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Published: Wednesday, July 6 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Calgary, AB

Kanter is not going to tear up in Eurobasket as he is not going to get minutes... no way 19 year old kid will take away minutes from older countrymen from Turkey team, especially after not playing basketball for a year. I hope I am wrong but Kanter has all signs of bust written all over. By the way Koufos was bigger them Kanter when Jazz drafted him - had body and height to play and yet he suffered major confidence blow after sitting in Sloan's doghouse and never was able to show what he can do.
Kanter outplayed JV in one game 2 years ago... JV was way smaller and skinier at that time.. in other game it was 22 pts to 20 pts so very close I would say. It would be nice if Turkey would be playing in this World championship to see how that would turn out now... to bad they had such a bad team that did not make qualification.

Calgary, AB

Dr.Truth... Koufos played in Euro U18 this is World U19 which is different as we have USA, Argentina and other strong teams from all world. Give JV props, 21.5pts, 14.9 reb, and 3.7 blk, 84% FT shooting is very good - MVP of the tourney again for sure.

Calgary, AB

Captain L I base my comments on the games I saw from his High school in 2010. Watch Youtube videos "Enes Kanter defensive breakdown" and "offensive breakdown" - No effort, no defense, consantly outplayed and outhustled by smaller kids, lots of airballs and missed dunks. If he turns on intensity for the games like Nike Summit ( which is show off game with no real meaning so it is useless in evaluation) or workouts to sell himself it tells me he is not giving 100% every time he steps on the floor. High school or NBA you should be playing hard. It just condusing to me to read all the praise from Jazz coaching and scouting staff when videos shows complete opposite. Hopefuly I am wrong but call me a big pesimist when it comes to Kanter. Add lockout in equation and my pesimism grows even more.

Captain L
Provo, UT

Calgary: I watched those HS videos, they can be troublesome but it doesn't sound like that is how he plays in practice or for his countries teams. I would rather be optomistic than pesimistic unless there is recent evidence to prove otherwise. All the recent comments by coaches , scouts, players (UK)would lead to him being a hard worker, skilled, and a winner. Just because you like Jonas, doesn't mean you can't like Kanter and hope for the best with him. I like Jonas too and hope he succeeds but now Kanter is with the Jazz I hope they made the right choice and Kanter continues to dominate like he did for his teams in Turkey. There is no reason to believe he can't.

Salt Lake City, UT

Yes Valanciunous is putting up monster numbers in the world U19, but I don't think he's gone up against any NBA prospects yet either, he is literally the only top prospect playing in this tournament; I think everyone expected him to win the MVP. Valanciunous's stats against Euroleague players are much more telling.

The fact that Koufos won MVP in the Euro U 18 (which is in fact a very similar tournament as far as talent level goes) should give one pause. And just because Jonas is doing well doesn't mean Kanter will fail. I'd love to see the 2 match up again in the real world championships.

West Jordan, UT

Roy's knees are fine? Oh, I didn't know that having no cartilage in the knee meant the knee is fine, LOL! He is done. Why else would Portland give Wes Matthews the largest 2nd year player contract of all-time to replace Roy?

By the way, Durant and Roy don't play the same position. Your arguments are weak and pointless as always.

Tokyo, Japan


i dont want to label anyone a bust till they've actually played for at least 2 years...Most people here posted Hayward was a bust pick...and look what he did...took command at the final games...where teams are vying for a playoff spot...played honest d on Kobe...scored 22 pts and was the catalyst of the offense during that 4th quarter....right now...all these rookies...have potential...you wont really know till they actually played...or come to practice with the team...give him at least 2 years...everyone gave CJ 6 years...

  • 5:33 p.m. July 10, 2011
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