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Published: Saturday, July 16 2011 7:00 p.m. MDT

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BYU aims for national championships, and 1984 is an excellent example of why you set high goals.

Good for Bronco and good for BYU!

Go Cougars!

Bountiful, UT

Why not have a Quest for Perfection? Perhaps a whole line of apparel can be produced and sold.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, Utah

I can see why someone would set a goal that high. I can also see why someone would think it is stupid to set a goal that high. All in all, I think Bronco is right on this one. Something spectacular is usually acheived through goals. Jimmer's goal wasn't to play on his high school basketball team, or even on a college team. It was to play in the NBA. Apparently it wasn't too high.

Lehi, UT

The goal every year should be to go undefeated against those on your schedule. The team appears much stronger than last years and the opponents, at least the Texas schools, have chinks in their armor. The key to going undefeated is to win in Texas. If the team does this, the rest is doable. Following 2 years, Cougs should be a lot stronger. I predict a BCS game in at least 1 of the next three years.

Salt Lake City, UT

And every little boy or girl wants to be president of the United States someday.

Hyperbole is the BEST THING EVER, Bronco. "Best team lost" the rivalry game? Only if you're drinking that blue kool-aid can you say such a thing with a straight face.

My money says that BYU will be the "best team"...the best team ever to never win a national championship, or even come within a whiff of it. Recent history does not shine favorably on the team from Provo. And future scheduling doesn't shine favorably either.

La Verkin, UT

It's better to aim for the stars and only make it to a couple of planets than it is to aim for low earth orbit and achieve the goal but never do anything exciting or memorable. If we were intent on mediocrity, we could have re-joined the WAC and been practically guaranteed a lower tier bowl game that would actually cost more than we made. How much better to stretch - to challenge ourselves against some of the best. We might lose some but then again, we might win some. Once in a great while, we might even have a magical year like 1984 when the chips fall our way and we accomplish the "impossible dream". Go Cougars.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Why not have a quest for intelligence. Perhaps a whole group of commenters could be taught. They might develop some.

Gilbert, AZ

It's better to aim for the sky and miss, than to aim for a mud puddle and hit.

AK Cougar
Palmer, AK

Good for BYU and good for Bronco. I for one am glad to hear about goals set high. It is too bad that some critics thing playing for the NC is too far away. Well, they and their team should aim to simply participate for the green ribbons.

Go Cougars.

Quiet Neighborhood, UT

Although rather improbably, I do like hearing coaches and players occasionally talk about wanting to win a national championship. I appreciated his success, but grew tired or hearing LaVell sound as if he didn't care much about winning his nonconference games. Why even play those games then?

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Let's see, what has changed?

In the past, if we lost a game or two, we still ended up in the same bowl. Now we can lose up to six and end up in the same bowl.

In the past, even if we only lost one game, we wouldn't end up in a BCS bowl.
In the past, if we had gone undefeated, and at the end of the season we were ranked number one, no matter why, and we beat our opponent in our bowl game, no matter who, we would be national champions.

That seems about the same too.

If Bronco keeps it a secret, and doesn't say it out loud, would any of his critics decide to like him better, change their allegances, actually start to be civil?

No, that seems about the same too.

So why change now?

Spanish Fork, UT

Right-on Rockmister. Go for it Bronco and Jake. And thanks for being honest. Many of your detractors say it is ok to have the goal, but keep it within the team; don't make it public, ie lie to the public.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

No, nothing wrong with high goals--except announcing them to everybody. You'd think Bronco and SDS would have learned that lesson in '08, when TCU and Utah cheerfully ended "The Quest".

Einstein was right: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results.

Saint George, UT

There are alredy indications that the new BYU setup will attract some better players (non-LDS) than they would have signed before. Won't take long to reach the tipping-point, if this continues.

Denver, CO

It is a proven fact, over and over and over; in finance, in sports, in life - that it is far better to aim for the stars and hit the mountain top than to aim for mediocrity and fail to achieve even that.

Write it down, mark it up, shout it from the press-box and the practice field, but keeep it in front of you.

Work hard, sacrifice, fight through the pain and exhaustion, but keep it front of you.

There is NOTHING wrong with aspiring to play for the National Championship every year, whatever your affiliation. And those who chide others for having such aspirations simply do not understand the laws of success and should not be listened to.

Go Cougars! Go Utes! Go Aggies! . . . and don't listen to the naysayers; you know you can.

Sandy, UT


Doubters and Cynics only "Report" on Sports.

Winners, on the other hand, have actually played the game.

It's amazing how guys who have never so much as earned a High School Letter, are so Negative, while Champions (Heaps) dare to dream big, because they have been there and done that, while the Uncle Rico's of the World, only wish they could have.

Before any goal is realized, it must be envisioned first. To say that a BYU, down the road, after having busted the BCS once or twice (as Bronco clearly stated) could not compete for a NC, is nonsense. They said the same thing in 1983 and 1984.

Rock wrote that Bronco said (the best team lost the BYU-Utah game last fall).

That is not what he said!

Brad, you stated this on the radio the other day, it was not true then and it is not true now.

When will reporters stop paraphrasing and just give the quotes?

Bronco said;

"I'm Not Convinced the Best Team won"

Hardly an emphatic statement as you have portrayed it to be.

So convince him Brad.
He's open to persuasion.
Stop spinning others words and just give the quotes.

Alexandria, VA

The real goal is to play well enough to get into a BCS conference.

Mr. Obvious
Sandy, Utah

RE; "Wow. Looks like Bronco has bolted the stable.
Welcome to the new and unapologetic Cougars, still polite and respectful, but darned if they don't have a touch of Jim McMahon in them."

Wow. Thats what I want to see as an ambassador of the church. I guess this years cliché will be every player wearing sunglasses and a white head band.
The horse bolts the stable when its spooked!
Oh, pass the weak sauce, need to spice up the WAC schedule.

deseret pete
robertson, Wy

What other choice do they have? Other than win every game.

Ogden, UT

Hey, Rock, you play one game at a time, especially when assessing one team against the other in direct competition.

Bronco's statement that the better team lost last game is absolutely right.

So, how about accepting the fact and quit stirring the pot to get a lame reaction from readers like me.

The Cougars ended up a better team than the Utes last year, and now they'll leave the boys on the hill in the dust despite Utah's lofty(?) status in the PAC-12.

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