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Published: Thursday, July 7 2011 2:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

'Indeed, the video shows Ferguson going around asking people about lesser-known Mormon beliefs and having a good laugh at the faith of GOP Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney.' - Article

Can someone please explain to me WHY Mormons support the Republican party again?

Casa Grande, AZ

They can do this because unlike other religions and groups we have enough tollerance to let people say it.

I can't think of another religion that would allow this kind of speech without it's own massive counter-punch. I think that speaks volumes about the LDS leadership and faith.

Dixie Dan
Saint George, UT

It will be interesting to see how Utah votes if Michelle Bachman or Sarah Palin are the GOP candidate for President. Both are strong Evangelicals who oppose Mormonism and treat it as a non-Christian cult.

Salt Lake City, UT


No, I seriously doubt it. You'd have to have a fairly open mind for that to happen.

West Jordan, UT


While your question likely is rhetorical and is probably not asked in sincerity, it is worth answering.

My answer only indicates my own leanings and is certainly not intended to speak for the LDS community as a whole. My answer also is hedged in the knowledge that there is hypocrisy within the party. There is hypocrisy within all the parties. Also, my answer does not reflect a hard-line "all things Republican" stance.

The reasons that I am a LDS member registered as a Republican are as follows:

- Republicans typically are pro-life

- Republicans typically support a traditional definition of marriage

- Republicans typically support self-sufficiency and individual achievement

- Republicans typically support private ownership and accountability over state ownership and accountability.

- Republicans typically believe that the constitution is a static document rather than a mutable dynamic document.

This is not to say that I could not compile a list of admirable ideals and qualities of the Democratic Party, it is simply that when weighed in the balance, for me, the Republican Party is more in line with my personal values and beliefs.

Thanks for asking.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

Tell me, does the Deseret News employ interns to sit there all day and scan the internet for new content that makes fun of the LDS Church? I swear there's not a day that goes by without some blurb here pointing to some news organization somewhere in the world that has something negative to say about Mormons.

Bountiful, Utah

Ok I'll get out the violin.

Boise, ID

Mormons support Republicans because the moral and fiscal policy of republicans is more closely aligned with our beliefs. I realize that not all mormons are republican. (see Harry Reid among others)

Ms Molli
Bountiful, Utah

@ Pagan, sorry I cannot answer your question on these boards. I am LDS and do not support the Republican party. I have learned to think for myself and not blindly follow what seems to be the prevailing opinion of the LDS culture, as opposed to the gospel of the church.

Salt Lake City, ut

Maybe he should now come to Salt Lake and ask us Mormons what Evangelicals believe in and you might get some funny responses. After that lets see how Evangelicals react compared to LDS members. I could tell you right now, they would be up in arms furious that those things were said, they then would demand apologies.
Anyways mocking is nothing new for LDS members. Things like this only leads more people to investigate the church themselves.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Brave Sir Robin

You and I both read the article ... only when we stop clicking on these "blurbs" about Mormons will the Deseret News stop reporting on them. I for one like to know what's being said.

Salt Lake City, UT

'Because public opinion polls show a greater anti-Mormon bias amongst Democrats than Republicans: 27% v. 18% saying they would not vote for a Mormon.' - Counter Intelligence | 4:11 p.m.


Henderson, NV

"Maybe he should now come to Salt Lake and ask us Mormons what Evangelicals believe in and you might get some funny responses."

Good point. For example, I think the belief that you can sin as much as you want, but if you merely say Jesus is your savior, you will be saved is kind of an absurd belief. Same with the idea that God created everything out of nothing, or that anything God will ever say is in the Bible. Or that salvation consist of an eternity of contemplating the face of God, which doesn't just seem absurd, but rather extremely boring and something I would not want to sign up for.

Henderson, NV

"Can someone please explain to me WHY Mormons support the Republican party again?"

That would be becaue they are under the delusion, or at least they want to believe, that the Republican Party is somehow better than the Democratic Party.

We the People
Sandy, UT


Gallup Poll, published June 20, 2011. Not too hard to find.

Brigham City, UT

Image two thousand years ago hearing that a virgin had a baby and that a dead man came back to life-------now that is craziness-----but now-a-days it is not so far fetched----with 2 billion people believing it. With God anything is possible. I think many evangelicals (including Ferguson) are so bored with the idea of faith and repentance, that they have to dwell on armageddon and Israel and nuclear war and politics and yet when they hear a person can "get their own planet" they want to dwell on that, instead of faith and repentance. Evangelicals need to get some curiosity and think outside the box and question things more: if the garden of Eden was not in Missouri, where was it? If we find out it was in India or Africa, it really doesn't matter to me where it was; why dwell on that??? Evangelicals themselves believe in America being a part Biblical prophecy as much as anyone, so why not Missouri???

El Chapin
South Jordan, Utah

At what point does the LDS church finally throw a counter punch? Can you imagine if a reporter went around making fun of Jewish beliefs? It's time for our church leaders to play hardball and stop letting the media get away with their bigoted rhetoric. We look like a bunch of pansies.

Richmond, VA

@ Pagan and Independent,

Please go back and re-read Grundle's post. I think he answered the question quite beautifully. He gave precisely the same reasons why this Mormon is now leaning republican. Sad to admit but the Democratic Party is no longer the same one I used to believe in. More and more it's far left leaning liberal wing is taking over and it's becoming more and more like a socialist party than true democratic.

Now there's a lot about the Republican Party that I don't like either, like it's extreme right wing evangelical base that hates everything Mormon, but all in all, their core values are much more aligned with my beliefs and that of the faith that I follow as pointed out clearly by Grundle.

If we vote with our hearts and be at peace with ourselves, then that's a wonderful thing, even if we disagree. All the vicious attacks on each other is just a senseless waste of time and energy. Peace and love!!!

O-town, UT


Like you, my response is my own views and does not represent the church. I tend to support the Democratic Party over the GOP because:

Pro choice--Free Agency is a keystone to the LDS religion. I don't like the government making the decision for women and their bodies You cannot force morality. Lucifer tried...and we all know where that got him.

While I have my beliefs on marriage, I don't like to see others forced to the shadows or treated as second-class citizens. Their choice does not affect my life. I know of more straight marriages that are a drain on society. Church and State being separate, churches will not be forced to recognize marriages or perform them.

The Church has a strong welfare program. Helping the less fortunate is a strong measure of a nation's values. In serving others, we help ourselves as well.

Democrats believe in Government to regulate business. Unregulated business is what led to the Wall Street collapse, etc.

Democrats believe the founding fathers realized they could not forsee all problems and made the process to amend the Constitution, etc.

I think your views are admirable, just wanted to show my side.

Somewhere in Time, UT

Most Mormons support the Republican Party because is much more closely aligned with LDS principles than the Democrat Party. The vast majority of Mormons don't have any trouble discerning that. Unforunately, there are still a few who don't seem to get it.

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