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Published: Tuesday, June 28 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

There is much to admire in both Mr. Huntsman and Mr. Romney.

I ask this question in complete sincerity:

What are the chances that the current base of the GOP, comprised of a mixture of Tea Party libertarians and evangelical Christian social conservatives, would ever embrace the candidacy of two politically moderate Mormons?

I am a Democrat, and I have to admit that the only declared GOP candidate who makes me doubt the inevitability of a second term for Barack Obama is John Huntsman.

That said, I genuinely wonder if the current GOP machinery is capable of embracing a moderate. If they are not or can not, then it's 1964 all over again.

Springville, UT

The world won't see an intra-faith contest, and Mormons should not see it that way either. If they do, then it shows that the Church is still not a world religion, is not one of wide appeal, and is not yet ready for the big stage. It is still a parochial church in too many ways. We brag about our public exposure, then are thin-skinned about anything negative. We seem to have the persecution complex that just won't go away.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

Jon Huntsman is polished. Mr. Obama is polished. Jon Huntsman is inexperienced. Mr. Obama is inexperienced. Jon Huntsman is a political pop star. Mr. Obama is a political pop star. Jon Huntsman is far too liberal to be a Republican. Mr. Obama is the most liberal of the Democrats. Do we want Jon Huntsman to become Obama II as our next President?

Mitt Romney is a businessman who is also in politics. In business, he has stepped in and fixed things when others have failed. He is experienced. He is not a political pop star. He is not nearly as polished as other candidates.

If Mr. Obama has taught us anything, it is that we need someone in the White House who walks the walk. Smooth talkers need not apply.

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

Huntsman isn't a practicing Mormon folks.

And Romney will do and say anything and everything to get elected. Even if it means throwing Hunstman under the bus.

Lets not concentrate on how a person looks, feels, or sounds. One can be deceived by the sweet singing of any politician. Lets look at the issues.

What does Romney stand for? Guess it depends on the flavor of the week.

Huntsman meanwhile, maintains a RINO like stance. I'd vote for a moderate anytime over the extreme right/flip floppers like Romney.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Mike Richards - How, pray tell, is Jon Huntsman inexperienced? Like Romney, he has executive experience as Governor. He also served as Ambassador to one of the world's prominent -- and powerful -- rising powers.

If you're going to compare Romney and Huntsman, let's at least get some facts straight. No one wants propaganda.

Kearns, UT

Huntsman for Dog Catcher, Romney for President. I don't care if Romney isn't gregarious at all. So what.

Brother Chuck Schroeder
A Tropical Paradise USA, FL

Like it or not DN and Utah, this is MY VIEW, not yours. The Koch brother's RINO campaign?. Romney, Jon Huntsman Jr. compete in Mormon primary, Romney is a great-great grandson of early Mormon Apostle Parley P. Pratt and Jon Huntsman Jr. is a great-great-great grandson of Pratt. WHO CARES but Utah?. This is a National election, not a private Utah one. Huntsman does not have presidential leadership qualities, while flip flop Romney is not best-suited for a vice-presidential role or anything else for that matter. While he's the namesake of a billionaire businessman and a member of one of the most prominent families within The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, he's also a high school dropout who spent the latter part of his teen years playing with local jazz and rock bands. Who paid for that?. Huntsman is fan of rock music, motorcycles, mountain biking, reading, and playing the piano. As Utah governor, he supported legislation to deal with climate change and backed civil unions for gay couples, positions that angered the GOP base but had little impact on his overall popularity. The "poster boyz in da Utah hood"?. Yep.

Kamas, UT

This letter is laughable. Tops, the "Mormon vote" amounts to about 2-3 million assuming they are all registered to vote (adults living in the US based on total membership of 14 million). Speculating on how Romney and Huntsman are going to play anywhere but Utah is hysterical at this point.

Irony Guy
Bountiful, Utah

Both MR and JH are all ambition under the skin, leaving a trail of silver spoons in their wake.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

re: Alex,

What, exactly, has Jon Huntsman done to show that he can handle the problems that Mr. Obama cannot handle?

Jon Huntsman left the office, to which he was elected by the people of Utah, to serve Mr. Obama in China. There are 300 million Americans. Was Mr. Obama not able to find one other American, preferably one who was not a Governor, to fill that position. The fact that Mr. Obama disrespected Utah enough to dangle an appointment in front of Jon Huntsman shows the disdain he holds for Utah. The fact that Jon Huntsman took that job showed that he is focused on political ambition, not on the job the people elected him to do. What, other than riding his motorcycle in China, did Jon Huntsman do that was newsworthy?

Didn't he "quit" his appointment to China.

During the time that he was governor, what crisis did he handle that prepared him in any way to save the United States from ruin?

He is high on ambition, high on opportunism, but untried in following through on major commitments.

Jon W.
Murray, UT

Obama offered Huntsman a position in his administration to try and sideline what he perceived as formidable competition in the next election. It didn't work. That said, I will not vote for Huntsman in the Republican primary. I didn't even vote for him last time he ran for governor (I wrote in Gary Herbert). I did vote for Romney last presidential primary, and I might do so again after exploring the other candidates (Michelle Bachmann for one). Jon Huntsman would probably be a good Secretary of State.

Mark B
Eureka, CA

Based on what he appears to value, it seems the ideal candidate for Mike R. would be Dick Cheney, who already has an honorary BYU degree.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

re: Jon W,

You've just pointed out two great problems. Mr. Obama relied on his own "hunch" to sideline Jon Huntsman and Jon Huntsman relied on Mr. Obama's "hunch" to prove his self-importance as a candidate.

We have seen that Mr. Obama is incapable of making sound decisions and it is becoming apparent that Jon Huntsman is falling into that same trap.

re: Mark B,

Although I am flattered that you value my opinion so highly, you might spend just a little time reading the letter to the editor. It may surprise you to learn that it is not about me; however, I'll forward your warmest regards on to Dick.

American Fork, UT

I don't want a mormon president. Or an whatever michelle bachmann is president. I want an american president. One who, when pressed, would remind us that our relationship with god is personal. And one who never justifies anything by telling us 'god says so'. I don't trust anyone who says that, and I expect more of a president, or dog catcher or any other elected official.

Hank Pym

Re: Blue | 12:58 a.m. June 28, 2011

Only a ticket of Former NM Gov Johnson & JHJ have a chance in 2012 IMO.

Re: Esquire | 6:39 a.m. June 28, 2011

Settle the nomination at the next Pratt Family reunion?

Re: Mike Richards | 8:06 a.m. June 28, 2011

Mitt is a Venture Capitalist (similar enough to all the Wall St types who caused the recent meltdown) & has an Ivy League degree like the current and 3 preceeding POTUSs.

Those qualificatioons make Romney not worth considering. And, look religion doesnt factor into my bias. ROFL!

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