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Published: Thursday, July 7 2011 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Logan, UT

"equires clinics to post signs explaining a women's rights and outlining options other than abortion."

Nothing like some good hypocritical big-government Republican conservatism. If a Democrat were to pass laws REQUIRING that a private business do something this specific in its operation, Republicans would be ranting and screaming about government regulation and big-government interfering with free business principles.

Bountiful, Utah

If the fathers must pay child support, why doesn't the father also have the right to object to an abortion? Are these laws all about money and who is going to pay to raise the kids? How about the basic rights the father should have with respect to his unborn children?

Bronx, NY

Benjamin Clapper claims the research show that 65% of women who get abortions are being coerced into having one. really? I would like to see that research. Where is the evidance to support such a claim?

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

Why all the complaints about additional information? What's wrong with being informed before making such a large decision?

Somewhere in Utah, UT

To Kami | 11:30 a.m. July 7, 2011

When a man risks his life, health and well-being every second of every minute of every hour for nine straight months to gestate a pregnancy, he can have a say. Unless and until he puts his life and health on the line while gesetating a pregnancy he should not be able to force the woman to risk hers.

Somewhere in Utah, UT

To George | 11:33 a.m. July 7, 2011

It seems to me that the coercing goes the other way.

Led Zeppelin II
Bountiful, UT

If a woman has an abortion she commits murder therefore what rights does she deserve? To murder an innocent child. Ok lets legalise abortion but also legalise bombing abortion clinics so that people will stop and think. These innocent babies deserve to live and have a right to live. How dare any person can be evil enough to murder an innocent child.

South Jordan, UT

It sounds like Louisiana has their act together about when it should be legal to terminate a human life.

Way to go, LA! Let's hope more states follow suit and enact laws to protect children from those who want to profit by killing them.

Bronx, NY

Maybe because its not the father that has to carry the pregnancy to term (including the risk that may go with doing so). The other sad reality is that the father can (and sadly to often do) choose to just walk away even after claiming they will not. There are good fathers out there that no doubt do care for their children but it does not negate the fact they do not take the risk and can more easily choose to walk away from the situation which is more then just paying child support (money).

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

Posting women's 'rights' in the room isn't going to be damaging women compared to forcing women to undergo counseling or to see an ultrasound of the unborn fetus that other states were tinkering with last year. I could only imagine the torture these laws have on a rape victim who is barely able to survive emotionally as it is.

Since the poster brings up money in the form of child support from the father in an attempt to stave off an abortion, why not further bribe the mother by making a legal avenue to 'sell the child into adoption?' There is ALWAYS some reason the would-be mother is seeking an abortion. If she keeps the child as a single mom it is usually not done so in the best interest of society or the child even if that is preferable to an abortion. That child deserves a family. Make legal avenues where the mother can be fairly compensated for incubation, giving birth and then giving that child up for adoption and the rate of abortions will decrease drastically.

Logan, UT

"Not many years ago Democratic leaning New York City required warnings for pregnant women be posted in all bars in the City in order to highlight the effects of drinking on the unborn; But when Republican leaning Utah did similar, they were slammed as being invasive."

Your comparison is not apt. Government warning persons of potential health problems by consuming or using a product is not the same as government requiring an entity to inform them of other options. A more apt comparison would be requiring McDonalds that they inform their customers that they also have the option of going to Wendy's, Carl's Junior, Taco Bell, or Pizza Hut.

Now, do I think comparing abortion services to fast food is fair? No, but I am merely making the point that from a REPUBLICAN perspective, this kind of thing is BIG-GOVERNMENT, something they continually harp about being against...

Bountiful, Utah

To Furry and George, You have both made good points. But I think the actual reason the biological father is not given a say is because the law makers do not want to call the aborted fetus a child. Once they label it as a human being they will have a more difficult time supporting abortion. Reason I also think this is true is because once the child is born, the father does have the right to stop an adoption. See its a baby then ... its not a baby before. That's how they do this self-talk into saying abortion is OK.

Salt Lake City, UT

This actually sounds reasonable, unlike all those scripts that aren't even medically accurate that states are making abortion providers read 24 hours beforehand.

Salt Lake City, UT


"also legalise bombing abortion clinics so that people will stop and think. "

terrorism - the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion

Flying Finn
Murray, UT

I wonder what Casey Anthony's opinion on abortion is?

Salt Lake City, UT

CI: "I know of no Republicans who find respect for human life to be an illegitimate government task."


Remind yourself of the GOP's response to desperately needed health insurance reform.

If ensuring that all Americans have access to critical health care is not "respecting human life" I don't know what is.

And yet - Republicans opposed it.

Bronx, NY


I agree. The claim that there is research showing women are coerced always bothers me because I have heard this claim before yet no one has ever produced the research they claim exist.

I am afraid we are going to have to just agree to disagree on whether it is an unborn life or a fetus, but thanks you for the thoughtful and respectful response.

West Jordan, UT

Re: Blue -

It seems to me that Republicans are/were not against healthcare reform but rather against a plan that mandates purchasing health insurance (NOT the same thing as health care) and they were against the creep towards government oversight of medical services(single payer system/government sponsored health insurance/health care.) I think all parties agree that health care availability needs to be improved.

As far as the article goes...I agree with "Lost in DC". Information can't hurt.

the greater outdoors, UT

Please stop with the "what about the rape, incest, life of the mother" complaints/questions....

All 3 of those combined don't even make up 1% of all abortions performed.

Let's worry about the rule instead of the exception.

@Blue: no one, I repeat, no one is denied critical health care because of lack of funds. Laws are already in place for that, so can we move on from your hyperbole?

Salt Lake City, UT

'Please stop with the "what about the rape, incest, life of the mother" complaints/questions....' - @Charles | 3:44 p.m.


Because then people would have the face the reality that Republican canidates...

STILL want you to have the baby, even if you are raped by your father.

*'Sharron Angle's Advice For Rape Victims Considering Abortion: Turn Lemons Into Lemonade' - Sam Stein - Huffington Post - 07/08/10

'One thing she has not backed away from has been her insistence that abortion should be outlawed universally, even in cases of rape and incest. (sic)
...when she insisted that 'a young girl raped by her father should know that "two wrongs don't make a right." Much good can come from a horrific situation like that, Angle added. Lemons can be made into lemonade.'

If that 'less than 1%' was you?

I'd want you to have an abortion. Regardless how small that number might be does not negate it happens.

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