothing to win and everything to lose, in their view, so they won't bother with such trivial opponents from now on.

Also, who just got regional jet service to Denver via Frontier? (HINT: It wasn't Logan but a place closer to SLC that has two universities next to it.)

Provo, UT

I'm glad to see the series continue! Personally, I love the in-state rivalries.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, Utah

BYU doesn't schedule Utah State because USU is a quality opponent; BYU schedules USU because they are in-state and it is fun for Utahns. This game isn't for the exposure, it's for the state of Utah.

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