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Published: Sunday, July 17 2011 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Kearns, UT

I personally don't find anything redeeming where Ronnie Lee Gardner is concerned.

Walt Nicholes
Orem, UT

Gardiner was wise to let his own blood be shed.

Coeur D Alene, ID

A really good article.thank you for it....a real blessing in my life at this time...will not go into it but real close to home................thanks again

Dallas, TX

"...he is outside the pale of redeeming grace"

Given that, as the Book of Mormon says, the atonement is infinite and eternal, I don't believe that anything can be 'outside' of it.

And as for D&C 42:79, since the word is 'kill' and not 'murder', then I suppose, by your reading of scripture, that Ronnie's executioners are also "outside the pale of redeeming grace," because they clearly killed Ronnie.

Pleasant Grove, Utah

If this happened, and I doubt most of these incidents did, it has many flaws, inmates on death row are locked down 23 hours a day and with no contact between inmates, you get to shower or walk in a cage, but talking to other inmates, ain't gonna happen. No access to hot oil, wax and the water is never hot enough to hurt anyone, bunch of malarchy. This is real life, not the movies. Get all these ideas out of your head.

Pleasant Grove, ut

John Adams--if King Lamoni, and men like John Calvin can be forgiven for unjust executions, then let's be a little more forgiving.

Pleasant Grove, ut

Walt Nicholes--I am sorry, but shedding his blood does not in any way account for his sins, if that's what you're getting at. The only blood that was shed that is at all cleansing is Christ's, and that is that. I am afraid that this quote of yours would only perpetuate beliefs of others that mormons believe (whether you yourself are mormon or not--this is the deseret news and everyone makes assumptions) things that they in fact do not, according to the doctrine of the church.

Powell, OH

Walt Nicholes |
"Gardiner was wise to let his own blood be shed."

Are you nuts? Killing is wrong, whether by the State or an individual.

Amelia P.
Herriman, UT

I just finished reading this article and I feel very emotional. I still agree with capital punishment, as I think dying is a mercy when one has committed terrible sins. I for one am not afraid to die except to be parted from my loved ones for a time. I also feel that our taxes paying to house people who will never be able to get out and live a quality life is a waste. Ronnie Gardner is much happier where he is than he would have been living life in prison. I feel that I learned quite a bit from this and how we are all given a different lot in life and some people have it much harder than others. I am glad that it will be Christ judging us by our hearts. I cried when I read about the blessing he was given. Isn't it amazing how much God loves all of us so much. I am grateful.

Amelia P.
Herriman, UT

Apparently I was so emotional, I could not add commas where needed, and also was a little ungrammatical. Sorry.

John Adams
Miami, FL

Read the scriptures folks, they came from the Judge.

Eagle Mountain, UT

How very touching an account. Thank you for your insights, Bishop Bradshaw. May God comfort you as well as your family. Thanks for your service.

Pocatello, ID

A relative of mine also had the opportunity to serve those in jail. It is amazing what learning goes on and the spirit that is there as people learn of the Savior and His atonement for each of us. I appreciated this article and saw so many similarities in this bishop's experience and that of my uncle's. In the end, we are called to minister to those in need, help them find relief and leave the judgment to higher powers. But if this experience can help someone not yet caught in the web, it is a good thing to publish and read. And I did learn - that in actuality I know very little and rely on the Savior for His love and compassion. So forth and serve others.

Port Alice, B.C.

Bishop Bradshaw is an example of what an LDS Bishop should be. Remember he does this without pay.

Ronnie tried to avoid the execution but he faced it like a man. There is enough good in God to forgive and let his grace act.

So. Cal Reader
Escondido, CA

A fascinating article and insight. Most powerful statement was "Mike's": "I accept your apology and I forgive you." Very, very powerful! Wish that I could be as strong and forgiving.

Eagle Mountain, UT

@John Adams,

There are several examples of prophets killing men in the scriptures. Moses killed an Egyptian. Nephi killed Laban. Elijah ordered the Priests of Baal to be killed, and consumed by fire several soldiers in the king's army. Saul/Paul may or may not have killed anyone, but at least indirectly lead to the deaths of several Christians before his conversion. I would be surprised to see any of these men in anything but the Celestial Kingdom.

While murder is indeed heinous and vile, it is not always an open and closed case, and only the Mediator can know the hearts of the men that comitted these acts. Perhaps there are or were mitigating circumstances. I for one am glad I will be judged by Him and not by man.

The Church does make provisions for murderers to receive baptism, but it does require approval from the First Presidency. That to me would imply that there can be some sort of forgiveness.

Herriman, UT

Great article. One of the best DRob has ever written.

Ghost Writer

What a profound story of ultimate love and forgiveness. "I the Lord will forgive whom I will forgive, but of you it is required to forgive all men."


It is amazing how professional criminals can pull the wool over so many people's eyes - I feel bad for Mr. Bradshaw and others that spend time with those who only know how to hurt and manipulate. Even though he spent a significant amount time with Mr. Gardner he wasn't there day-in and day-out. A person who served time and witnessed Mr. Gardner every day told me in a first hand account that he was pure evil - he treated those around him and those who had the job of keeping him alive with disdain, anger and hate. This article only made me think of the victims and their families - Gardner didn't deserve this notoriety...this was a step down for the DesNews.

Springville, UT

@ John Adams, it sounds like you want to be the Judge.

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