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Published: Tuesday, July 12 2011 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Bottom Line
Draper, UT

The train is leaving the station. Time to get onboard boys. If it is not obvious to you to see what ESPN sees you should schedule an eye appointment immediately. No question the 2 for 1 is a concern, but time will prove this is only temporary. BYU has the facilities, resources, and the exposure to overcome these temporary and minor obstacles.

BYU will be considered a top 10 program within the next 5 years.

Frisco, TX

ESPN was as high on BYU during the first session of Media Day as BYU is on ESPN. This is going to be a great partnership.

The number of eyeballs that will see BYU play football in September and October will eclipse the number that got to see them on The MTN by 100 to 1 or maybe more. The spotlight is clearly on BYU. If they perform well, the spotlight will only get brighter.

Bronco is not only a great coach; but a great spokesman for the church, the university and the principles we believe. He never lets issues like the Honor Code get cast in a negative light. H

His comment about the linebackers was hilarious. It's no wonder he has such a good relationship with his players.

Bronco on defensive and Brandon on offense is an exciting combination. I think we'll see an aggressive team this Fall. Go Cougs!

Lake Elsinore, CA

BYU is definitely on the right track. I like everything that is happening.

As far as the 2-for-1, that's not necessarily a bad thing. If BYU has extra road games at Texas, UCLA, Florida State, or Ohio State, that's actually a great thing for recruiting to be showcasing the team in those hotbeds. And, it's nice for us Cougar fans outside of Utah to have a chance to cheer the Cougs on in person.

Go Cougars!

Salt Lake City, UT

When it comes down to it, all ESPN cares about is how many viewers they get.


BYU has a large demographic across the nation, and after BYU decided to go independent, ESPN decided to take that opportunity. Let's be honest here, if ESPN signed contracts on the merits of only being a 'respected program', then they wouldn't be very successful. ESPN cares about viewership, and viewership only. BYU brings this to the table. There are a lot of Mormon (some non-Mormon) fans across the nation. Fans like to watch them, whether they be rooting for or against them. All that matters is that they are watching.

ESPN is no respecter of programs, the hall of fame is what that is for. ESPN is a business, and they saw a good business opportunity and took it. Let's not twist it and say it's due to certain factors beyond money and marketing.

Eagle Mountain, UT

One little thing you ran around a bit but diddn't quite nail down. ESPN wants to partnership with those who are successful and have a national brand. How is this not being a respector of programs / institutions. How many of the BCS schools could stand on their own merits and land an independent ESPN contract. Probably only one or two of the top schools in each BCS conference. Any business respects those who bring them success. They respect them by partnering with them to sell their product and both benefit.
This is a pretty weak attempt to rain on the parade. One drop doesn't do much to a parade.

Game For Any Fuss
Draper, UT

The real question is, if BYU is so much better off now in independence, why didn't Holmoe and company go independent sooner, before Utah left the MWC?

No, I'm not just talking trash. I'm genuinely curious to know why. I'm sure there has to be good reason(s) why BYU didn't make this move sooner.

Mesa, AZ

I guess the tree in the forest fell and everyone heard it.

One Nil to the Arsenal!
Gilbert, AZ

@ Bottom Line

"BYU will be considered a top 10 program within the next 5 years." Whggff...gulp. Gosh darn it, I just choked on my corn flakes after reading that. Oh my. I knew some Cougar fans were a bit delirious, but I had no idea it had gotten this bad. What's the air quality like in Utah County? Oh...man (chuckling).....Ok, if you guys says so. That's the best laugh I've had in weeks.

Earth to Cougar fans. I'm a realists. You have a great TV contract. It will help you recruit, that I will give you. Even though (for now) you will be the Thursday & Friday night darlings of College Football, I give you props. But I will go on record here, in front of all of these witnesses, and venture that BYU will never be a top 10 Program within the next 20 years, oh darn, I'll say never. When you can recruit with the likes of Alabama, Florida, and Texas, then maybe you have a shot. But that is just plain ridiculous on any level to make a statement like that.

I'm still chuckling. I'll even throw in a Ducky LOL.

Salt Lake City, UT

To hear Coug fans tell it, BYU is the ONLY college team on ESPN.
That's probably true for Friday nights on ESPNx.

Iowa City, IA

Go Cougars! All great news coming out of Provo! It's great so see ESPN by so many games on the TV broadcasting schedule.

Kansas City, MO

I was particularly surprised by the comments from Dave Brown (ESPN VP) that clearly shows ESPN plans to market BYU as highly as they market the SEC. That's a phenomenal statement and shows what ESPN believes the BYU brand can do.

Floyd Johnson
Broken Arrow, OK

Ute16 is correct. Viewership trumps all. A cost per viewer ratio may more accurately represent their interest, but number of viewers is the most significant issue in either post. Being successful and having a national brand all add up to viewers, and total number of viewers is the best way to summarize their interest.

Mesa, AZ

Game For Any Fuss

It was my understanding that they had a gentlemen's agreement with Utah. When utah left they probably hopped that the big 12 would come calling. When they didn't, BYU went to a plan that they had on the back burner probably for the last five years.

As it turned out. The backup plan was a good one.

Salt Lake City, UT


"ESPN wants to partnership with those who are successful and have a national brand."

ESPN wants to partnership with those who are successful and have a national brand BECAUSE that will bring in more viewers. If a team was successful but didn't have a national brand, then they wouldn't consider doing business with them. I'm not trying to rag on BYU. How could you rag on an ESPN deal? My point is that all ESPN cares about is how much money you make them.

Kearns, UT


BYU can continue to tout being on TV, because that clearly outshines anything they've done on the football field recently.

Utah will continue touting their BCS wins, and Pac-12 acceptance.

To each their own.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Game for any fuss
For one... the new broadcasting facilities so attractive to ESPN weren't quite complete. It's completion had always been part of any future movements in BYU's program...to include any possible move to becoming an independant.

Secondly...There was no hurry...but Utah leaving admittedly had somewhat of a small catalytic effect. It would be pretencious to say it didn't. But it would also be pretencious to assume that it was the the major impacting factor...far from it. BYU's relationship with Craig Thompson...The Mountain West TV contract...and the outcome of renegoiating that contract as well as BYU's request for a bigger share of income far outway Utah's acceptance to the PAC as motivational factors to go on the road as an independant.

Thirdly... the most important...and already previously stated... negotiations with MWC over BYU's request for a bigger share of the revenue sharing and Television income were still ongoing ...and regardless when completed with BYU not getting a better share of the revenue...BYU was in a good position to do anything it wanted to do...fully knowing that it's revenue base no matter which direction it went was stable and secure...

Gilbert, AZ

Wow, ESPN lumping BYU's exposure in with the SEC guys and saying when the numbers are in, BYU will be right at the top of the heap.

The table is set for BYU to make the leap into the upper echelon of major college football. This is going to be an amazing year for BYU football. September can't come fast enough!

Draper, UT

"There has to be a reason [ESPN] wants to partner with BYU," Mendenhall said.
Yes, there is a reason, Bronco. They need programming on Friday nights and on ESPN3. Enjoy!

Layton, UT


"I guess the tree in the forest fell and everyone heard it."

Not entirely sure what you mean? This is more like "table for one", "alone at the movies" kind of stuff.

Solomon Levi
Alpine, UT

To all of our visiting friends from the hill, as you're commiserating, take time to reflect on the opening stanza of your fight song:

"I am a Utah Man and I live across the green..."

with jealousy!

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