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Published: Saturday, July 2 2011 8:00 p.m. MDT

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I Still Can't Say It
Holladay, UT

"Hoops Haven" ... really??

When's the last tine a WCC team ever won anything??

Layton, UT

Still using the "UNLV has home court" excuse. I think it was SDSU whom thrashed the Y at the Thomas and Mack this year. Good Riddance!

Spanish Fork, UT

The small gym problem in the WCC is likely being solved, I hear, by numerous "away" games being played in non-campus arenas to accommodate the fans. More fans means of course more money. BYU's ability to pack fans in is driving this. As they do so even more attention will be paid to the WCC. It needs it despite the WCC statements that it is already nationally recognized, whatever that means and whatever that will buy. But the TV of ESPN and BYUTV in conjunction with larger crowds will soon overshadow the elitist PAC-something which plays to amazingly poor crowds, propaganda not withstanding. BYU is indeed a highly marketable commodity even post-Jimmermania.

Salt Lake City, UT

I Still Can't Say It

"When's the last tine a WCC team ever won anything??"

San Francisco won back-to-back national championships, which is more championships than any team in the PAC 12 not named UCLA.

Cougars - Wise Older Brothers
Anaheim, CA

Gotta love Utah fans talking smack about the WCC.

Didn't Utah lose 2 out of 3 games to the WCC last season, including to WCC bottom dweller, San Diego?

Utah fans are operating under the delusion that simply being in the same conference as UCLA has suddenly made that train wreck on the hill a basketball power.

Is this what we can expect from Utah in the future? USC(football) and UCLA(basketball) will do all of the dirty work, and the Utes will pretend that they actually contributed.

South Jordan, UT

I've gotta smile every time a Ute Fan comments on a BYU article. I mean, you put their program in the PAC-10, but you find their Fans still wandering over to talk BYU. It's kind of sick! They're like zombies with one track minds. My goodness, move on! I seriously don't feel a need to know anything Utes. You Ute Fans have been talking all year, that as soon as you become PAC-10 members you would only look for BYU only in your rear view mirrors......Prove it!

Cardston, Alberta

The obvious cliche "ignorance is bliss" comes to mind for you folks who are having a slow day in Layton and Holladay. Gee maybe BYU A.D. was totally asleep on this one. DUH, did you call or e-mail Tom Holmoe that he made a huge blunder? You are to blame for not sharing your crustal ball visionary insight with others. BTW did you ever hear of Gonzaga? If you are UTE fans you have no worries as no one will bother to watch even home games let alone road games. Aggie fans can't brag either as I watched the final tourney game (USU/BSU) in that conference at the Orleans in Las Vegas (on T.V.) where the arena was not nearly full.

Frisco, TX

In the coming year(s), WCC will come to be know as a much better basketball conference than the MWC. They will consistently get 2 or 3 teams in the big dance with one team regularly making it to at least the Sweet Sixteen.

MWC now only has UNLV as a consistent basketball performer. UNM makes some noise once and awhile. San Diego State did well, but look at their history. With all the players who graduated / moved on, it will be awhile before they reload.

For those moaning about the size of opposing teams arena, it really makes no difference to me. The only thing I really care about is TV access. Far more people will watch them on ESPN than ever watch them in an arena. BYU vs Gonzaga will be a consistent prime time match up, drawing huge TV audiences.

The future looks as bright for BYU BB as it does for FB - with Carlino, Harrison, Sharp, and a couple of big guys coming into the program this year along with the return of C. Collinsworth. And hoping Nick Emery, TJ Haws, and Chatman choose the blue and white in future years.

Syracuse, UT

@ I Still Can't Say It
"Hoops Haven" ... really??

When's the last tine a WCC team ever won anything??"

Try last year when their last place team beat the mighty utes! Your statement suggests that the ute team is nothing! The u would finish near the bottom of the WCC and that is the funny thing about any ute comment, they would still rather get beat by 40 points and play in big places than play in smaller more competitive places and be recognized for their strength and WINS.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

They'll just have to rent bigger facilities or find some way to build bigger ones. BYU's contingent turnout alone will overwhelm every one of these venues...which will still beat a half sold out fieldhouse on the hill any day. BYU will help build every one of the WCC programs just like they've done for the out of state Old WAC and the MWC teams. I don't see this as a problem.

Sandy, UT

I'm as much a BYU homer as the next guy but this is nothing more than propaganda to get fans to accept or believe the WCC is where it's at. The WCC is an afterthought in college basketball and nobody, west or east coast, knows or cares about most of the teams in the WCC. The teams people know, Gonzaga, they are not able to tell you anything about, including the name of the conference in which they play.

I'm hoping this is temporary and a step to better things. Playing small-time schools in small-time markets is going to do nothing to further the image of BYU and the strength of the program. It's the lesser of two evils and should be acknowledged as such.

St. George, Utah

whos Jimmer ?

Morgan, UT

I Still Can't Say It,

When's the last tine a WCC team ever won anything??

I am guessing you have never heard of Gonzaga or St. Marys...thats Ok, they have never heard of Utah either.

And as far as small gyms are concerned, I would rather play in an arena packed with 5000 fans than play in a great facility which holds 12,000 and have only 500 fans there...

Any guesses where I am speaking of...

The Redrocks will sell out before the basketball team does...oops that's already happened...sorry.


This years Ute team will be hard stressed to even come out after half to finish playing UNLV.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Several great articles on the UofU and the first two posters are still so obsessed with BYU they feel compelled to come onto a BYU article to show their true nature. I find it hilarious that a Ute fan is actually bringing up the UNLV home court issue as a negative against BYU. There were many Ute fans who said the same things not too long ago. Your own Chris Hill even eluded to the fact that he felt UNLV had an advantage in the MWC tournaments. Fan's and officials from every school felt the same way.(go back and read the archives in their newspapers around the end of Feb.) Yes, SDSU beat BYU in the tournament this year. The Y also beat SDSU twice, once in San Diego. Are you still upset about the Jimmering you got up there on the hill.
Gonzaga has had as much success nationally as the U had in their best BB years. Gonzaga's run has lasted much longer than the U's and they haven't fallen to the bottom of their conference like U.

Beverly Hills, CA

The WCC basketball "haven" is made of one school who is lucky the coach hasn't been hired away yet. Get ready for tiny sold out arenas.

Saint Louis, MO

Most of the schools in the WCC are Jesuit academic institutions. BYU is an academic fit. Here in St. Louis, St. Louis University (Jesuit) tried to do the same by joining the Atlantic 10 which is centered in the Far East. It appears that the idea is working on the West Coast. Here in the Mid West, it is failing miserably for travel reasons, not because of basketball, but because of all sports. In reality, it would make ideological sense for St. Louis University to join the MCC. SLU quit the Missouri Valley and then quit a conference with Marqueete and DePaul who joined the Big East. The problem is a travel issue which BYU appears to have solved.

New to Utah

How can anyone honestly say moving to the wcc is a move up? It is a much lower rated conference than the MWC and the Pac 12.BYU will clearly be the revenue maker for this conference.I hope it is a short arrangement.

AZ Dave
Chandler, AZ

You got thrown under the bus Rose

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

Any ute with any integrity should be embarrassed to chime in with trash talk on this subject. YoU will be humiliated again in '11-'12. The good news is that you will be humiliated in big (empty) arenas.


@I still can't say it

Do any ute fan really want to talk smack about basketball?

The last 6 seasons of ute basketball have been embarrassing. Losing to BYU 9 out of the last 10 match ups between BYU and Utah!

And the WCC has a NCAA Cinderella story every year, aka Gonzaga. Gonzaga has won more games over the last 10 years than Utah.

Let's be real ute fans. When it comes to basketball, this sport is not your strength anymore.

After Andrew Bogut left, Utah got jimmered.

Go Cougars!

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