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Published: Tuesday, July 19 2011 2:00 p.m. MDT

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Beverly Hills, CA

It will be great watching the Jazz shut him down like a cheap Chinese toy factory.

Led Zeppelin II
Bountiful, UT

The NBA and the NFL are the new Brett Farve.
Seems like every year all we hear about all summer is if Brett Farve will play next year or not. Hours of sports radio repeating the same thing over and over again as well as fans calling up until we actually see if Brett Farve plays or not. Are they so desperate and does this article even need to be printed?
How about another Brett Farve article. Maybe he will come back next year.
And who cares?

Ann Arbor, MI

We'll get to see just how many fans the Jazz really have. My guess is all bYu fans will root for the Jazz to lose.

Again, well see who's a real fan.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Thats assuming he's still in the leauge

American Fork, UT

I hope Deron is still in the league. He may become pretty enamored with playing in Turkey.

South Jordan, UT

Who cares about Jimmer? Who really cares about the NBA? The season may not start due to greed on both sides.

Super Trooper

I think the funny thing is this:

The Sacramento ticket will be the hottest in town!!!!

That's hilarious!!!

Magic Pog

I hope we can all make it. Yet, for some reason, I am sure this isn't the last story about him.

Portland Trail Blazers
Sandy, UT

The Jazz are going to get Jimmered!


Kaysville, UT

Yawnnn!!!! I sure hope I can survive without the NBA playing.

My tickets for the Utes are all I need to fix my football and basketball needs.

Go Utes

Tremonton, UT

If the lockout is for the entire season it will be much later than that.. Also id the full schedule is played Sac is one of the teams the Jazz face only three times.

Provo, UT

Is that the spring of 2012 or the fall of 2012?

Providence, UT

RE: owlmaster2
Yawnnn!!! I would enjoy seeing my team being one of the worst 3 teams in their conference and being afraid to play Utah State too.

I'm gonna miss the NBA...

Centerville, UT

Jimmer gets 30 and the Jazz still win, perfect night.

Logan, UT

At least we get to see what games we will be missing because of this lockout. I think it is going to be one unfortunately long lockout. Unfortunate that it is so difficult to figure out how to split up billions of dollars. Greed is being displayed at it's finest. I bet many of us could have this figured out in a few days.

Provo, UT

I can't wait to see Alex Burg posterize fredete with a monsterous dunk. That's something I would replay on youtube over and over.


the NBA deserves itself and the problems they've caused with their labor situation. They pay these guys so much money and don't require anything in return. Guaranteed contracts are the biggest problem with the labor situation and there is way too much selfish play by selfish players and not nearly enough team concept left in the NBA for me to really care. I can't wait to start hearing about the players who are suffering because they weren't smart enough to save any of the gold they've taken while injuried with a strained uterus.

After KOC and the Jazz allowed players to push Sloan out the door it made it way too easy not to care about them anymore as they've become just another NBA franchise run by egomaniac players with no regard for the game or league.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

If only the fan understood the power they have over salaries and the game. If no one showed up for the games and didn't buy merchandise, the attitude of these primadonnas would change fast.

But that will never happen since the fans are not the smartest bananas in the bunch. Money is power and the fans have all the money. Not the superstars. Take back the power now.

Santa Clara, UT

I agree with CJ Miles. I for one won't miss not seeing them. Can't afford the price!

Murray, UT

Apparently the conditions in Euroleague are awful compared to the NBA. NBA players get treated like kings, but Euroleague players get treated like thugs.

Unless the Euroleague spruces up its facilities, I doubt Deron's staying...

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