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Published: Sunday, June 26 2011 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Murray, UT

Why don't we do everyone a favor by enforcing the law and letting these people go home to their own country and apply from there like everyone else does? Then you don't have to worry about it. "Legal" starts in the right place and that isn't within the borders of the USA. If you want to do it right begin in your own country instead of breaking into ours. Anyone whose first action is to crash the border should never under any circumstances be given American citizenship. You break the law before anything else and you should be sent home without ever being allowed to become a citizen. Can we please start worrying about the problems of American citizens and quit spending our time trying to work out deals with people who have no right to even be here?

Murray, Ut

If we enforced our laws, this would not be a problem.

The time to apply for citizenship was before you came, not after being here for years and threatened with deportation.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Some enterprising notarios have begun selling fake "Utah Work Permits" for as much as $2,500 each."

Very, very interesting. Sounds uncannily and effectively identical to what Bramble, Lockhart, Mero, and others are doing with their HB116 "Guest worker" program: in the name of a $2500 (or $1500) "fine," and beginning in 2013, they effectively would sell a Utah work permit to illegal aliens EVEN WITHOUT a federal waiver -- which would make these "permits," what?

Fake Utah work permits!

Like those discussed in this article, these "guest worker permits" pursuant to HB116 would leave the permit-holder perfectly vulnerable to Federal prosecution and deportation.

Yes, that's right, illegal alien, these legislators who pretend to be your friends are the most egregious of the "notarios." Their scam is on a massive, state-wide scale. The unscrupulous special interests they work for -- the businesses who want you as disposable servants, for example -- are very much part of the scam.

Remember, illegal alien: those here in Utah who condone your illegal presence in America are not your friends. The Most Reverend Bishop Wester, to his credit, finally figured this out, which is why he has withdrawn his support of HB116.

Kearns, UT

So how does it feel? Scamming the scammer, I love it, there is some justice left.

Now they know how americans feel when Hispanics are favored by prejudice and discrimination by cities, states, federal government and law enforcement.

David B.
Cedar City, UT

CJ you are right but you know the politcians aren't going to enforce the laws already on the books. They'll just write some new farce of a law that will do nothing and then say we don't have the money to enforce it. They just can't do without the vote of illegals. This problem has to start at the borders,get our troops home from overseas and put them on the border with Mexico and Canada and do their training there. But then again that would be to simple for them to think about.

one day...
South Jordan, UT

to CJ
You will find better solutions than yours, sorry!...next!

Salt Lake City, UT

Why don't we do everyone a favor by enforcing the law and sending everyone accused of any crime straight to prison? No arraignment, no preliminary hearing, no plea bargain, no presumption of innocence, no trial, no attorney, no appeal. Who cares about civil rights or the Constitution? They just get in the way of law enforcement. What we really need is a police state. Think of the money it would save. Now there's a way to cut spending!

princeton, IN

CJ , I agree with you in part but, in other countries they do not have a good documentation practices which makes it harder for someone to navigate our system. I understand that this is no excuse or reason to justify break the law, but we do need to fix this so people can come here legally and protect our system of emigration

Santa Clara, UT

CJ 11:27. I agree completely with your comments. Scammers include the politically correct crowd who are encouraging illegals to come here. They are part of the problem. Immigrants who go through the legal process have no problems. Viva LEGAL immigration.

E. Matscheko
St. George, UT

The worst about illegal immigration, are those who take advantage of it; the coyotes, "notarios", employers, civil rights activists, politicians...

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

It's hard to cheat an honest man.
C'mon, people. Those scammers are just trying to make a living and take care of their families. That's a noble cause. We ought to just leave them alone and let them break the law.

Murray, UT

One day..
"better solutions"??? I suppose that means amnesty and allowing those who are here stealing jobs, healthcare, education, and anything else they can to cut themselves some kind of deal instead of obeying the law. Do you really think that the millions of jobs that illegals are stealing with the money going straight to Mexico isn't devastating the economy? Can't wait to hear some of your "better solutions". I suppose you think HB116 is one of them. Rewarding lawlessness is never a solution to anything. Why don't you tell us all some of your great solutions?

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

In a fair world, most of the clients discussed in this story would be turned over to immigration autorities for deportation, not assisted in continued illegal presence.

I must have missed the story praising the hard working men and women prtoecting the interests of all citizens and legal residents by enforcing our laws and securing the border.

Oh, wait, those people are despised by the politically correct crowd and will be undercut and underfunded by pandering politicians, and never receive a word of praise by the liberal media.

Too bad we have our priorities reversed.

Alpine, UT

Sadly, there are many locally who would scam their neighbor, an illegal, an immigrant, or even their own mother - all in the name of making ends meet for their family. The scams come in the form of "Notarios", some potion that is supposed to cure this or that (unproven by hard science, no doubt - or at least grossly exagerated), or are built on multi-level organizations where company leadership knows its "salesforce" is making obsurd claims to sell overpriced product.

Well folks, buyer beware. The snake-oil salespeople are everywhere, and they want your hard-earned dollars. Don't think because you are in Utah, or because the salesperson goes to church, that they aren't willing to take your money and give little-to-nothing of value in return.

It's time we demand a higher standard for making a living. Let's start with delivering real value as opposed to wheeling and dealing, scamming and taking advantage of others.

Walt Nicholes
Orem, UT

I repeatedly hear people complaining about the "vote" of the illegals, as in "They just can't do without the vote of the illegals."

FInd me one real and documented example. Find me a single poll worker who can prove that an illegal voted, or a single illegal who will attest that they did actually get on the voter registration rolls and cast a ballot. What hooey!

The illegals may make a huge difference in the statistical polls and surveys that support this or that, but I'm betting than more dead people voted than illegals.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: one day... | 5:33 a.m. June 27, 2011
"You will find better solutions than yours, sorry!...next!"

There is a better solution than enforcing the law? People entering our country are expected to be invited in through the front door ... not through an unlocked back window.

Spanish Fork, UT


It is not at all true that potential immigrants who go through the "legal process" encounter "no problems". A majority of the "undocumented" tried the legal paths and failed because of our broken immigration system. Be grateful that your ancestors got in before "Big Brother" went and broke the front door.

I have great empathy for the undocumented in our country. I completely fail to see how they are so much more evil than my British ancestors who came here before our contradictory, complicated, unevenly enforced, and problematic system of "immigration regulations". I do, however, feel quite strongly that those who view our recent immigrants as sub-human and then lie to, cheat, and steal from them are doing something quite immoral and contemptible.

We need to streamline and overhaul the overgrown and inept system at our border that tries to do the things that destroyed our communist rivals -- it attempts to dictate who can do what and live where and why. Despite the large quote on the Statue of Liberty welcoming the poor and outcast, the Feds now accept only those with lots of money and power as "legal" immigrants. It's un-American and needs reform.

Bountiful, UT


Finally, a voice of reason! What people don't see is immigrants trying to fix their status and being scammed. How many times we have read of people who came here under amnesty and then a so called lawyer rip them off?

The system needs to be fixed
The borders need to be secured
Immigration system didn't exist until mid 20th Century. Before that was getting into a ship, arriving to Ellis Island, inspected to check you have no lice and writing your name on a passenger list. But if you came thru Canada, you just needed to find your way thru the border.

Jazz Cop
San Francisco, CA

If S.American countries could possibly afford to make their immigrants legal, before they flee to the us for better lives, they would probably use the money to support cultural wars in the usa, since the majority of s.american governments were put in place by terrorist orginizations embedded in american govt., this is whatthe fuss about Reagan selling weapons to contras.
this is one of the problems with immigrant workers the usa now faces, but who knows what the truth really is, the lesson is if you take the media message as gospel ur a bigger jerk than any bigot from utah.

Farmington, UT

CJ and others: The "Law" you want to follow allows an immigrant to seek a change to permanent status after they come here. These people are doing nothing wrong by seeking the services of an immigration attorney to help with the confusing (and in English) paperwork associated with changing immigration status. In fact, our laws make it practically necessary to hire an attorney as one mistake in the paperwork will render the entire application void.

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