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Published: Monday, July 11 2011 4:00 p.m. MDT

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Wally West

re: the truth | 6:24 p.m. July 11, 2011

"Glenn Beck's statements are factually correct."

Well, this is newsworthy. 'Lonesome Rhodes' Beck was correct for once.


In January 2011, 400 Rabbis in the U.S. took out a full page ad in the Wall Street Journal to Rupert Murdoch demanding he sanction Glenn Beck for his attacks on child Holocaust survivor George Soros.

In part the letter stated:

"We share a belief that the Holocaust, of course, can and should be discussed appropriately in the media. But that is not what we have seen at Fox News. It is not appropriate to accuse a 14-year old Jew hiding with a Christian family in Nazi-occupied Hungary of sending his people to death camps. It is not appropriate to call executives of another news agency "Nazis." And it is not appropriate to make literally hundreds of on-air references to the Holocaust and Nazis when characterizing people with whom you disagree."

Phoenix, AZ

It seems ironic Glenn Beck (being a Mormon believing that Jews are Gentiles) is in Isreal declaring to the Jews that they have a common god.

Logan, UT

I love it. All the lefties on this board are going nuts. "How DARE Glenn Beck go to Israel and how DARE he say we believe in the same God??" Settle down people. Did any of you actually read the article or just the headline? He spoke to Parliament. Obviously they thought enough of him to allow him to speak. That's not a bad thing, is it?

As for believing in the same God, he quoted a passage from the Book of Ruth. Go read it sometime. Don't we, in reality, all believe in a supreme being? LDS liberal, I think you are a little overboard in your analysis.

Syracuse, UT

@ LDS Liberal

I stayed at Holiday Inn last night and I say that you are wrong. The only Jews that he offended were those on the left.

Phoenix, AZ

It seems strange Glenn Beck being a Mormon believing Jews are Gentiles telling the Jews that their god is his god. It has an appearance of double usurpation.


Wall Street Journal
Dear Mr. Murdoch:
We are rabbis of diverse political views.. All of us have vigorously defended the Holocaust's legacy. We've worked to encourage the responsible invocation of its symbols as a powerful lesson for the future.
Able Foxman, Director of the Anti-Defamation League, a child survivor of the Holocaust, described Beck's attack on Soros as "not only offensive, but horrific, over-the-top, and out-of-line." Elan Steinberg, V.P. of The American Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors, called Mr. Beck's accusations "monstrous."

We share a belief that the Holocaust, can and should be discussed appropriately in the media. But that is not what we have seen... It isn't appropriate to accuse a 14-year old Jew hiding with a Christian family in Nazi-occupied Hungary of sending his people to death camps.. And it isn't appropriate to make literally hundreds of on-air references to the Holocaust and Nazis when characterizing people with whom you disagree.

We request that Glenn Beck be sanctioned by Fox for his completely unacceptable attacks on a survivor of the Holocaust..
400 Rabbis

Merritt Island, Fl

One thing is certain, religion will start an argument and ultimately wars. Everyone has a right to practice their belief, from ultra Right conservative Christians to those who pray to the sun or any deity that provides a sense of worth, teaches right from wrong and inner peace.

Beck is looking for ratings, just ignore him and maybe he will disappear.

Cougar Blue
N. Las Vegas, NV

And the vaudeville show goes on, just changing locations. Have you ever had a shoe that, even though costly, just doesn't fit right? That's GB.

metamora, IL

LDSliberal: The Jews may now believe in only one God, but that certainly has not always been the case. As I'm sure you are aware, Elohim is a plural Hebrew word. If they always believed in only one God it would appear as Eloha in their sacred writ.

Sugar City, ID

Follow the money everyone.

Chris Bryant

wow........this is interesting. 27 comments in and Pagan has yet to show up to tell us all how evil Glenn Beck is because he called Obama a racist. Pagain, believe it or not, actually has sources too, in the form of a newspaper article that she will post.

On a more serious note, who cares about Glenn Beck? the guy has nothing interesting to say. Lets just move on.

Walt Nicholes
Orem, UT

The Jews are a chosen people. Our God has declared that He will come to their aid when things get most bleak. It is to them that He will first publicly appear when He comes again. It is to them that he will bring an army of Angels to destroy their enemies. It is into their temple that he will walk.

Now, seriously, whose side do you really want to be on?

I think Glen Beck was simply stating the obvious. I don't think that Jews listened to his speech to detect blasphemy, I think they listened to it to gauge the feelings of a subset of the American people. Glen Beck articulated that. They know that Mr. Beck is a Mormon. I think they find it reassuring to know that many, probably most, Mormons are on "their side." I think they have a pretty good idea how influential Mormons are in the US (Harry Reid, notwithstanding.)

I view this as a good thing.

Bountiful, Utah

What the heck? Did he give the impression that he was representing the United States when he made this address cause I'm about 100% certain that he was not on an official visit.

Salt Lake City, UT

OK, Im only going to say this once, so listen up. As a devout Christian I do not, and I repeat, I do not worship the same god as the god of Mormonism. I am stunned at the both the hubris and the naiveté of those commenters who would say that the God of Judaism, Christianity, and Mormonism is really just the same god. They ARE not, totally different Nature.

GB totally used that quote from Ruth completely out of contest. Ruth was a Moabite, and the your God is My God was not a statement of ecumenicalism, but was a confession of conversion and a pledge of commitment.

Glen Beck insults every Christian and Jew in his audience. If any in Israel support him, it is on his political agenda and certainly not on a theological basis!

Durham, NC

Walt, even the Lord has found time to rebuke his chosen people. Are you somehow saying that because Harry Reid and others don't turn a blind eye to what the jewish state does that some how they don't understand the relationship.

The whole foundation of the LDS faith came from a man who saw that his people, the jews, had strayed and took his family and departed into the wilderness. How then can you allude that those who somehow make the same observations that not all that Israel is in alignment with the Lords expectations of them. Both sets of scriptures are replete with warnings to the Jewish people - from Noah to the disciples of Christ.

Do you approve of everything everyone in your family does? Does your lack of approval indicate a lack of understanding of your relationship, or indicate less devotion to that person?

Sanpete, UT

LDS Liberal

Here are a couple things Reid does...

1. Supports a President who is for gay marriage and abortion--we should not support people's ideals that go contrary to the church. That's a recommend question.
2. Supports socialistic programs--Yes, although you haven't heard anything against socialism for 30 years, it still is wrong.

There's a couple things. Whether you accept that or not is up to you.

Los Angeles, CA

Is DN trying to rehad Beck's image?
They are heavily censoring comments on this board.

It is ironic that Beck is in Israel when 400 Rabbis in the U.S. took it upon themselves to place an ad/letter to Rupert Murdoch demanding he sanction Beck.

Orem, UT

To "IndependentLiberal"
Dr. Hamid Al Bayati, Iraqs Ambassador to the United Nations and prolific scholar, is publishing a new book which, he claims, shows that the god of Islam, Judaism and Christianity are the same god, just different names. He said so at a lecture at UVU. This from a Muslim educated in Christian schools whose closest colleagues and friends are Iraqi Jews. Write him at the U.N. and tell him he is wrong and that you are right. As for Glen Beck, who takes him seriously?

Lane Myer
Salt Lake City, UT

"1. Supports a President who is for gay marriage"

Not true. Obama supports civil unions - not marriage.

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