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Published: Sunday, June 26 2011 7:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Go BYU! I can't wait to be able to watch all the games. BYU's schedule will only get better.

Salt Lake City, UT

As Brad Rock pointed out not quite a month ago, a conference will come calling for BYU sooner than later, and I and many others suspect a possible Big-12 invitation is likely the reason we have yet to see many firm 2013 dates with the Texas game becoming a conference game. The biggest obstacle BYU has run into with scheduling as an independent is BCS league policies that make OOC games virtually prohibitive after the first weekend of October, hence the reasons he mentions finding ways to continue MWC and WAC rivalries. This will not bode well for independence since it will make it more difficult for BYU to recruit and attract the best LDS student athletes and those non-LDS that are willing to live by the rules BYU has. For BYU it is either move up or move out of big time college athletics. Independence Forever kool-aid drinkers better be aware that this is the reality for BYU, and they should not be expected to continue to use their BYU brand to prop-up financially mediocre and fan unsupported programs at places like Utah State. Provo could become Rexburg in such a scenario.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

Is there one single statement in this article that hasn't been hashed and rehashed ad nauseum?

Oh and I'm sure Cougar fans are looking forward to those hotly contested home and away series' in October and November with New Mexico State and San Jose State.

You know October and November... when Utah will be playing California, Oregon, Stanford... you know real D1 teams.

Iowa City, IA

Gotta give Holmoe credit for putting together the schedule he has so far. Hopefully the last couple of teams from the 2012 schedule will include teams from the Pac-12, Big 12, or even Big-10. Why not get Army and Navy involved since, presumably, they face similar circumstances? Perhaps travel from the east coast?

Of course, Utah and Utah State should be an annual given, though starting in 2013, the Ute game has not been determined. I know their are plenty of fans from both sides who'd like to see the rivalry cool. I am not one. The past 18 years have given us some of the best games in any rivalry, anywhere. Why would I want that to stop just because of some, minority, fringe fans. Come on Holmoe and Hill. Make it happen.

Good luck, Cougars.

Salt Lake City, UT

Every dies hard Ute fan/BYU haters fear is the Cougars being invited by the Big-12. Such people will hide behind the Sunday Play issue, but everyone knows that isn't realistic.

Provo, UT

"You know October and November... when Utah will be playing California, Oregon, Stanford... you know real D1 teams."

You forgot to add "when Utah will be playing AND GETTING HUMILIATED BY California, Oregon, etc."

It will start this year after Utah gets humiliated by BYU.


byu + espn > utah

Go Cougars!

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT


"AND GETTING HUMILIATED BY California, Oregon, etc"

I suppose this implies that the Collective would rather beat San Jose State and New Mexico State in October and November than be challenged by real D1 teams.

Those are games that will certainly vault BYU to that elusive BCS game.

As for me and my team, I choose to be challenged... But I understand that testing yourself against the best isn't for everybody... That's why a lot of recruits still choose BYU.


@ Howard S

Interesting thing is Utah gets to go to USC this year, and the game is on what channel? Versus.

BYU goes to Ole Miss and Texas, and both games are on espn networks.

BYU gets to play Notre Dame 6 times, and Utah will never get Notre Dame to come to SLC. BYU will travel to Notre Dame 4 of the 6 times, yes, but all 4 of those games will be on NBC, which beats playing USC on Versus every year!

byu + espn is a winning combination.

utah + washington state = 11th and 12th place in the pac 12.

Go Cougars!

Old Navy
Provo, UT

If the Big 12 was going to come calling, it would have happened when Nebraska and Colorado made their move. And clearly that didn't happen.

BYU fans are getting way ahead of themselves. Do they really believe that the Univ of Texas is willing to reduce or share their piece of the Big 12 financial pie?

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT


Being on TV doesn't win the games, my friend... Of course unless BYU is completing in some parallel dimension where victory is achieve by TV access and not points scored.

As for Notre Dame as long as Utah has perpetual home and home series with Oregon, USC, Cal, Stanford, they really don't need two 2-for-1 series with Notre Dame.

And as for Washington State, they have played in the Rose Bowl this decade... now remind me when was the last time BYU played in the Rose Bowl, or even a BCS game... Oh, I remember.... Never.

Mildred in Fillmore
Salt Lake City, UT

I'm looking forward to playing in the Independant league. I hope we finish first.

Orem, Utah

BYU has one thing that Utah doesn't have and that is marketability. BYU can go independent and get Notre to play in Provo. ESPN realizes the marketability of BYU which is the reason so many games will be on TV. Utah has to have a conference to survive. ESPN also has the all powerful dollar and Blaine Fowler a BYU alum and a Mtn. footbal analyst pointed out that if ESPN wants a BYU team in a BCS bowl as an independent the BCS will listen. Utah has the PAC 12 to get them to the BCS and BYU has ESPN.

South Jordan, UT

But what about BYUTV in HD???? I will not be happy until DirecTV picks up BYUTV in HD. Just can't stand the thought of watching the games in SD.


@Howard S

BYU's national championship > Utah's 2 bcs bowl appearances

1984 > 2004 and 2008

You are welcome to come sit at the adult table after you earn the title of "National Champion".

Until then, it's ok little brother up north. You can always look up to BYU.

Go Cougars!

Lake Elsinore, CA

I hope BYU does not ever get back to a conference, including the Big 12. Next year's schedule is entertaining and the first-year schedule is supposedly the hardest to fill. Keep Wisconsin, Ohio State, Nebraska, Navy, etc. on the radar and other teams sprinkled around the nation year after year. That will be better than seeing the same teams over and over.

Rick for Truth
Provo, UT

It is sad but true defining moment, as an independent only the $ will bring in the big games. BYU will need to stay at a minimum of 8 wins and 4 losses to keep the $'s flowing. If by some slim chance they actually make it to a BCS game in the next 3 years, they will make it big. If not, the football program will become a long struggle for acceptance, but one they can still make work. As much as I hope the Big 12 calls, I will not be holding my breath. It is really hard for the Baptist dominated culture to accept the LDS culture in anything, whether it be politics or sports. We had a better chance of a BCS bowl being a Football only in the Big East. It looks like the 2012 schedule will be the most difficult to put together. They will most likely have to add an "Eastern Washington" type to the schedule to get 5 home games. Its ok, thats what all the big boys do anyway.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT



If BYU had done something noteworthy in this generation they might not be left to pick up the scraps that the MWC and the WAC offer them in October and November... you know, when big time college football is played.

Taylorsville, Ut

I totally agree with mrj56. We are back in the age before the MTN. How long will it be before BYUtv is on Directtv in hd. I heard a rumor and I present it as a rumor that Comcast now owns the rights to BYUtv's signal and that is why Directtv and dish have not pick up the HD signal.

It does no good to be able to broadcast in SD; without having national broadcast in HD.

There is nothing uglier than watching sports; any sports on an HD set in SD..

This is an absolute mess. Some one needs to wake and get this fixed now. I sure hope we have not sold our soul to the Comcast Devil. It will be three years or more before we see BYU sports in Hd on any satellite service.

Seattle, WA

Howard S:

Guess what dude? Utah DOESN'T PLAY Stanford OR Oregon this year. California is in the North Division with Oregon and Stanford and while Utah will be playing call every year either.

And BYU won't be playing NMSU, SJSU et al every year either.

You are so preoccupied with hating BYU, you don't even know your the schedule of your own team.

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