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Published: Wednesday, July 13 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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West Valley City, UT

I just hope that when he starts playing with the big boys he can live up to all the hype. If I remember correctly, Greg Ostertag was supposed to be a great player too. Just sayin'....

Anaheim, CA


The most important feature of that photo is that Justin Timberlake and Aaron Rodgers are in the photo with Jimmer holding the ESPY trophy, and Kemba Walker and Cam Newton are NOT!

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

Who is Justin Timberlake and why should such a nonentity be in a picture with the athletes of the year? Was he some token presenter?

Congrats to Jimmer, Derek and the Mavs. Well deserved recognition. I imagine I will get to see the Cougars BB team in the sweet 16 a few more times in my life but I doubt I will ever see the Utes achieve that before I die. Too bad because with all the money the Utah program will have available they still may not be able to compete at the level they achieved in 1998. Good if they do though.

Orem, UT

Where does Jimmer keep all these trophies? He's gonna need two homes.

Congrats and thanks for a great year!


I loved the Jazz! I was Karl Malone's personal advertising photographer for 9 years. I am glad that the Utah Jazz didn't take Jimmer. Of course every Utah Mormon wanted him to stay in that weird place. Why wouldn't they? Yes, he is a tremendous talent, but against decent competition his shooting percentage was atrocious and he really has never shown that he can play tight D. Yes, he made the BYU cagers relevant, finally after 30 years, but in NBA play he could get burned by many people that are in that league currently. His 40 foot 3s would never be allowed by any coach in the NBA. I admire Jimmer and his character......but he ain't no Pete Maravich in any way. Pete, was the best all-around basketball player ever to play college hoops......hands down. Why do cougie fans dare compare?.....ridiculous.

Mesa, AZ


What I don't understand about your post, and many others like it is this...

Before Carl Malone, Pete, or even Jordan, there is always someone they will never measure up to, someone in the past that was "The Best." I am confident that some one, somewhere told people that Jordan would never be better than _____ (you pick the person.) In fact, I remember reading an article or two when Jordan went out with his knee injury that he would never come back and dominate ever again.

Yet, they rose to greatness.

Now, I as much as I like Jimmer, I am not comparing him to Pete, or Jordan, but all greatness starts somewhere. All undefeated seasons start with a single win. All records broken start the same.

"Cougie fans" dare to compare, just like every other fans dare to compare. Comparing them is how we put them in context. What would Pete have done with a 3 point line? What would Jimmer have been in Pete's time? No one knows.

BYU fans are no different than any other fans. But kudos for getting in a couple of anti-mormon, anti-Utah, and anti-BYU jabs.

Barack Obama
Phoenix, AZ

Love The Jimmer but cannot stand the ESPYs (or all the million award shows). Hey lets pat ourselves on the back even more that we already do. It just constantly reminds me that ESPN wants so desperately to be like MTV.

rock springs, wy

@mgr63 Justin Timberlake might have well over 100 million fans worldwide and could buy Jimmer with the change that fell behind his car seat, but he lacks athleticism, can't shoot the three as well as Jimmer and doesn't play very good defense. He probably won't make it in the NBA and the Jazz didn't draft him either. What exactly is your point?

West Jordan, UT


You just can't resist bashing Mormons in your posts can you? It doesn't really bother me but it does greatly detract from the credibility of your comments.

Getting back to Jimmer, you said that "against decent competition his shooting percentage was atrocious". Explain then how Jimmer had a 45% FG and a 40% 3-pt FG percentage during his senior year while the Cougars had a top 5 RPI and notched ten wins against NCAA tournament teams. The Cougars faced plenty of "decent competition last season and every single team employed a defensive strategy that focused solely on trying to stop Jimmer and yet he still led the nation in scoring. Sorry my friend but percentages don't lie. I will concede your point on his defensive abilities but Jimmer was by far the best shooter in this year's NBA draft.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

But I don't understand...according to you... everybody hates BYU and everything asociated with them especially in sports...so how can this be... Jimmer being so popular and all. It just doesn't make any sense...according to you...that is... and did I miss something there about you actually saying something minutely positive about Fredette???

And wow...The Utes need to hire you to be thier PR man and personal team photographer...you made it sooo possible for Karl and the Jazz to win all those NBA Championships. Let's see...How may were there again??? I bet your the guy who could take a doormat bottom feeding season like the upcoming Ute 2011 football season and transform it into roses. Yes... You're the dude who can do all of that...I'm sure.

Draper, UT

Thankfully, this is the end of James Fredette's 15 minutes of fame. Now it's on to being a back up guard in Sacramento. Can anyone name a back up guard from last year's Kings team? Didn't think so.

Mom of 2
Eagle Mountain, UT

Who's Jimmer?

Insensitive Sasquatch
St. George, UT

HAHA Byu fans... If they aren't arguing with Utah about sports they are arguing amongst themselves about Byu players.

Anyways, despite being a Utah fan, grats to Jimmer on great year and hopefully he can thrive at the next level

Walter Bellhaven
Las Vegas, Nevada

Taking the Jimmer at 3 would've been as brilliant as the decision to have JT and Janet Jackson perform the Half Time show at the Super Bowl; wardrobe malfunction and all.


@Deepblue, they are winners and Jimmer is just a "glimmer" at this point. Rodgers and Timberlake have done "it." They won the prize in their fields.

Provo, UT

Sorry, this award should have gone to Anthony Robles of Arizona State who was born with one leg and won an NCAA championship, a truly inspiring story. He also went undefeated on the season.

For the record, I love Jimmer and if Robles couldn't win the award he would be my choice, but my choice would have been Robles.

Orem, Utah

Saying Jimmer can't play defense because he didn't during his senior year is just being close-minded and anti-anything-BYU.

Those of us who watched his career, and know that he ranks among the top in steals historically for BYU, know he CAN play good enough defense to hold his own, when he needs to.

The ultimate defensive play is a steal. And Jimmer had plenty of them during his BYU career, including during his senior year.

He simply had a different purpose his last year than emphasizing defense.

Can't say DUH loud enough!

He'll do just fine in the NBA, which BTW is made up of mostly previous college students, not supermen that never went through college to get to the pros.

ALL NBA players had a learning curve when they went pro.

Gonna love it when Mr. Fredette jimmers ya'll! Provided we ever have an NBA again.

Springville, UT

And this was the guy that wasn't good enough for the NBA draft, was a one-trick pony, a ball hog, a gimmick, arrogant, etc.

You BYU haters continue to crack me up. Keep it coming, the more you post, the sillier it gets.

Gold Canyon, az

It has been exciting seeing Jimmer with the acolades, they just keep coming and will continue for the next 20 years. Sad the Jazz did not recognize the talents of the best college player playing in their backyard. KOC stated he slept well after the draft. He will eventually see him in is worse nightmares, hitting 3's like he has. As good as he is he will continue to improve. The Jazz should have picked him at 3 and if they had, it would be considered a steal when the draft is looked back in hindsight.

sandy, UT

I was Karl Malone's personal Doctor, and sold cars to Stockton, also, I was the personal chef to the Pope and I washed the cars for the Harlem Globetrotters. Jimmer will never be the best power forward in the NBA, never break the all time assist record, never live in the Vatican, and never be from Harlem. In fact, he should just be happy with being a top 10 pick in the NBA draft. What a sad ending to an average career.

(sarcasm is free with this post)

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