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Published: Wednesday, June 29 2011 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Eagle Mountain, UT

That is great that the WCC was able to complete the deal with BYU within 2 weeks even though they had decided not to expand. I had thought that BYU initiated the contact after the WAC deal fell apart.
It should also be mentioned that USU was the first school the MWC contacted but they turned it down. Classy, but it diddn't work out too well for them.

Now the trolling about high school gyms and 10PM tip-offs etc.

Chubbuck, Idaho

Boy I don't see any reason why BYU doesn't steamroll every team in this league in Basketball except for Gonzaga. Gonzaga is the only competition.

Anaheim, CA

Gonzaga and Saint Mary's will be BYU main competition in the WCC, but there are some other decent programs in the WCC as well. With BYU, the top of the WCC could be every bit as good as, if not better than, the top of the MWC, and the WCC will be a two- or three-bid league.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Mediocrity and obscurity is what I see the Y and the WCC sharing.

Fort Worth, Texas

BYU left USU at the alter. The classy thing woiuld have been to back USU by staying in the WAC. After all is that why USU turned down the MWC offer.

Springville, UT

BYU sought to leverage its assets in football, and we will see if that happened. In the other sports, they leveraged way down.

Mesa, AZ

JustGordon | 4:45 a.m. June 30, 2011

Wishing doesn't make it so.

BYU will never be mediocre or obscure no matter where they play.

Uteology | 5:04 a.m. June 30, 2011

Classy? O.K why didn't utes have class and reject the pac10.2 invite to put pressure on the BCS?

Because every school is going to do what's in their own best interest. BYU, UTAH, everyone.

Danbury, CT

This was the best choice given the options. It is short term anyways as in the next 10 years there will be another re-alignment and hopefully a real championship series for football. In the meantime, I like the schools and religious affiliations AND the chance to build some bridges with these churches. Everything has a good reason in the end.

As for USU - why doesn't their fellow state school Utah look out for its little brother?? USU wouldn't exist if it weren't for the revenues from BYU games.

Morgan, UT


Mediocrity and obscurity is what I see the Y and the WCC sharing.

I am sure you miss spoke, mediocrity and obscurity is what everyone sees with Utah in the PAC 10.2.

I know this is what you ment to say.

Red Headed Stranger
Billy Bobs, TX

"Mediocrity"? Hardly.

From an academics perspective, the WCC is a step up from the MWC. Looking at the ACT and SAT test scores from the "old" WCC and comparing them to the University of Utah, the WCC comes out on top. For example, according to the College board website, the middle 25%-75% of BYU kids score in the 84 to 96 percentile. The U? 55 to 88. Yikes. Meaning? The higher end kids at the U score about the same as the lower end kids at the Y.

The WCC kids scores are closer to the Y,
Pepperdine 80-96
Loyola 80-94
USD 80-94
Gonzaga 80-94
Santa Clara 84-96

The WCC admits high quality freshman and rewards them with a high quality undergrad education. Not mediocrity.

PAC 10.1.1? I guess the Stanfords and Berkleys get balanced out by WAZZU, OSU and UU. Just sayin', no offense.

By the way, wasn't the U having trouble verifying if its incoming Freshman had actually finished high school? Lest we forget the purpose of college is well, education.

Boise, Id

For Football independence made the most sense and seems to be headed in a great direction to start. Playing Gonzaga and St Marys in basketball will be good competition. I think the WCC will be a two or three big conference with these three teams. I still hope that BYU will get an opportunity to be in a BCS conference and preferably the big 12 in the not too distant future. I think the Football team will do well with independence in both the short a long term but I think all other sports in the long term will need a BCS conference affiliation for continued growth. Don't mind independence and the WCC for now but this fan would prefer a big 12 invite for long-term stability of all BYU sports.

Orem, UT


"BYU left USU at the alter. The classy thing woiuld have been to back USU by staying in the WAC. After all is that why USU turned down the MWC offer."

Classy selective use of facts.

BYU's agreement to join the WAC in all sports except for football was contingent upon ALL existing WAC teams, except Boise State and Louisiana Tech, remaining in the WAC for at least 5 years. As soon as Nevada and Fresno State reneged on the agreement, there was no agreement.

If you agree to buy a car from your buddy and when you return to pick it up you find two wheels missing and your buddy tells you he has no plans to replace them, are you still going to do the "classy thing" and buy the car?

Karchaj, A.V.

@ DeepBlue:
Really? A two or three bud league? 2 perhaps in some years. Never three.

casual observer
Salt Lake City, UT

Given the circumstances BYU acted in their best interests as did everyone else. USU, et al don't need BYU to look after them.

Murray, UT

The more I have analyzed this move of BYU non football sports to the WCC the more I like it and I believe it will work out very well for BYU and the WCC. It may be that BYU decides that they like football independence and the WCC for the other sports and just stays that way for a long time. I don't see the Big 12-2 conference changing much any time soon or until Bob Stoops (Oklahoma) or Mack Brown (Texas) leave their posts because both are on record as disliking and not favoring a conference championship game which is really the only reason to have 12 teams in a conference. Things appear to be working out well for BYU in either regard.

Red Headed Stranger,

You are a bit behind the times in regard to incoming freshman at the U. The U has started to significantly beef up its entrance standards and according to reports is making moves to gain admittance to the prestigious group of AAU universities. Arizona got there six years after joining the PAC 10 and Utah is on a similar track.

Boise, Id

The WCC has already been a two-bid league with both Gonzaga and St Marys both making it in the NCAA tournament. The league has mostly been a one-bid conference but it has had 2 bids in the past. With the addition of BYU it is likely that the league would be a two-bid league most years with the possibility of three bids in a good year.

West Haven, Utah

Currently, ESPN projects 3 WCC teams to make next year's NCAA tournament - Gonzaga, BYU, and St. Mary's. And that's not all: Both San Francisco and Santa Clara have very good basketball teams that can challenge the top three. It's not just DeepBlue that's taking about the WCC being a three-bid league, Mesoute, many of the Sportswriters at ESPN and Sports Illustrated have been saying the same thing.

Henderson, NV

I hope BYU stays in the WCC. They seem like a friendlier bunch of schools and a better fit than being in a conference with a bunch of secular schools who have a problem with BYU because they are religious and... BYU. I just wish there were some way to get Notre Dame into the mix.

Salt Lake City, UT


Oklahoma and Texas might have their wishes now to try the league for a season or two without a CCG, but many of the Big-12-2 sportswriters feel that will only last 1-2 seasons. There has even been some talk of taking BYU on as a standalone 11th school much the way the Big-Ten dealt with Penn State for 18 years.

As for Utah joining the AAU, this is an organization that is actually talking about contraction more than anything. They expelled Nebraska last April, which has a few other schools looking over their shoulders. But Utah does meet the AAU criteria better than Nebraska having an on-campus medical school which generates massive levels of NIH and NSF grant funding. The fact that Utah has over 70 Ph.D programs is what makes it AAU viable. The caliber of the undergraduate student body at BYU is something however that many of the AAU schools envy and their presidents all wonder why BYU has only 25 Ph.D level programs (including LawJ.D. & Ed.D) programs? The latter more than anything is the official reason the Pac-12 would not consider taking BYU.

Reno, NV

Loyola Marymount/Bynum???

They claim Andrew Bynum as a famous alum?!? Maybe he has taken some college courses there but he went straight from high school to the League. Bit of a reach from LMU.

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