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Published: Wednesday, July 20 2011 5:00 p.m. MDT

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Home Town USA, UT

I cannot think of a more disgusting movie to tell or write about. It is too close to home for those of us here in Utah. Even though is was back in th3 80s, it is too sensitive of a story to portray in any case.

It will just show how misguided people can be and believe to justify what they did to harm an innocent mother and her child. It will probably be an "R" rated movie, nonetheless, it will still be gruesome and desensitizing at the same time.

Ron Howard has many great movies to his credit, and it is beyond me to understand why he would take on such a project and controversial subject. Yet he has the right to do that, undeniably.

Snowflake, AZ

I doubt it is going to be objective. It is ironic how the writer of a book that criticizes religion, and the LDS church in particular, because of irrationality, uses a ex-Mormon writer to write the screen play for the movie made from the book. That doesn't very rational unless someone has an axe to grind!

Salt Lake City, UT

Awesome. Can't wait to see Ron Howard's treatment of this Krakauer work. Hopefully it will come across as well as Krakauer's "Wild" adaptation from Sean Penn.

Sandy, UT

Great. Funny how nobody talks about the religious beliefs of other maniacs who aren't LDS. Anybody can go crazy: Baptist, Jewish, Catholic, Athiest, Republican or Democrat.

no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

Lived very near to where this took place. Heard very intimate details about these killers and their, well known, history from their close neighbors. Anxious to see how this incident will be portrayed on film.

Federal Way, WA

Anything to do with "fringe groups of Mormon history" is all the rage anymore.

If Ron Howard is fair they will heavily emphasize that these groups are "splinter groups" and have nothing to do with todays Mormon church. Of course, that will not happen.

I would like Ron Howard or some capable producer to do a movie about Orin Porter Rockwell. Even if they embellished his reputation as a body guard of Joseph Smith it would make for a fun movie. Of course, I am not suggesting that it be untruthful.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Maybe it is me, but I find the timing of this a bit odd, Could it be the fact that there are two LDS gentlemen running for the Presidency? That is just a theory. Tell you what though, I have no problem with the making of this film but in all fairness how about a non LDS film about something positive in regards to Mormonism?

Salt Lake City, UT

Nice, Ron. . . Quite a journey (downwards) from your innocent days in "Mayberry" to Krakauer's sleazy pseudo-history.

Rexburg, ID

Religion in general is in decline, and secularists have latched on to Mormonism as THE case study in weird religion. The problem that detractors will repeatedly run into, however, is the actual fruits of this supposedly weird religion. Mormons will continue to rise in influence as they shake their heads in disbelief. Some once said, success is the best revenge.

Herriman, UT

Great book by an excellent author!

Chino Valley, AZ

There is no god going to tell the entertainment industry what they can say.
God should be the director. However, it seem Satin writes their scrips with no regard for content. The Lord has no influence on them.
I find it hard to believe they can dare mock the Lord and sleep good at night. You can not serve two masters.
The film industry is very vain, worshiping only itself. Glorified with money and awards.
Ron Howard has a very good tract record, would hate to see him down grade himself in front of the Lord. Maybe the awards and money has a greater draw.

Florissant, MO

Sounds terrible.

Chino Valley, AZ

I pray that the Holy Spirit will be on the set during the filming and and have a spiritual influence on them. .
LDS brother

Orem, UT


Ron Howard and Tom Hanks had better watch their steps, they may well find themselves in opposition to the good in the world. There isn't much good left, and all this story is--adds up to a few men who were psychologically disturbed--and they once happened to be Mormons...in name only. Tying anyone who is psychopathic to the religion they happened to belong to is a very dangerous practice. It has no correlation whatsoever.

Sad Mr. Howard, very very sad. But all children are innocent when young, they don't always stay that way. Hanks and Howard have been brainwashed by Hollywood, now becoming Hollywood's stooges...

Layton, UT

I have many Catholic friends, I have attended Mass with them, I have participated in numerous Catholic weddings and funerals and I have read and seen the DaVinci Code and Angels and Demons. I thoroughly enjoyed reading them, they were entertaining and I appreciated the writing and the acting etc. It did not change my positive opinion of the Catholic Church one bit. Being an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I do not worry about this movie and the the lack of accuracy that will undoubtedly be part of the movie. People with half a brain will see it for what it is, Hollyweird entertainment. Those who somehow go to learn something about my religion are already set in their ways and have the negative feelings about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The movie would change that in any way. I don't take the directors, actors, producers of Hollyweird seriously. They live in a fantasy world where they have to do anything to validate their existence, so I say, let them come. They have no where else to go. I use them to be entertained...period.

Sarah B

I remember when the story actually happened and I did not like his retelling of the story at all. Not all authors twist the truth. I saw a documentary recently about a pair of RM brothers who murdered as dismembered 5 people in Northern California. Their membership in the church was key in telling their story, yet Aphrodite Jones made it very clear that their upbringing and family beliefs were not mainstream Mormon, even though they went to church every week and on the surface seemed to be a typical LDS family.

Springville, UT

What are you guys afraid of?
Are you afraid of the truth?
LDS history has a lot of bad in it.
These freak fringe groups stem from the bad.
It is what it is.

Danbury, CT

This story has as much to do with LDS "History" as the wacko militia groups around the country have to do with the US Army and Constitution. These were just 2 crazy brothers who perpetrated a heinous crime. In the history of the church, has there ever been any documentation of people being killed for "honor" because they failed to live up to some coventant or promise to the church? I'm not aware of any. Even if it were 1%, if it were not sanctioned by a Stake or GA council, it could be discounted as someone acting alone.

I question the timing and motive of this movie. I saw an interview with Howard and Hanks RE Angels and Demons on CNN where they were laughing about the question of whether it was important to depict the truth. Hanks said "this is for entertainment and not important to tell the truth".

So our culture and beliefs are to be twisted for "entertainment value". This would never happen if we were Jewish.

Ogden, UT

Krakauer, Howard and Hanks ever increasingly unite themselves with the expanding group of filmmakers whose god has involved into the almighty buck, progressively producing glitzy trash as they propagandize it as historically enlightening.

Mchenry, IL

What I want to know if LDS who had no problems with davinci code and sequel with no concerns are now realizing what Hollywood does to faith groups.

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