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Published: Tuesday, June 28 2011 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Flower Mound, TX

dlw7 said, "However, my issue is the idea of "Advertising" the Church to make it more socially acceptable to people."

I understand what you're saying but I don't think the advertising campaign is to make the church more "socially acceptable to people." I think it's to get people to want to Come Unto Christ and part of that is removing negative stereotypes, and showing people the practical application of the gospel in people's lives.

I see nothing wrong with advertising the gospel. Advertising is basically just a word for "getting a message across". And as someone else on here mentioned, you can't get the message out if you hide it under a bushell. How will people know unless we tell them?

A voice of Reason
Salt Lake City, UT

"Typical advertisement. Do you think the number of people of color in that ad actually represent an accurate proportion that exists in the church?"

1) Yes, I do think that... when you consider the purpose of the advertising campaign. These advertisements are not meant to simply say 'we have Blacks, Hispanics, etc.' - they are meant to say 'unlike what the media and our critics have often told you we have Blacks' Hispanics, etc. and actually are a religion of diverse people'. This is designed to counter the false images portrayed by the others.

2) Although in reality, yes, the ratio certainly isn't that high, you also living in Utah means you see a much less diverse view of the membership than others. If you worked in the church and had access to those statistics that's one thing... but we truly are a diverse religion... UTAH is what isn't diverse. I Love Utah, but we are a very white state statistically... and I believe that it has nothing to do with the church as there are always more things to consider.

avid reader
Menan, ID

We lived in up state NY last year as senior missionaries and the" I am a Mormon ad campaign was on TV." We received many positive comments from New Yorkers who are not Mormon. They said they thought it was a good way to help people learn that Mormons are people just like them. As we talked to them they asked questions about the church and we were able to answer questions of misunderstandings about the church. We didn't receive any negative comments about the ads and they were played regularly. One man at a big outdoor market in Rochester who was selling his wares said, "I think the ad campaign is brilliant." Thats what I think about the billboards in New York city, "they are a brilliant idea." They are a great help to missionary work and especially dispelling misconceptions about the church. The electronic age is both good and bad, but these ads will help the church go forward. We know who is in charge.

no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

Advertising a religion?
Seems weird.
Should be interesting to see if other religious denominations hop on the Mormon bandwagon and duel for the best spots in Time Square. Who will have the largest and brightest advertisement in that famous tourist spot in New York City?
Thought it was supposed to be a "spiritual kind of thing". Wonder if this is what God had in mind........
Ah, but glitz and glamour does sell!

Provo, UT

To Romney and Huntsman vs the crazy Tea Party Lady. I have in front of me information from the three candidates for POTUS. Only MS Bachman's asks for my opinion on any of the issues. That crazy lady wants to find out what voters think and feel about the issues. The lady is crazy like a fox and has a better understanding and support of the Constitution than the other two combined. I'm working to elect that crazy Tea Party lady. Being a Mormon does not make you better qualified to be President.


Who has said that being a Mormon makes "you better qualified to be President."? If you want to support that "crazy Tea party lady", then by all means please do...

I think the advertising is wonderful, not only for those with a reservation about voting for a "Mormon", but for all of those folks that have been fed anti-Mormon propaganda from any number of sources. People who know nothing of the LDS faith, and it's true beliefs, are now "invited" to find out for themselves what the Church is all about. Sounds familiar doesn't it..."And when ye shall receive these things, I would exhort you that ye would ask God..."

Flower Mound, TX

I don't know about inside of Utah, but outside of Utah religions do advertise. Several churches even give/sell their members yard signs to put in their yard saying which church they belong to. Others post huge banners outside their house of worship. Still others put ads in newspapers. Also, we frequently (especially around religious holidays) get many large, full-color post card type advertisments in the mail for various denominations. We have billboards around town with churchs on them and I remember several billboards with "messages from God" and "I am number 2" campaigns. I have no problem with any of this as this is how they get their message out.

Come to think of it, wasn't Christ sending a message when he made the "trimphful entry" into Jerusalem? How about the Star of Bethlahem? All "advertisements" if you will using methods that would attract attention and spread The Word using methods of that time period.

Centerville, UT

no fit in SG | "Advertising a religion? Seems weird."

And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

Isn't that a request to advertise a religion? Isn't that what missionaries do when they go door to door?

Centerville, UT

"Should be interesting to see if other religious denominations hop on the Mormon bandwagon"

Google "religious advertising". Seems the Mormons are slow out of the gate.


@ Esquire
"Just remember, the higher your profile, the bigger the target. You can't be thin-skinned anymore"

You seem to be suggesting that Mormons need to prepare themselves for verbal attacks as though this were unknown territory, and the religion hasn't encountered this every single day since Joseph Smith began to be persecuted at age 14. Today, Mormons are one of the only groups against whom open predjudice is still socially acceptable.

But thanks for the heads up, we'll do our best to adjust! =)

Syracuse, ut

Big thumbs up here, I like it.

Bountiful, Utah

Within the last 2-3 years the church asked the members and the media to STOP referring to ourselves as mormons. We were officially asked to use the full name of the church or "Latter Day Saint" if I remember right. Now the church is advertising and referring to its members as mormons. What's up with that? Are we or are we not supposed to refer to ourselves as Mormons?

Draper, UT

@Ernest T. Bass - I'm posting this so late in the day that you may never see it, but churches all over the country have huge PR and ad budgets. Many of them use the $$ to buy broadcast air time, others to purchase large billboards on major highways, still others to buy ads in newspapers. Some use all of these and more. Methinks you are too used to the image of the LDS Church as being holed up in Salt Lake City while its detractors take as many free potshots and make as many unchallenged attacks as they wish. I don't know if it matters to you or not, Ernest T., but those days are over.

Moxley Sorrel
Salt Lake City, UT

No matter the product you're selling, you've got to spend money to make money.


In this article Bro Richard G Hinkley says,"It is one thing to read a list of beliefs and try to determine what it means. It is quite another to see those beliefs in action in an individual you know." That is why missionaries (who be the way, teach and preach the gospel, not advertise it) are anxious to have their investigations come to Church and meet the members. I find it hard to believe that when the Savior comes again He will be on TV or on the billboard in Times Square.

Spanish Fork, UT

Good for the church. Christ said, "by their fruits ye shall know them." Have people speak their faith. Can't argue with the results. They are happy and not pushing their beliefs but sharing.

The whiners, haters, mutterers and wimps will never be happy. They are like radical Islamists... never happy with Israel until it's exterminated.

Centerville, UT

dlw7 |
I rather think that when the lord comes again, it will be a tv event. I'm not sure but I think a scripture says the whole world will know when he comes again.

Utah Native
Farmington, UT

@jsf - Interesting thought. Never thought about the Second Coming being televised. I always sort of pictured the big broadcasting stations (NY, LA) going down with the destruction that precedes the event. I don't know for sure, of course, but I don't think the Savior needs artificial means to announce His coming in order for the whole world to know. What do the rest of you think?

Cedar Hills, UT

not fit in SG

Is it advertising or is it a campaign to share the gospel as Jesus directed that it should be ... throughout the world. Go to all nations and preach my gospel, I think he said something like that. The naysayers will always find something to be offended about. But watch as the gospel rolls forward so that every ear will hear about Jesus.

Brigham City, UT

Bachmann is beautiful; besides Reagan was elected on his looks alone. Even as president he was a good actor---just prop him up and tell him what evangelicals want to hear.

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