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Published: Friday, July 1 2011 1:00 p.m. MDT

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likely a big day for the beer companies and liquor stores as well.....

Utesville, CA

"It's a great day to be Ute," said Utah athletics director Chris Hill.

Correction: everyday is a great day to be Ute.

Go Utes.
Take us to the Rose Bowl.

Utesville, CA

"Utah, simply put, is a great fit for this conference," Scott said.

Correction: Utah, simply put, is a great fit for Pac-12, Big-12, or SEC.

Ute Fan In Utah
West Jordan, UT


Well it is a Friday.

Ann Arbor, MI


"Correction: Utah, simply put, is a great fit for Pac-12, Big-12, or SEC."

No question.

If for some reason the PAC12 didn't take the Utes the BIG12 would have snapped them up....a multiple BCS winner is always in demand.

A BCS winning Boise St. will be in the PAC12 before bYu.

Springville, UT


Way to show your bigotry. I was there, and no there were no drunks, alcohol, or anything of the sort.

It was a good presentation, very respectful and dignified. Thank you to all the other U fans who made it today.

Salt Lake City, UT


LOL! The Pac-12 will NEVER take a religious school that refuses to unleash its faculty to become a research university, but I highly doubt they will ever take a glorified 4 year community college like Boise State.

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

As I left the ceremony today I looked in the rear view mirror to see the Y. In the mirror was the phrase, Caution objects maybe closer than they appear. To this I said, "I hope that is true" because at that moment the Y couldn't have looked farther away. I quickly returned my attention to what lies ahead.

Murray, UT


The celebration was held on state property. No alcohol is allowed on state property including the University of Utah campus. But I did enjoy my caffiene free diet coke, afterall it was hot. Great day for Utah and the entire state.

Holladay, UT

I would feel real silly if I went to this thing. It just feels....childish. Like a big elemetary graduation parade. Really weird. But whatever makes you feel good. Or silly.

flynn is the coolest
Salt Lake City, UT

So the "New Era" was ushered in by "A student tent party handed out ice-cream sandwiches to those who arrived early." That really sounds like a dignified party! Man, I should have taken time off!

In all seriousness, there are budget problems nationwide that limit anyone's ability to put together a real celebration.

Utesville, CA

@Who am I sir?

A hometown Midvale friend wrote me something like this...As I was driving north on I-15 to go to the Pac-12 celebration, I looked in the rear view mirrow to see what would be south of me. And I saw....dust. Thich dust. I were too far ahead of the team down south.

Salt Lake City, UT

Re: Who am I sir?

Well said! Thanks for sharing such truth. Now lets turn our attention and focus on who is in our neighborhood. 11 ELITE PAC12 schools.

flynn is the coolest
Salt Lake City, UT


Not ahead in grammar and spelling- that was unintelligible.

Mid-Major Cougars
San Diego, CA

It's so cruel for big brother not caring about the little ones anymore....:)

Bothell, WA

The Cougars will play in the Rose Bowl (or any other BCS bowl game) decades before the uTes will. Buy a ticket - that's the closest you'll get to the field.

BWhineU Not
San Diego, CA

...The Cougars will play in the Rose Bowl (or any other BCS bowl game) decades before the uTes will....

...to dream an impossible dream.


Welcome to the Pac-12 Utes! You'll like your new neighborhood. You won't even mind (much) the beatdown you get to take home, after a nice crab dinner by the Bay. See you in San Fran. Go Bears!

Fresno, CA

Wow. I came on here to congratulate Utah and wish you good luck, but you boys sure don't make it easy sometimes with your silly anti-BYU fixations.

That being said, having lived in Salt Lake, I know that you boys do not represent the whole. So, Congratulations Utes and good luck in the PAC. Represent yourselves and the state well. I look forward to many Utah victories. Go Utes!

Salt Lake City, UT

This Cougar stands with fresnogirl in wishing my Ute friends much success in their new conference. Go Utes! Show them how we play football in Utah!!

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