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Published: Saturday, July 9 2011 7:00 p.m. MDT

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Santa Monica, CA

I think the author should find out what "cautionary tale" means. If the man did nothing wrong and was just enjoying time with his son, it doesn't serve as a cautionary tale.

Cautionary Tale---A traditional narrative (e.g., a fable, proverb, or urban legend) with a moral message warning of the consequences of certain actions, inactions, or character flaws.

Toronto, Ontario

How tragic! I'm sure this horrific incident will leave an indellable imprint on this poor young boy.

American Fork, UT

bgl, a man died reaching out for a prized baseball souvenir. It seems to me there's a cautionary tale there about not risking so much over something so trivial. Is there not a lesson to be learned there?

West Jordan, Utah

Yes, caution to us all. Live life, but thinking about relative surroundings has served me well. That said, an accident is never out of our mist. Rather one causes it, or it comes, accidents happen.

I have read comments elsewhere where people are not sympathetic, but condemning towards Mr. Stone. That is appalling to me. Some people think they are above God's graces and can avoid mishap by being on smart cycle at all times.

What happened to this father, out with his son at the ballpark is tragic.

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