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Published: Monday, July 11 2011 4:00 p.m. MDT

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When Beck said, "Your God is my God" to the Israeli parliament is correct. He is trying to build bridges with them. Which is more than can be said about our own President Obama.

Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

So Beck quoted scriptures? If I had been there, I would have quoted scriptures. References from the Old Testament about having the same laws that apply to the politically weak (e.g Palestinians) as apply to the politically powerful (e.g. settlers).

Uvi Avnery, a liberal Israeli and former member of the Knesset, made a comment about a Texas minister who came to Israel and addressed their parliament, "He adjured us in the name of [his] God to not give up the land and to fight to the very last drop of [our] blood."

Salt Lake City, UT

Fan UVU 9:42

Actually, this triadic line of thought has a lot of merit and been explored for years. Even National Geographic made it a cover story several years back tracing the roots of all three religions back to Abraham. I really think we have more in common than we would like to believe. Traditional Christianity is even known as a Judeo-Christian theology. After decades of prayerful bible study and extensive commentary review I am not convinced Mormonism is a part of that triad. God being an exalted man, as god is, brother of satan, and so on.

Flame On. But, before you do, I have heard all your tired old arguments before, both as I KNOW, or religion being fiction and an opiate of the masses, so save the bandwidth.

Sanpete, UT

Lane Myer

This is from the Press Conference on June 29,

"What Ive seen happen over the last several years, and what happened in New York last week I think was a good thing."
That was talking about New York passing gay marriage.

Port Alice, B.C.

I am a Jew through my mother, although neither she nor I knew it until I was doing some geneology. I have been totally pro Israel since I was in my early teens (I am now over 70). My religion is LDS of a conservative nature.

First, Glenn Beck was totally correct in what he said. He was demonstrating a solidarity with Israel. A position I share.

Read the introduction to the Book of Mormon, it does not say that the Jews are Gentiles (although in Utah that quirk happens).

I would also take note that the Prophet Joseph Smith sent the Apostle Orson Hyde to "the land of Jerusalem" in 1841 to dedicate that land to the return of the Jews. When it comes to disputes in the Holy Land I find that much of my position comes from there. Look it up and read it.

The Jews are part of the covenant people.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

TOO | 9:32 a.m. July 12, 2011
Sanpete, UT
LDS Liberal

Here are a couple things Reid does...

1. Supports a President who is for gay marriage and abortion--we should not support people's ideals that go contrary to the church. That's a recommend question.
2. Supports socialistic programs--Yes, although you haven't heard anything against socialism for 30 years, it still is wrong.

There's a couple things. Whether you accept that or not is up to you.


I can't understand your flawed logic.

Senator Reid is a Democrat, and that makes him automatically evil, sinister and devilish?
Pres. James E. Faust was a Democrat, how do you judge him?
Pres. Dieter F. Uchtdorf is German [Socialist], and how do you judge him?

I thought a man was to be judged by their actions, words and deeds....
not by their political party or nationality.

BTW - We have "Socialist" members of the LDS church, "Socialist" General Authorities from all sorts of "Socialist" countries.

Socialism is hardly evil.
Families are "Socialist".

There is a very good reason why the Church hasn't said anything negative about it over 40 years.

Sanpete, UT

LDS Liberal

I thought it was 30 years. That's what you told me a couple months ago. And you are wrong. Benson talked about it when he was prophet and apostle--less than 40 years ago, and even 30.

Pres. Uchdorf has never said he is a socialist. Just because he is German doesn't mean that. You would be rationalizing and categorizing, which is wrong. As you said, don't judge a man by his nationality, but by his actions.

I never said all Democrats are evil, sinister and devilish. Please don't put words in my mouth. I know Faust was a Democrat. But he didn't support anyone who was in favor of abortion or gay marriage either now did he? Reid most certainly does.

no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

Maybe Glenn Beck will run for President; hopes that Huntsman will choose him for his Vice President; will run for Congress so he can be Speaker of the House; will now be on the Board of the Betty Ford Clinic; will take over Rupert Murdoch's Empire; is hoping to have his show picked up by another media outlet; is planning to move to Israel?
He keeps us all guessing!


LDS Liberal President Bensen spoke out against the evils of socialism his whole life, which lasted though the early 90's. Beck was correct, and yes socialism is still as evil as it ever was. President Hinckley said in his farewell talk to President Bensen, "I am confident that it was out of what he saw of the bitter fruit of dictatorship that he developed his strong feelings, almost hatred, for communism and socialism." No democrats are not evil, however socialism is. That's why it's important to support people like Glenn Beck and religious leaders when they try to build bridges with others.

plano, tx

Since latter day saints have a sincere doctrine as well as belief that they are children of Abraham and members of the house of Israel what he says is completely true the house of Judah and Benjamin god is indeed all the other tribes god. To the best of my knowledge at least.

USS Enterprise, UT

To "LDS Liberal | 11:03 a.m." so what you are saying is that the words of a Prophet are only valid as long as he is alive?

But then again, you are wrong, and have only shown your own lack of understanding of LDS Church Doctrine.

The way that the LDS Church now speaks out against Socialism is more subtile, so that those members who live in socialist countries can learn to be responsible for themselves. For example, last September, the Prophet, Dallin H. Oaks, gave a speech at a Constitution Day Celebration at the Salt Lake Tabernacle. In there he said "if we abandon or weaken its fundamental principle, we betray our own national ideals, and we also weaken our global neighbors." Since the idea behind the constitution was a small and limited government, why would somebody support socialism which requires a large and unlimited government?

Next thing you know, you will tell us that the idea of moral absolutism is wrong, and that moral relativity is accepted by the church.

Provo, UT

Does anybody else notice that the first 30+ comments are heavily anti-Glenn Beck? I can't help but wonder if that is because most people that despise him are staying at home living off unemployment checks from Good King Barack. Glenn Beck supporters are either working or out looking for work, and we can't join the conversation until comment 40 or so.

Beverly Hills, CA

Glen Beck is some of the worst humanity has to offer. In my opinion, one cannot be a disciple of Christ and Beck at the same time. Their messages are polar opposites. Beck teaches the gospel of selfishness and privilege while Christ teaches us to love and take care of one another.

Tooele, UT

Re: "I'm LDS - I know the LDS doctrine."

I'll take your word for it. That's what makes the postings so sad.

Liberalism is, not just a monstrous lie, it's also a byzantine maze of contradictory and counter-intuitive dogma. Becoming a liberal requires the radical restructuring of the normally-ordered human mind.

Once embraced, liberal orthodoxy becomes an adherent's all-consuming raison d'être. It is rigidly enforced on the mindless masses by smarmy elitist proponents, like Bill Maher, on the elites, themselves, by venal opportunists or uncritical, true-believing peers, like Al Gore or Harry Reid. It comes to displace rational belief.

The unfortunate effect on those that should know better is a descent into misdirection, misstatement, and mischaracterization, in the service of their misplaced allegiance.

Radical liberalism exalts the demonic, rejects and ridicules the Divine Plan for man.


Durham, NC

lib1 - un, no. Glenn Beck airs when his prime listening audience is available... mid day to the scared retired crowd.

I just like him because I think he puts a very ugly and negative light on my faith....

and yes I work.... want to compare who paid more taxes last year... me or you? I can assure you, I earned every last dollar I made... in fact haven't been eligible for any of Bush's stimulas checks, and don't get most of the other tax breaks you all get.

Saying that those who don't like Beck must be unemployed is down right full of it.

Lindon, UT

To Independent Liberal 9:20 am:

The God we all worship is the same God. We each may believe he is different than others believe, but he is still the one true God. Paul said it best when he was preaching on Mars Hill. The people listening to him believed God to be different than did Paul, just like you believe God is different than I do, but He is still the same God. We are all His children and He loves us all the same. But He weeps when we sin and wants us to come back to Him. Through His Son Jesus Christ and His atonement, it is possible for us to do that.


Re: JohnJacobJingleHeimerSchmidt
Beck is the top celebrity charity giver from the Huffington Post. In what way is Beck the worst humanity has to offer? He teaches principles of giving and being self-sufficient and self-reliant. He is not a prophet or a religious leader nor does he pretend to be, but he does talk, write and, teach about becoming a better person. In what way does that differ from Christ's teachings? It's about being able to depend on yourself and not the government.

Anchorage, AK

LDS Liberal posted: BTW - If Glenn Beck was correct, then he should've stood up and told the Israelis that Adam was his God, and the only God with whom we have to do.
Whoa!!! You just shot your creditability as a LDS all to smithereens.

You might want to google "elden watson adam god" and read his paper on the subject.

The man Adam is NOT God the Father.


Beck was not the top celebrity charity GIVER, he was the top FUND RAISER.
Big difference.
Specifically, Beck joined forces with a small, Tampa-based nonprofit called the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, which he said will benefit from all proceeds of the "Restoring Honor Rally" in D.C. It's not clear how much money the foundation received. The donations will go first toward the cost of the event. Anything left over will then be kept by the foundation.

I won't try to educate you on the gap in your judgment as evidenced by the rest of your statement.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

Did he study foreign relations in rodeo clown school? This may really be a ploy for his morning disk jockey career.

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