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Published: Sunday, July 17 2011 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Saint George, UT

WOW! Powerful article. Bishop Dan Bradshaw fulfilled his calling and stands as a great example of the loving Bishops throughout the Church. Ronnie ruined many peoples lives. He deserved capital punishment and it sounds like Ronnie was finally realizing the hurt he caused to so many. This is a tremendous article on the power of forgiveness.

Roseburg, OR

Thank you to bishop Dan for this sweet example of love, charity, compassion and service to a deeply lost son of God. Years ago in General Conference President Hinckley stated that even the most heinous of addicts and criminals can be salvaged. This is such a case. Eldridge Cleaver, leader of the Black Panthers in the 1960s is another example of the unlimited healing power of the Savior. I have also witnessed this change in other criminals I have had the priveledge to follow in prison. Many of us can learn from the sharing of these experiences. Thanks also to Ronnie for giving permission to share his story and experience with the grace of Christ.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

I have a friend whose son is on death row in another state. He is as good a man as you'll find, yet people somehow blame him for what his son did. Violent crime has so many victims. I'm not convinced that there is any punishment that can bring peace to everyone.

Linda A
Orem, UT

Just curious ... are the victims getting any "media" time? I don't give a rat's patoot about what Ronnie wants.

Medical Lake, Washington

I understand the doctrine, I am aware of the seriousness of murder, I stand with President Faust and pray for mercy instead of justice. I think if we spent more time worrying about how Christ-like we are personally and less time presuming the eternal or even temporal status of others - and take opportunity to learn from the mistakes of others rather than insisting on always learning from our own sad experience, we might all be better off.

Vernal, UT

It is interesting to hear a person like Ronnie Gardner express his remorse for what he did. I think what readers of these articles need to remember what he did to land himself on death row. RLG committed haneaous murders. The only to possibly repent is to give up his life. Through the help of this good Bishop he was ready as any murderer could be.

It still amazes me that we still argue over the murders rights when they forcibly take the rights away from those they kill and their families, friends co-workers. Do we think that all those who committ crime should be let free because God knows their hearts and only God can judge? Capital punishment is the only appropriate way to give justice and mercy to the murderer and to those they murdered.


I have found my work with those accused of crimes, very much like this Bishop, to be the most healing experiences for me in this life. I lost my father to homicide in my teen years, but never had the opportunity to talk to those involved in the crime. I have never yet shared that information with one of my clients. It has not been appropriate. However, I firmly believe that in all of our lives we need to not only face justice, but more importantly mercy.

Thank you for sharing.

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