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Published: Wednesday, June 29 2011 2:00 p.m. MDT

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Ogden, UT

This is great as long as CJ remembers to play within the system. He is no MJ and shouldn't be shooting 20 shots a game.

His athleticism will be valuable and as long as he keeps improving he will be an asset.

Kearns, UT

For his reasonable salary, I like CJ as a bench scorer. No, he's not consistent, and lacks discipline at times, but who else on this team is going to score? Good move by the Jazz.

Murray, UT

" .. Now I'm back to work"

I might be misinterpretting this here, but that line is what worries me about Miles. Has he just been playing Call of Duty the last 2 months or so and now he's going to start working out?

Syracuse, UT

Not only has he been playing Call of Duty for two months now, he has been cafe rio everyday also, and probably partying a lot also, he is a fat out of shape athlete who I think can be good, but I think we should've traded him 4 years ago when they had that shot.

Holladay, UT

When Miles attacks the basket he is awesome. It's when he starts shooting off balance shots, fade aways, and low percentage shots that sometimes hurts the team. He would be a lot more consistent if he only took quality shots and tried to get to the basket more.

Farmingtown, IL


He said 'BACK to work' NOT 'time to start working.' From what I understand, most of the Jazz team has been working hard with P3 since the end of the season.

Temecula, CA

Good move by the Jazz. Hoping CJ and Burks and Gordon and Jeremy take it too each other in the gym. Corbin said those that earn their minutes through hard work and competition will play. CJ is going to have to get in good running shape...I have a feeling the others are already. Go Jazz!

Salt Lake City, UT

I think it would be really hard to keep perspective if you were getting paid $3.7 million. Most people would retire if they won a $3.7 million lottery.

The thing is, he's getting $3.7 million because he's a BARGAIN, not because he's a great player. How does one get motivated to pursue greatness under those circumstances.

Think about it: the thing you hear about every truly GREAT player -- M.J., Malone, Stockton, Dirk, Reggie Miller, Chris Mullin, Kareem, Magic, Bird -- is that he was the hardest working player on their team. (Those names are off the top of my head and chosen, in part, because some, like Mullin, Miller, Stockton weren't physically gifted but were gym-rat-workout-animals.)

Sadly, I don't see C.J. ever becoming great, because he just doesn't have the fire, the work ethic, the desire, the character to become great.

Tokyo, Japan

two core players...Hayward and Favors...add Burks and Kanter...and that's a bright future...hope those four players can stay in our organization for their entire careers...they might end up bringing the championship in Utah...

Townsville, Queensland

I share the same reservations about CJ as many of you who have already responded to this article, but the fact is that the Jazz are very thin at the wing positions and CJ is still young and improving and is good value at 3.7 million.

Doctor J
Manti, UT

Glad to hear we are going to be watching Haywood & Favors!



I love CJ, ever since he came here from High School. He never got to play for a very log time in a game and when he would get hot, they would take him out. Can't wait for this season.

Salt Lake City, UT

This is a smart move, CJ has value, if nothing else he can be used as trade bait. I don't think he's a starter in this league, but he's a solid bench player at a fair price.

Sandy, UT

Are they keeping Jeremy Evans? I hope so. I am really excited about this group of young men and their potential. (I know, everybody hates that word.) I dread the possibility of a lockout and not having the schedule taped up on my refrigerator the minute it comes out in August. I enjoy being a neurotic Jazz fan, even though it drives my husband nuts.

Go Jazzboys (whenever)!!!

South Jordan, UT

My reaction? Of course the Jazz will pick up his option! What else would they do? They are the Jazz....The best franchise at making mediocrity look so competitive. CJ miles? Are you kidding me? Jazz front office magic at it's best once again.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Now that he is signed, the Jazz can trade his talents to South Beach play the point for the Heat.

It was apparent that the Jazz did nothing to improve their outside shooting in the draft. So they had no choice but to sign CJ to another year. Good move on the Jazz part. A solid scorer at under 4 million. Cheap in the NBA.

CJ stopped to tweet during one of his workouts. That is why he said what he said. CJ is a workout animal during the offseason. Every year he comes back stronger and bigger.

Alpine, UT

Hayward is the real deal! He has everything that a complete player needs to win. Shooting 54% from the arc in the final 27 games is phenomenal, even for a vet. WOW!

Clifton Heights, PA

Not the worst decision the Jazz have made. Although, I hated last season because CJ was the difference maker. When he was good, the Jazz were good. When he was having an off day (and the record last year shows how many off days he had) the Jazz usually lost.

Hope he comes through and proves all his doubters (including me) wrong. Get back to work kid!

Captain L
Provo, UT

1320 KFan interviewed CJ today, listen and you'll see he has been working out since his knee healed. CJ wants to lose a little weight and be able to run harder, longer, and play more minutes without losing his energy. He wants to start at the 2, both he and Hayward are best at the 2. One of them will probably end up starting at the 3, unless Corbin decides to experiment and start Milsap at the 3. I would love to see Evans show that he has worked hard enough and developed his skills so he could play the 3.
I want to give CJ one more chance, if he can't prove to be consistent then trade him at or before the trade deadline.
If CJ can prove he can play consistently, he will be well worth his salary and much more and he will be a player the team wants to keep.

Captain L
Provo, UT

It's a real pain to think that there will probably be a lock out. It would be nice if CJ or one of the other vets would do like John Beck and get the team together to practice and workout together and help the youngsters develop. Leadershop!!!

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