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Published: Tuesday, July 12 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Bloomington, IN

Great to see the legends on this legendary day. 10+ games on ESPN this year... wahoo! Go Cougs!

Lake Elsinore, CA

It appears Jimmer U. is Quarterback U. again.

Bountiful, UT

I'm excited about this fall. I'm a BYU fan and I'm looking forward to the new direction and I asm also excited to watch Utah in PAC 12. I think both programs made great moves. And if BYU can beat Utah and then be successful in PAC it will help BYU. Both programs are great and hope both have great years.

Billy Budd
Saint George, UT

"...Realistic about Independence..."

BYU fans have denigrated the opposition to the point where BYU has only four legitimate teams left on their schedule. PAC 12 (Over-rated), WAC (Are you kidding me?), Idaho State (Heaps will pass for 500 yds. and RB's will rush for 300 yds./ a statistical dream come true). Mississippi, Texas, UCF and TCU are the only legitimate teams on the Cougars schedule. Any school, with only four legitimate teams, on their schedule, should be excited.

Congratulations to Tom Holmoe on building a very easy schedule.

8 guaranteed wins as well as a fifty-fifty split, on legitimate games, gives the Cougars an easy shot, at another 10 win season.

Go Cougars!

Lincoln Coug
Lincoln, NE

Utah will always be a legitimate team despite their success the rest of the season. Rivalry games always bring out the best in your opponent.

Payson, UT

I am excited to see BYU play this year. They should have a good team and should bring some attention to the state and their religion too.

My biggest worry is that many cougar fans and some players still put on their "Look at me, I'm a big boy now" show and annoy all of college football, not just the MWC. Hope they can class it up a little. Please let your talent speak for itself, no need to tell someone your great ... unless of course you aren't.

Dave S
Holladay, UT

I hope all you attention starved byu fans are getting the recognition you have been craving since the Utes Pac-12 week kickoff a couple of weeks ago.

Highland, UT


No need to worry yourself about BYU fans, it is only utah "fans" like yourself that think about them that way. It is obvious that most of the rest of the country has respect for them. I would concern myself more with how pac10 fans are going to perceive the lowclass utah "fan"base as they are exposed to them, and their boorish behavior, on a regular basis. Cougar fans will get along just fine.

@dave s

With as much time as you spend posting on BYU articles it is obvious we get plenty of attention from you. LOL!

A for the rest of the country? Well at least 10 football games and 1/2 of the BYU basketball games on ESPN these coming seasons will ensure plenty of attention for BYU and its fans. It is, how should I put it, more than anyone else in the country is getting? Yea, that's it, more than anyone else. That has a nice sound to it. :)


Don't you worry cougie fans..........every team that you play will be the most popular team in the country that week. The way it always has been. The only people that like Cougar fans are Cougar fans.

Atlanta, GA

mgr63, even if no one else likes us, we know we can always count on you to be here for us. You will never let us down. (Or leave us alone.)

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