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Published: Saturday, June 25 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Denver, Colorado

$150.00 to $1000.00 a seat per game in the lower part of the arena??? No Thanks!

I'll stick to College Basketball and enjoy the ride!

Anonymous Infinity
American Fork, UT

I hope this league takes a year off. The players and owners, including the commissioner are a bunch of diehard prima donas. I would add all the companies that provide team jersies, etc. All of this professional sports mania is totally out of kilter with reality. The NFL and MLB is part of it. I say let's get back to 35 cent per gallon gas and all the rest of it. Our home prices went from $30,000 to $300,000. This whole world is a liberal swamp. Have a great day.

Pepperell, MA


Florence, OR

I believe you are right that the players don't understand what the business is doing. The players should give at least 1 million dollars of their contract back to the team. I would love to go to more games but I just can't afford the price of tickets(even the noise bleed section) So have a lock out. I don't care if it is all year. I'm tried of all the players whinning about not getting enough money, let them go without for a while and I mean a while. Tried of all the rich cry baby's.

Orem, Utah

I could care less who's making the money. I only care about leveling the playing field so that every team has an equal chance of getting good enough players to contend for the title.

Then it's up to how intelligent an organization is to whether they get a chance at the championship.

With no real limit on spending for players (old CBA), championships can simply be bought.

Therefore, I'm with the owners on wanting a hard cap. Who cares who's getting rich!

Saint Louis, MO

Poor kids hope to cash in on the pot at the end of the rainbow. If they don't make it, they turn to crime. Let's set up some realistic expectations. There is also the matter of the major sports being infiltrated with lawyers who represent the players who have a socialist agenda. They want the players to be the owners which has happened rightfully in Charlotte.

Layton, UT

Shut the NBA down if need be. I hope the Owners don't give a dime to the union. These players are big cry babies. Don't give an inch, don't pay one extra dime. The same thing goes for any professional sport. Get real!!!

Bountiful, UT

If the world had not gone insane, the "boys" who play ball for a living would have a base of $30,000 per year and a salary cap of $100,000 per year (for the big-name franchise players). Take it or leave it. Whole families of sports fans could afford to attend ballgames regularly.

You tell me; What over-grown kid would turn down such a generous income for the fun of playing games and, instead, go work for a living in a job for which they are truly "qualified?" Wouldn't it be grand to turn professional sports into family recreation instead of idol worship?

Southern Utah Fan
Enterprise, Utah

Amen NealT...... Tell ya what I will be the 12th man on the teem for $100.000 now thats a bargin

Richfield, UT

It amazes me that nearly every time there are contract disputes and strikes in pro sports the fans end up on the players side and put the blame and pressure on the owners to give in. They don't seem to grasp the fact that every penny is paid for by the fans and it is them and only them who will end up paying for the exorbitant salaries.

The NBA needs some sort of an incentive program so that players who are flops or are constantly injured cannot cripple the franchise for 4 or five years. We look at AK47's salary as an example but that pales in comparison to the 23 million per for the last 2 years of Tracy McGrady's contract looking at his contribution on the floor.

louisiana jazz man
Dubach, LA

the players need locked out. last i checked they diden't spend 450 mil to buy a team they pay nothing to build the arena they play in that cost millions but want half the money. sweeet maby i can go in monday and tell them we want half the profit. preety sure i would be locked out. need to cutt players money in half if they don't want to play find someone else.most would come back begging for a job for one or two million a year . 75 percent would be working at mCdonalds if not in sports. same with nfl

Doctor J
Manti, UT

I can have season tickets to my favorite college hoop team for the price a couple of Jazz playoff games.

My Team went to the Sweet Sixteen last year...I don't think the Jazz were in the playoffs...were they?

I've always liked the Jazz...still do...but my dollar buys more in Provo. (& the Burnt Almond Fudge ice cream from the BYU creamery is pretty good too)

St. George, Utah

these basketball players are so overpaid it totaly pathetic. as far as a possible lockout goes. let'em its their loss not mine. and figure skating is an intersting sport it takes a lot of talent to be able to that. anybody can become an overpaid Basketball player. all those fines Basketball players are given for rule and policy violations are nothing more than pocket change. I was at a lakers game once when a player was given a fine for pushing another player off the court and into the bench of the opposing team and you could hear the player making comments and joking about a fine he was going to get and they all laughed it off. when one player said well just give it to them out of your change purse you'll never miss it. the article is right its time for these athletes to get a dose of reality...

Pleasant Grove, UT

Perhaps the NBA could adopt the system used by many school districts. Teachers can increase their wages based on years of experience and levels of education.

Here's an idea:
All rookies start out with a base salary of $100,000. If they earned their bachelors degree, then increase it to 150,000. Each year they are in the league they earn an additional $50,000. So a 5 year veteran with a college degree would earn $350.000. Bonuses would be paid for division, conference, and league championships. They could earn all the extra money they want through endorsements, etc.

Within 5 years they would out-earn the President of the United States.

If NBA players want a job, that's what it pays. If they don't like the wages, they can venture out on their own, and make their millions like NBA owners had to do.

Wally West

Owners and players in all sports (maybe not the NHL?) need a reality check.

I said early on, in the NFL lockout, who really cares what a bunch of whiney millionaires & greedy billionaires think?

Professional sports is entertainment to me and then alot of time not as enjoyable as Wrestling.

If there is no 2011-12 NBA season then thank heavens Dallas won the title.

Cedar Hills, UT

This is why college and High school sports are still the best. And this is a big reason I don't support paying kids to play at college; it will snow ball and the next thing you know we have major issues with corruption, pro and college.

I don't care if the NFL or NBA stays locked out, I will still see football and basketball next year, without them.

Lehi, UT

1. BYU's Burnt Almond Fudge has nothing on Starlight Mint from Energy Solutions Arena. Jazz win that battle every night of the week.

2. Hard cap + no guaranteed contracts = Solution to the NBA's problems.

Holladay, UT

I love that most of those commenting here do not know what is going on. They automatically think it the is the players fault.

Uhm.... Most of the problems with the NBA labor agreement will be from the owners. Prime example: Andrei Kirilenko's long term max contract. Owners have been over paying the average players which in turn inflates overall pay. Also, there is going to be a division between two groups of owners; on one side you will have the Lakers, Boston and the few other endless pocket teams, vs the ones who have to watch what they spend. The problem with this is the Jazz are one one of the teams that need to watch their money, but have been OVER the salary cap for the last couple seasons. The players association has even gone to say that once the owners get their side right--revenue sharing, shorter contracts--they will come and meet the owners to help fill in the money problems.

Eagle Mountain, UT

I would love to see the NBA and the NFL lose a year, go through some reality checks and come back humbled. Incomes can be cut drastically for the ones making over 3 million per year. The price of tickets can go down and some of the profits can be donated to charities in teams home towns.

McCammon, Idaho

I think that they are a bunch of overpaid, underworked, crybabies who whine and snivel constantly about how hard it is to make ends meet. And that is just the owners; the players are even worse. Good thing that the college games are so much more exciting and less expensive. I will never attend another professional sporting event.

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