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Published: Saturday, July 16 2011 1:00 p.m. MDT

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Big Rock
Salt Lake City, UT

RSL should penalize Vancouver for their stupidity by making them play the makeup game here in Salt Lake.

Nussdorfer AC
Salt Lake City, UT

@Big Rock: I like that idea.

It's a shame that it was postponed. RSL could have used another victory today.

Salt Lake City, UT

I would imagine that Vancouver gets to pay all of RSL's travel expenses for the rescheduled game. They couldn't have figured out that the field was umplayable before RSL flew to Vancouver?

Portland Trail Blazers
Sandy, UT

Big Rock,

Your comment is very weak.

Yep i'm sure Vancouver is going to pay RSL(?) money and I bet they won't mind traveling to the great state of Utah for a game that could have been in the great, and beautiful city of Vancouver. It's staying in VAN

Salt Lake City, UT

ah too bad. At least there's the LA vs RM game.

Bountiful, UT

Priorities are very skewed. A league game is postponed for a friendly! Crazy. We should all remember that RSL was given permission by MLS to postpone its game against Philadelphia a few months back but that was during Confederation Cup play--an important step for MLS and its clubs. Vancouver should have given up the loss 2-0 as a result for not being able to handle some rain. Seattle and Portland know how to play in the rain, Vancouver should too, even if a bigwig European club is coming to smash Vancouver's face in.

Layton, ut

RSL should get the 3 points due to the forfeiture. Also, Vancouver should have had a back-up plan (another stadium, venue, or field) knowing that sod can be unpredictable in such a short time frame.

Portland Trail Blazers
Sandy, UT

does RSL have a back up plan? They dont. Get over it and stop thinking RSL is better than everyone else.


Being responsible for providing a proper place to play, Vancouver really should have to forfeit. I know Jason Kreis has acknowledged that fact as well. I'm sure he won't push the issue and RSL will have to just bite the bullet and make another trip to Vancouver, but it's a bit silly that all this is happening due to a friendly.

Now, I'll await Portland Trail Blazers' reply telling me how stupid I am and how awesome he is.

Portland Trail Blazers
Sandy, UT

I am awesome, thanks!

Anyways, What happens if Rio Tanto stadium is in the same situation? There is no way they can play at Rice-Eccles stadium. That field is too nice and the lines are not possible to be painted on because it's turf that would have to be replaced and it would take too much time. They cant play at LaVell Edwards stadium eiather. It's not the right type of grass and it doesn't have paint/ playing field lines on it.

RSL should cross their fingers something like this doesnt happen to them, because they will be in the same situation just like Vancouver is in.

One more thing, it's Vancouver, it rains a ton and I don't know why they are so surprised to find a flooded field. It's like they thought Vancouver was Phoenix or something....

Holladay, UT

Why wasn't the game played later in the day after the field had time to dry out or even on Sunday afternoon? My guess is because they knew the field would get trashed and they would have had to cancel the match against Manchester City which would have cost the league more money than it would to reschedule the league match.

I don't think the Whitecaps should be punished for this. The league made the decision, not them. They were required to install a natural grass surface for the WFC match. What I don't know is who is ultimately in charge of the WFC match, the Whitecaps or MLS?


@Portland - You can try and stand up for them all you want, but the fact is they laid temporary sod on top of their field for a friendly without a way to drain it which ruined league play. It's their responsibility to provide a playing field. I don't think people are so upset with the fact the game was cancelled as they are with the fact that it was cancelled due to a friendly taking priority over a league game.

Under current administration, it's unlikely that RSL will end up in this situation. They already have a grass pitch with a drainage system, for one, and with this current administration, their interest isn't in friendlies, but trophies. However, never say never.



In addition to RSL more than likely never being in this situation b/c of it's current facility already being natural grass with a drainage system. I think Rice-Eccles is a viable option. RSL painted lines on that field turf for years (which probably takes two hours max).

Regardless of who made the decision I agree with Kreis who mentioned that this is probably grounds for a forfeiture by Vancouver. The league is stupid though and instead will shove a game into a tiny little window that RSL will have to accommodate. RSL does not have an open Saturday until Oct. It's either wait until then or put it midweek between two games which is a terrible option. Hopefully the RSL admin. doesn't bend easily on how this will be rescheduled.

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