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Published: Friday, July 15 2011 3:00 p.m. MDT

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Phoenix, AZ

It seems strange that the French would have restrictions on the constructin of mosque but approve the constructin of a temple. It would be interesting to learn the politics behind it.

Chorley, England

wish them all well and hope this can become a reality for the French saints. They have waited a very long time - the biggest challenge (as I understand it) is that church buildings are open to all members of the public, and this would probably be why a temple has not been built there in the past.? If that is the case, its only one obstacle and the Lord can do anything if the saints show their faith. Hope your dream will become a reality really soon!

St. George, Utah

@christoph Romney ? this article has nothing to do with Romney or the presidental race.I was born in France and still speak French you can bet I'll never vote for Romney you base your opinion on Romney because he likes France ? where do you find a connection to Romney in this article ?


Having been there in 2004 at Euro Disney where President Hinckley made the comment to everyone that he was not there at that current time to announce a temple, one could notice the sadness of the French members. This news serves my heart well to know that in the near future les membres de France auront leur temple! I look forward to being there for the dedication...

Weston Jurney
West Jordan, UT

A knowledgeable friend once told me that the hangup with a temple in France has always been that the French government has always insisted on the right to send "building inspectors" into the building at any time, without any advance notice. (As if the wiring is going to go bad in the middle of a session?)

Anyone know if this is true, and what sort of an understanding has been reached? Or did the Church just cave?

Tremonton, UT

The "building inspectors" issue has been addressed in other locations. It's a non-issue now. If local authorities insist on entering an operating temple out of a health and safety or security concern, it is my understanding that the church allows them to. A few years ago, an armed intruder entered the washington dc temple, and of course, the police responded in pursuit, and entered to apprehend him. Later the temple was simply cleared, and then rededicated.

So happy about the French people having a temple of their own.


yes one issue here, in France, is that any building has to be open for the police to come at anytime if they want/have to, but as Gr8Dane said, it's managable.

the main issue is and has always been the harsh critical response from French citizens who are mostly agnostics and have great trouble to accept religious people (catholics, muslims, jews...), especially a little religion like ours (we are 35 000 LDS members in France for 60 million citizens). They fear us, they think we are a very secretive and creepy polugamist cult.

If a temple is actually built there, it will be such a huge step for us !

Mormon O'Grady
Wynnum, Qld

This is wonderful news. With Temples going up everywhere, we can see the spreading of the Gospel to every nation, kindred, tongue and people. We are a blest people to be living in these historica times.

Monguzzo, Italy

There is already a French temple. It lies in Tahiti, in French Polynesia, under French law. Granted, it is a bit far away for mainland French Saints, but this serves to show that an agreement has been found between the Church and the French government as to public officers' access into it.
I, too, dearly hope this project will go through and that we will soon be officially announced a Paris temple and its eventual dedication date.

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