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Published: Sunday, July 10 2011 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

I liked Olene Walker, and I wish she had won the election to serve a full term after succeeding Mike Leavitt.

By the way, the article incorrectly states that Governor Leavitt took charge of the Environmental Protection Agency when he left Utah; he was appointed Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Sandy, UT

Olene Walker represents the best of Utahns, especially its women. Such a sad thing that we are controlled by the right wing Republicans who have learned how to manipulate the state's politics.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Olene Walker is a true leader. She choose to do what was best for the state, not what was politically expedient. We could use a few Olene Walkers both at the state and national level. She always put people before politics, and she is right about the lip service to education as the current Republican leaders cut the financial support. Best wishes to a classy women who truly cared about her state.

Salt Lake City, UT

@AlanSutton ... The information is correct. He took over HHS about a year or two afterward taking over EPA.

Salt Lake City, UT


Kearns, UT

The statement "she stood tough for education" implies that those who support vouchers are not supportive of education. That is not the case, voucher supporters are very concerned about education, they are simply looking for alternatives to the status quo in education. Many people would agree that there are aspects of public education that are not beneficial to many children.

West Jordan, UT

Just because we don't have a woman holding statewide office at the moment does not mean that our state isn't ready to elect a woman as governor. It simply means that no woman with the credentials and political philosophy that we support has run for governor. I will not vote for someone based solely on their gender, race, or religion. I would not withold support based on any of those qualities, either. I look for the most capable individual whose experience, character and ideas fit with what I believe politically.

I resent the demeaning attitude toward Utah voters expressed in this article, implying that we just aren't "ready" to elect a woman governor because we somehow just don't understand how capable women are. Hogwash!

Cedar City, UT

A student once asked me what was meant by the term "hatchet piece." I believe I'll save this article as an example. Look at that former governors Walker and Huntsman are doing now. Walker is teaching Sunday school, and Huntsman is running for president. BOTH ARE WORTHWHILE ACTIVITIES. Walker and Huntsman served the state well, and I wish them both well on their chosen paths.

Orem, UT

Gov. Walker is a unique class act with no modern equal. An "elect lady" and inspiration to all who know her.

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Saint George, UT

Gov. Walker is indeed a wonderful person humble, patient and brilliant. I am so glad that she is watching over my children in primary every week. She is an amazing example of service integrity and class.

Herriman, UT

She was unfortunately thrown under the bus by the Republican Party delegates at the convention for being against vouchers and for not being conservative enough. Of all the governors in this state since I came here in 1978 she is my second favorite one, behind Scott Matheson. Both put Utah before politics, when push came to shove.

Altamont, UT

I have admired Governor Walker for years. I was pulling for her to win the nomination. I would have voted for her, and I'm a Democrat.

I still admire her...80 years old and she is Primary President!! WOW!

You go Sister Walker!

Utah Joe
murray, utah

Gov. Walker did it all -- homemaker, business person, legislator, lt. governor, governor, educator and now primary president. Congrats to the reporter who so ably captured her true legacy. Walker and Leavitt -- those where the years.

Howard Beal
Provo, UT

I think Leavitt actually took a job with the EPA first and then later took the cabinet position over Health and Human Services. I also admit that I might be mistaken.

In regards to Walker, she would have been great as a full-term governor. She was conservative yet not strident in her positions. She would have been friendlier to education and public education in Utah wouldn't be in crisis.

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