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Published: Monday, July 18 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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South Jordan, UT

As a parent of Bingham athletes, I thought adding Herriman High would take away some of the talent. It is not happening at all. Herriman dropped to 4a to try to become more competitive. These kids around South Jordan are taught that Bingham is King and all the kids want to stay. They practice year round and simply have some of the best coaches. This goes for the faculty as well and the parents of allnthe students. Great high school, great teachers that care, great support from the community and parents. That is why Bingham competes so high in all activities.

Kaysville, UT

My 3 takes on region 1:

1. Syracuse?? Wow. Offense will always be their problem.

2. As usual Davis gets the high praise early in the season, but needs win when it counts.

3. Northridge gets nothing, as usual they just fly in under the radar.

utah County, UT

No talk of the mighty Juab Wasps???? They will surprise people- they are talented and loaded!

Doug Whitmore
South Jordan, UT

KamUte- Spot on. I thought the same thing. Some kids I watched play in Bingham little league for years decided to go to the new school last year as Juniors. There were also 3 Seniors that transferred over to Herriman from Bingham. A lineman and 2 WR/DBs. I think they were solid players that helped them last year. I personally know 5 juniors that transferred last year (Flake, Cornia, Beck, Lorenzen, Staley). All solid athletic players. None of them are on the team this year. From what I hear the Herriman coaches weeded them out. That should serve as a warning to any Bingham kids thinking of going to anohter school. Those kids could have Championship rings and been competign for playing time and starting positions at Bingham, instead they are out of football.

I did not expect to see Bingham on top of the polls to start the season with all the chatter of how this group never won in Ute conference. It is HS now and these kids will play with a chip on their shoulder. Maybe not as solid as the last few years, but good enough to win this year. Good luck Miners.

South Jordan, UT

Love the rankings, stoked to see a whole new bingham team, wonder if Lail is going to be there starting quarterback does anyone know? Cottonwood should be very tough this year, cant wait for region play with LP finally playing BINGHAM, and Chase better be ready for the top ranked player in the state at OLB for Bingham Afalava, bring it this year again Bingham add another banner to the school. Hope all the contruction by the football field gets done soon, and Bingham add more seating, cant wait to see this legit ALTA team that is going to play bingham at UTAH again because so many people want to see it, get it figured out RIO tinto, you are middle between alta and bingham, you would have your first sell out there with all the people to watch the football game. more then a soccer game,
everyone good luck on the upcoming year, and Skyline might win it again because look, they are 4A

Chris Bryant

I still find it odd that Viewmont has been put in region 2. They literally have no rivals in their new region. I wish they would have been knocked down to 4A with Bountiful/WX, but alas it wasn't to be.

I hope someone takes down Bingham this year. They are getting to be like Skyline of the 90's and Northridge of the early 2000's. It's just nice to see different teams do well different years.

Boy's of Fall
Fillmore, UT

2A thoughts & questions:
1- I agree with the 2A rankings. Until someone in 2A actually beats San Juan they deserve to be ranked #1. Will anyone be able to beat them this year?
2- My opinion is that the new 2A North region looks to be tougher than the South. What are your thoughts?
3- Is anyone in Blanding excitted for the trip to Enterprise?
4- Why is the closest 2A school to Millard (Beaver) in a different region?
5- Of the 4 new 2A schools I feel the team with the best chance to compete for the title will be Manti. Do you think any of the new schools in 2A will win it all?
Looking forward to another good year and good luck to all the teams.


Bingham won't repeat, they likely won't even win their region as Lone Peak could challenge Alta and Fremont as the best in the state. Bingham can't replace the kids they've lost.
Alta has a few issues to work out but they are loaded with talent and should win their region and compete for another state title. Lone Peak's Chase Hansen and Talon Shumway could be the two toughest backs in the state and if LP has any sort of O-line they'll be tough to beat. Their defense won't be as good as last year but with guys playing both ways they will be at least decent.
Davis will compete up north but Fremont is returning nearly everyone from last year's team and should run the table in region 1.
Cottonwood has a good offense, but defensively they'll struggle to stop their opponents from scoring. Jordan will be good on offense and as usual will be poor on defense, too many internal issues with coaches there to take them seriously. Brighton has a qb who's been around for 4 or 5 years and could surprise people but I'm going with Alta and Fremont in the final.

the hawk
Sandy, UT

Just wanted to say spot on comment Binghamalum

Holladay, UT


So many things wrong with your reasoning. First. " I thought adding Herriman High would take away some of the talent." They will. The first few years a school is open the best athletes will stay where they can win. The athletes who would sit the bench at Bingham will go to Herriman. That will change in a few years. Slowly as they grow up going to elem, jr high and play on the same little league Herriman teams they will stay and Herriman will be a contender in 5A. Bingham will fall in line with older schools who's neighborhoods get older and student populations goes down. Sorry. You better cherish the next couple of years. Then your ordinary.

Next, " Herriman dropped to 4a to try to become more competitive." Schools are not allowed to drop clasifications based on competitition. Only on student enrollment. Herriman being a new school is going to have some flucutation the first few years but will end up in 5A.

Cant wait for the boys of fall!

Parry is a Farce
Layton, UT

Doug Whitmore,

If you are a coach at a new school who struggles (as any new school does), why would you "weed out" good athletes that transfer in? Especially with the open enrollment rules these days. That makes absolutely no sense.

I'm a Bingham alum and am glad to see Bingham have sucess in football, finally (but in hindsight, it was truly funner before they started to dominate). I hope this run can last a few more years.

I'm kind of sad to see West Jordan and Bingham in different regions. West Jordan opened my freshman year (they just split Bingham in half - did not pull kids from any other school) and they have always been in the same region. Glad they are playing preseason. Brighton and Bingham played every year of Brighton's existence until a few years ago. Had one of the longest continuing rivalries until that point. Keep West Jordan on the schedule and in a couple years you'll be back in the same region.


Bingham...while tradition runs high and expectations are always high, this years team will struggle! The Sr. class is not very good, and have always ridden the coat tails of last year's class. They will have to depend on alot of under-classmen to help them this year. With all those under-classmen playing, there is little to no experience in many positions. They will have to rely too much on the leadership of Afalava on defense and NO leadership on offense. The secondary is horrible this year and the spread offensive teams will roll over Bingham. Many Soph's and even some Freshman will see the field this year. I pick Alta, Lone Peak & Hunter to be the favorites in 5A. Good luck to all the teams!

Geo guy
Layton, UT

How about posting the rankings along with this article. Come on DN, your prep coverage is slipping.

Salt Lake City, UT

High school football is the most raw form of sports there is. Well, at least in Region 1 where kids play in the respective boundaries. I love HS football and get excited every year. I still wouldn't doubt Bingham, their tradition is too strong. I would keep an eye out on Hunter. I always thought they should dominate football if they could just get some discipline. Hamilton should bring some pride back to Hunter. They've got some HUGE kids out in WVC. I'd love to see someone other than Bingham or Alta win it all and this just may be the year. Oh yeah, GO DARTS!

Centerville, UT

The 800 lb gorilla for this year all through Ute Conference was Alta. It will be interesting to see how they fair this year as seniors.

Salt Lake City, UT

Parry is a Farce, Good point. I doubt a good coach would run kids off.

Letsvesensible, Teams that build for the future at the expense of Seniors usually fail. Most kids at Bingham and Alta do not play varsity until they are seniors. I know this last year at Bingham was the exception as many of those kids played as Juniors and some as Sophs, but to say 'Many' Sophs and Freshman will play might be a stretch. If that is right, that means there must not be very many good Seniors and Juniors, which can't be right. Don't know much about this year's team, so I might be wrong.

Geo guy, See page 2. The top 5 rankings are listed for each classification.

Sandy, UT

Geo guy?
HUH? The rankings are in the article.......
These pre-season rankings are fun to look at. But it seems the coaches aren't nearly as interested as we are. There is no way Bingham should be at the top of the list.

Enterprise, UT

To Boys of Fall.
A better question might be "will any of the smaller schools in 2A ever win another state title in football?" Schools twice your size is tough enough but schools three times your size? Numbers dominate football.

Geo guy
Layton, UT

HSFAN: Wow, MY BAD. Thanks (I mean this in all humility - I missed that one)

Parry is a Farce
Layton, UT

Bingham has won 24 straight and 3 state titles in the last 5 years including the past 2 straight. They have not lost to a team from Utah since the 2008 Title game. Leave them there until someone knocks them off.

These polls are just for fun anyway. They typically sort themselves out 3 or 4 weeks into the season. And they have a playoff at the end of the year so they don't matter anyway.

And as for UtahUte16's comment that in Davis County everyone plays where they live, I doubt that. But even if they do, they rig the boundaries so that Davis has 400 to 600 students more that the surrounding schools. Those extra students provide Davis a huge advantage. A bigger population usually equates to a better football program (e.g., Bingham and Alta).

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