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Published: Saturday, July 9 2011 7:00 p.m. MDT

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Roosevelt, UT

Since Jeff has been the shooting coach CJ has been in the tank, on and off, Fes is unable to hit a free throw, or any shot for that matter, Raja Bell brought in for his 3 pointer has been shooting blanks. Price has worked with Jeff for years and is feared by nobody in the NBA.

I am glad to hear Jeff is not under contract as it may allow the players to do some damage control and work without him messing up their shots.

Jeff, like Adrian Dantley was a great player but is abysmal as a coach

Captain L
Provo, UT

Doug10: Your crazy if you think Jeff is the reason CJ, Fes, Price, & Bell have been having shooting problems. The players have to be held responsible for implementing the principles they are taught. Jeff can teach them but he can't shoot it for them. He also can't put in the time necessary to make the adjustments needed to become consistent. To blame Jeff is just crazy. Jeff played the game smart and took advantage of the little things to make himself better, if the players will listen and apply what Jeff teaches they will get better.

Large Tuna
Salt Lake City, UT

Hornacek can't be blamed for any of those players' shooting woes, that's ridiculous. CJ and Fes have been terrible their whole careers, Jeff can't come in and turn their game around in 20 games, that's impossible. Especially considering who you're talking about. Bell is too set in his game, there isn't anything Jeff can tell him that will make him improve. Plus it doesn't even make sense that a shooting coach would cause a veteran to go down in shooting percentage, please explain how you think there's even a correlation there.

Provo, UT

I doubt that the best and most in-depth coaching in the world would get Fes to where he could hit free throws. At Raja's age he should be beyond coaching on the mechanics of his shot.

I think someone is just setting up a straw man to blame because some of the players are not capable of shooting any better than they do (Fes, Bell, Price) or don't have the mental consistency to make themselves good shooters (C.J.).

The Great Houdini
Rye, CO

cj and fes are both lazy and out of shape,bell is old and just about done,and price never could shoot although he works hard,Let`s wait on Burks and Kanter,have a feeling both will shine and hopefully miles will be gone soon

Tooele, UT

I was reading the article thinking that a negative Doug10 comment was coming. What do ya know, first comment. I know you have to have a personal grudge against him for some reason, what is it? He may or may not be a good coach, but he hasn't even had enough time to judge that.

Also, Raja was not brought in for his 3pt shot, it was for his leadership and D, but he didn't give enough of any of that.

Tooele, UT

I do hope they upgrade the coaching staff though. I went to the first game of the Tyrone Corbin era and the bench looked sad. Corbin, Layden and Horny. Not quite as good as Sloan, Johnson, Corbin and Layden.

I think the staff needs a serious upgrade.

louisiana jazz man
Dubach, LA

we need to find out if millsap has had a shooting coach the last couple of years and who it is. he has got better every year. i suspect mostly from hard work. he was in farmerville louisiana the last week working out with the local boys club. cj was probly in dallas sitting on the couch eating chips and drinking coke

Captain L
Provo, UT

This lockout is going to be a a real pain, I wouldn't be surprised if the whole season was missed. I hope not but the players seem resolved that this is going to be a long drawn out thing and the owners know things need to change. It makes me sick to think there may not be a season but I don't see things getting worked out anytime soon. I side with the owners more than the players, I know no one forced the owners to pay the salaries they have but things in the last CBA proved to be bad for business and those are the things that need to be changed. I hope the players will see that and not be too proud and stiff necked. They (the players) will still make millions even with the changes that need to be made.

Idaho Falls, ID

We could use a lot less Doug10 fans and a lot more fans who are loyal to their team. There is no way that Hornaceck made these guys bad shooters. They all figured that out on their own.

Captain L, I'm with you. I think the players need to take a hit and stop whining about everything. The owners have had more and more pressure put on them over recent years to pay the big salaries for top players. A hard cap is what the league needs.

By the way who was the genius who put Derek Fisher at the head of the Union? The man has been on the Lakers almost his whole career. He doesn't know what small market teams are dealing with.

Murray, UT

I blame Hornaceck for Hayward's shooting percentage

Captain L
Provo, UT

Anonigma: I agree.

Doctor J
Manti, UT

Doesn't Jerry West have shooting video out yet???

Maybe that would help.

Rock On
Pocatello, ID

So if the season is washed up how will the draft Positions be place? Like they were the last complete year? So will Minnesota pick first? or the same teams in the lottery? Minnesota does not have their 1st pick but does have the Jazzs 1st pick, The Jazz have Golden States 1st Pick so what would the line up look like? Then how the the projected draft look? Will CLEVELAND get H Barnes? on top of the rookies they have Now? We know that in the 1st 10 picks 3 or 4 will be Freshmen. The Jazz will get T Jones or Perry Jones with the Golden State Pick. What will the teams look like then? Some teams Could be supporting 4 or 5 lottery picks over the last 3 drafts starting together. Kinda reminds me of how Tim Duncan made it to San Antonio. and that made them a power house for 15 years. Who could that be?

Rock On
Pocatello, ID

KANTER at the 5 (3rd Pick),
Favor at the 4 (3rd Pick),
T Jones at the 3 (11th Pick), and if they move up in the lottery?
Hayward at the 2 (9th pick)
Burke at the 1 (12th Pick),
Throw in Jefferson, Milsap, Harris (like the 6th pick), and WHOA in a couple of years what just might happen? On Rookie Salaries, my mind just starts running with the possibilities. Look at the height of that line up, who could match up to that, and the athleticism.

Tokyo, Japan

CJ Miles has no work ethic...like what i've been saying...he is Mediocre at Best...a decent role player that needs to come off the bench for 10-15 mins...Fes...is Fes...Ostertag v2.0...the only thing...but he is still worth the 3rd C rotation...you just cant teach height and bulk...he has 6 fouls to use...raja...you cant coach him on his mechanics anymore...unless he is more than willing...like Jason Kidd...i sure hope he picks it up next season...

West Jordan, UT

Miles has been working out with Ray Rice (Baltimore RB), so you are all wrong if you think he doesn't have an off-season routine. Why do you say he is lazy? Remember when he came into the league he was a stick, he's added a lot of muscle which has help his ability to drive to the basket. Sorry to break it to you, but Miles has probably the best jump shot on the team, next to Harris. Don't even compare Miles with Fes, that's insane! The guy is like 23 yrs old and gets paid below the NBA avg salary. He really is underpaid compared to other comparable players.

Murray, UT

I'm not really sure about Miles' off-season routine. I started following him on twitter and I can't understand a word he says.
Derrick Favors has an awesome work routine based off his twitter....I'm really glad the Jazz have him.

Temecula, CA

Comforting, I think, that Hornacek believes that Burks has the "shooters eye". Waiting to see both Burks and Kanter hitting those 15 foot jumpers, besides all the other things they do.
@Kakashi...plz consider dropping your Ostertag/Fes comparisons. It's a valid comparison so far in Fes's career as far as free throw percentage and work ethic, but I saw Ostertag play a LOT and he was far short of Fes in all-around skill level. Ostertag was an excellent shot-blocker some of the time. That is the only thing he did better than Fes.

Tokyo, Japan


he does have a good jump shot during practice...but in game...he is terrible...maybe if he lessen the on the move jumpshots...where in instead of straight up jump...he jumps going to the sideways...those shots...he misses...but if he sets his foot...its a done deal...but...practice and in-game scenarios are different...in game...he would have chucked 5 ill-advised shots all misses...and 5 more decent shots...going 3/5...if he really is that good...how come it took him 6 years to improve into a mediocre player?...wake up...if he wasnt lazy...last year should have been his break out year...but he never took the chance...but he is a good pickup...since he is cheap...

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