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Published: Monday, July 11 2011 3:00 p.m. MDT

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Ann Arbor, MI

As they say "if a tree falls in the forest...."

Cougars - Wise Older Brothers
Anaheim, CA

As they say "if a tree falls in the forest...."

make sure you're not a hedgehog standing under it!

BYU's media day is being covered by ESPN and BYUtv. Any BYU fan in the world will be able to watch it live or via replay.

Will Utah's fans have that kind of access to Utah's media minute?

Mesa, AZ

As they say "some village is searching for..."

As they say "when you live in glass houses..."

As they say "when you have to prove your better than someone else..."

As they say "but we have 2 BCS wins..."

As they say "we're better than you..."

As they say "but, but, but..."

As I always say "I would still rather be a cougar, that to be u..."

Old Gregg
Alpine, UT

Obviously you heard hedgie....and responded very first. And I bet you'll be watching too being that it is on national TV.

I'm glad BYU is doing using their resources for this media day. Should be fun to hear from everyone.

Iowa City, IA

This is going to be fun. A lot of work tommorow is not going to get done!

Broom Hockey Champ
Alpine, UT

This is historic. I know I will be watching. I want to see how it differs from WAC and MWC media days. I want to see if they discuss the broadcasts at all (i.e. who will be the broadcasters? Will advertising be like other programs on BYUtv?, etc.)

To be fair, the article said that only portions of the event will be covered on ESPN, but I'm going to be huddled around my TV/computer catching all that I can while enjoying a frozen treat from the BYU creamery.

Iowa City, IA

Hedgie what happen if a tree falls on ESPN?

I know you'll be watching tommorow to find out. You can resist...you are becoming a cougar fan...

Clearfield, UT

hedgehog | 3:43 p.m. July 11, 2011
Ann Arbor, MI
As they say "if a tree falls in the forest...."

If the DNEWS writes a BYU article and hh doesn't troll it, was the article actually written?

Farid @ Pocatello
Pocatello, ID

I can't begin to describe my feelings as Media Day is almost upon us. Twenty-five years ago, I lived in Palm Beach Florida and this was the totality of the BYU coverage I was able to find (Palm Beach Post): "Robbie Bosco threw for 317 yards and two touchdowns as number-seventeen BYU beat Wyoming 33-10."

That was it.

Today, Saints around the world will be as close to the Cougar athletic program as those living in Provo. We'll be able to watch football in March and basketball in July. And hopefully, Cougar baseball will be televised often and it can become as important as the football and basketball programs.

Special times, these are. Special times .....

Doctor J
Manti, UT


Omaha, NE

As they say "if a tree falls in the forest...."

I'll finish that. "If a tree falls in the forest, it may fall at the bottom of the u on the hill, forcing true fans of their school who don't spend all their time bashing others to paint it white to create a new letter on that little hill." Granted, it won't look like the true Y on the mountain, but SLC needs one of those too for true fans in that area. Thanks for being a fan of the big Y!

I have a break from school and working, so I plan to watch all morning on BYUTV!

West Jordan, UT

Christmas in July, fellas!

Omaha, NE

Just for fun, I went to ESPN3 to check it out and BYU is all they are covering tomorrow! They are the top two featured events coming up! This ESPN deal is as sweet as it gets!

In Stitches
Provo, Utah

riddlemethis | 4:16 p.m. July 11, 2011
Clearfield, UT

That was Awesome!!!!

Sandy, UT


If a tree falls....yada yada yada.......

Utah still won't be a National School with a National Brand, enough to merit 7 ESPN broadcasts, so far, as BYU already is doing.

Utah is a nice Regional Commuter School, without the College Town experience.

Salt Lake Mayor just proposed a Sister City agreement with Pullman Washington.

What's up with that?

Las Vegas, NV

For those who care,...

I was in the store today where they were showing football highlights on all their big screen TVs. I got the football bug bigtime! When I got home I decided to watch the New Mexico Bowl which I recorded but had never watched.

After watching Heaps and Van Noy and Quezada & Hoffman & Co, and hearing of the positives of the changes at coaches and attitudes, I AM STOKED for the coming College Football season!!!!!

Go Cougars!!!!!!

I know when Ground Hog Day is, but when is Hedge Hog Day?

Independence Is Bliss
San Jose, CA

Raise your hand if you will be streaming this all day at work tomorrow.

Hedgy? Christy B? It's okay to admit it.

Christy B
Salt Lake City, Utah

*raises both hands*

Cougars --Best Little Brothers
Irvine, CA

-->...It will be getting more exposure and TV revenue than ever...
However, as long as the current BCS structure remains in place, the best way to reach the BCS and/or the national championship is to play in an AQ conference, which gives Utah a significant edge, even disregarding the fat Pac-12 paycheck...

-->...Going forward, however, Whittingham has a slightly more established staff, highlighted by new offensive coordinator Norm Chow (whose predecessor, Dave Schramm, had plenty of good years and remains on staff). Mendenhall, on the other hand, shook up nearly all his key staff during and after last year's 7-6 disappointment, anointing himself defensive coordinator and promoting quarterbacks coach Brandon Doman to offensive coordinator. The moves seemed a bit panicky...

-->...until the day BYU either gains AQ-conference affiliation or the sport's postseason model undergoes a radical restructuring, it will always face a ceiling that no longer besets Utah...

Salt Lake City, Utah

Cougars -- Utah's Best Big Brother

--> You do realize, don't you, that USC is the only PAC 12 team that has ever won a concensus national championships (#1 in both polls)?

--> BYU's move to independence only seems "panicky" to Utah fans who are scared to death that BYU's move to independence has the potential to overshadow Utah's move to the PAC 12 -- we've already seen that with television scheduling

--> Although membership in an AQ-conference would be nice, BYU doesn't need AQ conference membership to bust the BCS ceiling

--> The ceiling does exist for Utah, even though Utah fans are too blind to see it -- no PAC 12 team is going to get a BCS championship game invite if two teams from the SEC, Big Ten, or Big 12 are undefeated; even mighty USC, ranked #1 in both polls, was shut out of a BCS championship game; Oregon, in 2010, is the only PAC 12 team besides USC ever to play in a BCS championship game, and only then because there was only one undefeated team from the SEC, Big Ten, and Big 12

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