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Published: Monday, July 18 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

"In recent weeks a number of letters have appeared expressing the urgency of reelecting Sen. Orrin Hatch. Their regularity and uniformity leads one to suspect they are part of a coordinated effort."

Robb, couldn't the same be said about those who write in nearly daily crying to get Hatch out of office and replace him with Chaffetz?

Once again I ask, what has Chaffetz done? I want specifics.

Tell me why he'd be an improvement over Hatch. And explain to me why he won't end up being the exact same.

The anti-Hatch movement seems coordinated by the tea party, those outside of our state, and the pro-chaffetz ilk.

I'm weary of people like Robb who have plenty of anger towards Hatch (but without just cause). And who want to replace him with popcorn (like Chaffetz) for no reason.

I want a cure that will be better than the disease. Thus far, I haven't seen the cures (like Mike Lee) be an improvement over diseases (Bennett).

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

Is Chaffetz running for the Senate? When did he announce?

The issue is Mr. Hatch. Listen to him on radio interviews. We all get old. Most of us know when it's time to turn the technical work over to younger people who can sift through complex data faster than we can. Mr. Hatch is slowing down mentally. He has to think even longer than I do. That is the reason that we retire in our sixties. He is past retirement age. Utah has MANY qualified people who can represent the State better than Mr. Hatch. He has had 36 years to do the State's business. It's time for him to retire.

Just listen to him try to answer simple questions and you'll know for yourself.

Springville, UT

While I agree Hatch should retire, the climate in Utah is such that his replacement will be so extreme to the right as to make the alternative even worse.

Cedar Hills, UT

What kind of a personality keeps lusting for power year after year? Term limits are in order... Bye bye Hatch.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Thirty-six years ago, Senator Hatch used a similar argument in defeating three-term Sen. Frank Moss.


1. Frank Moss was a Democrat, and new comer Orrin Hatch didn't have any experience to challenge Sen. Moss - so he pulled the "old age" discrimination card.

2. Republicans like Mike Richards | 7:36 a.m rant and rave against Sen. Hatch, yet they are the very ones who re-elect, and re-elect him each and everytime.

Brother Chuck Schroeder
A Tropical Paradise USA, FL

Hello Utah, and the DN moderator that hides my truth's, because I tell it like it is, because no one else in Utah will tell the truth's. This is MY VIEWS, not yours. Thank you Robb Cundick, I could not agree more with you. "AND I QUOTE": I am weary of the argument that Utah will lose influence if we do not return Hatch to Washington. There comes a point where one has to say, "Enough is enough. It is time to give someone else an opportunity." I strongly suggest that Sen. Hatch, along with his symptoms of (delusions, hallucinations), wake up and smell the coffee, (not tea), and, look up what these two word's really mean, "TERM LIMITS". If you can vote for Bush one year, then the next election for Obama and then go back to John Boehner you're not Independent, you're schizophrenic. And for you that don't know what schizophrenic is, because they never tought that at BYU, I'll tell you. Schizophrenia is a group of severe brain disorders in which people interpret reality abnormally. Schizophrenia may result in some combination of hallucinations, delusions and disordered thinking and behavior.

Trump would say, Hatch, your fired.

Salt Lake City, UT

After 36 years in the Senate, everyone else but Hatch would agree that he IS the Government. What we have today he helped create. It is time to let someone (anyone) have a shot at changing things. If the replacement is not effective or is worse than the incumbent, he or she can be replaced. It is easier to defeat a one term Senator that one with the fundraising clout of a six termer.

Sandy, UT

Deja vu all over again, Hatch playing the old man card and commentors calling for his ouster more regularly than a day of the week. I say this, be careful what you wish for and why is Chaffetz the only choice we have? It really is too bad we have no opposition party.


I too am very weary of Hatch. The seniority argument has been the ticket for Hatch all these years and we all fell for it but we've finally woken up. His seniority has helped make the country go bankrupt because he became blind to his own ambition to be reelected. Look at Michelle Bachman and others that have had great influence as freshmen. Even if you don't agree with her she has more influence than Hatch has ever had. Look at the difference between when he ran for President and those wanting to vote for her.

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

The right wing is weary of Hatch.

And the rest of us are weary of the right wing!

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

re: LDS Liberal,

Put up a Democrat that believes in the Constitution, that respects the unborn, that knows that the function of government is to provide the bare necessities for the NATION, not the people, and I will consider voting for him. I will NEVER vote for a person whose platform demands that we kill innocent unborn babies. I will NEVER vote for a person whose platform encourages people to look to Washington for ANYTHING except for those things ENUMERATED in the Constitution. I will NEVER vote for a person who believes in the redistribution of wealth.

If you know that the Democrat party has eliminated those points from its party platform, then please tell us, otherwise, any candidate who aligns himself with those points has already told me that he doesn't want my vote.

Senator Hatch has been the lessor of two evils for years. This year he won't even be on the ballet.

Robb Cundick
Salt Lake City, UT

I mostly want to sit back and see what people have to say about my comments. But why do some of you assume that just because I think it's time for Senator Hatch to retire I'm automatically a supporter of Jason Chaffetz?

Tea Partiers weren't the only ones in favor of change last time and they're not the only ones this time, either. I, too, was disappointed that Senator Bennett was not replaced with someone more moderate than Mike Lee. But Senator Bennett's time was clearly up, too.

Let's just make sure that this time around we don't have a convention so dominated by the far right that they get their candidate nominated without a primary. I don't think Mike Lee would have made it against a more moderate candidate in a primary. I don't think Jason Chaffetz will, either. That's why I'm hoping that a number of strong candidates will step forward and provide attractive alternatives. Don't be intimidated by Hatch and his big war chest. There are a lot of us anxious for a breath of fresh air!

Brother Chuck Schroeder
A Tropical Paradise USA, FL

Hatch, meet the Ghost of the Gipper . In the case of revenues, both parties have a shared interest in long-term corporate tax reform. The assumption has been that if the code could be simplified by doing away with tax expenditures, rates could be reduced, thereby generating new economic growth and more revenues. This long-term approach is one taken by the so-called "Gang of Six" bipartisan group in the Senate, but these senators have also been willing to discuss more immediate revenue-generating changes up front, impacting how standard tax deductions and tax brackets are adjusted each year for inflation. The rich diversity of Reagan-era tax changes is most striking, impacting even such conservative priorities now as the estate tax. While lobbyists, filthy rich bureaucrats, and RINO/Moderate/WacoPatriot's/GOP politicians come together, along with persons like the billionaire Koch brothers, The Patriot Act's money laundering provisions, where are they today?. Rep. Michael Oxley removed a provision involving money laundering from the bill at the behest of the White House and GOP whip Tom DeLay, under pressure from Big Tobacco. DID YOU write a amendment to add it back into it yet Hatch?.


City, Ut

Many, many of us are weary of those who so constantly inform us they are "Weary of Hatch."

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

No one outside of Utah has a "dog in this fight". Their opinions may be interesting, but they have no vote in OUR elections. What they say may sway us, but we need to think for ourselves. When we elect a Senator, he is responsible to represent our STATE in Congress. He has equal authority with the other 99 Senators in Congress.

We often forget that principle. Every State has two Senators who represent that State. We don't have 100 Senators who are somehow ranked according to how long they've been in office. We don't have 100 Senators who are "more" able to represent their State depending on how much money they have in their 'war chests'. We have 100 Senators who where elected to EQUALLY represent each State in the Union.

Mr. Hatch may want us to believe otherwise. People outside Utah may want to influence our votes, but WE, THE PEOPLE OF UTAH will decide who represents us in the Senate. That is not what the Constitution prescribed, but that is what the Amendment has left us.

Mr. Hatch is not the best candidate for the job. Other people are MORE qualified than he is.

Brother Chuck Schroeder
A Tropical Paradise USA, FL

Sen Hatch does to many tax breaks for the rich, then dumps the Elderly, poor, middleclass, Veteran's, homeless, disabled, sick under the bus to rot, for more pork and earmarks for the rich only and big business. WHY THEN would Utah want to "keep him around" for another 50 years?. Salt Lake was one of only two U.S. cities to make Fortune's list of hottest business hubs in the world. Then we learned Utah ranks fourth in the nation in home foreclosures. Maybe the secret to prosperity in this economy is to live in your office. It's time to dump Hatch into The Great Salt Lake, to see if "his kind" floats in it, or sinks, like Bennett did.

Write on Hatch's black board 1,000 times two word's, "YOUR FIRED."

Have a beautiful day Utah, I know I will here in Florida today.

Salt Lake City, UT

Put up a Republican who believes that life begins at birth rather than ends there. Who feels like it is the obligation of the nation to provide for its citizens since its citizens ARE the nation. Put up a Republican who shies away from the government making private decisions for its citizens that have been fully lawful for nearly 40 years. Give me a Republican who shies away from making himself a one person arbiter of what the Constitution does or does not allow. Give me a Republican who rejects slogans (redistribution of wealth), talking points (lower taxes is the answer to all that is wrong with America), and cares about all its citizens rather than just those who can contribute to their reelection coffers,then I will vote and campaign for them...in fact I have since all of those things used to be beliefs espoused by mainstream Republicans.

Nan BW
ELder, CO

I was weary of Hatch after his first term, and I was a volunteer for his first election effort. He did not do what he said he would do, and that was that he be a constitutionalist.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Not weary of Hatch!

Senator Hatch has an excellent track record.

Rather than smear, point out the mistakes he has made, and show how you would have done better.

Do young people have the wisdom that comes with long experience, or the interpersonal network? Even when exaggerated self-opinion insists?

How many commenters voted Hatch into office 36 years ago?

If you want change, elect Obama! Oh, already happened. What was the result?

Change for the sake of change.

Unfocused restlessness.

Your data point.

South Jordan, UT

Hatch has been in washington overseeing this budget crisis. For 30 some years. The country has gone to hell under Hatch's watch. Replacing him with Karl Marx, Wimmer, or Cant kick Chaftez would be stupid. We need more democrats in washington. People who know how to govern, get things done, and know how to balace a budget, Republicans do nothing, stand for one thing, taxcuts, and their policies have never worked, and never will.

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