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Published: Saturday, June 25 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Ann Arbor, MI

I'm sure the Kings will be looking to start over with the first pick of the 2012 NBA Draft.

Mesa, AZ

I find it interesting that people out there cannot accept what Jimmer has done. So before they get on here let me say first...

Yes, he is that good.

Yes. he was taken as a lottery pick and in the top ten.

Yes, he can and will play defense. If you are still a naysayer about this point let me ask... Do you thin he doesn't have the ability? Look at the combine report. Do you think he doesn't have the heart? How can you question this kids heart? That's just silly. Do you think he doesn't have the will? Have you ever seen him work out? I have. No questions.

Yes, he has the potential to start. All this stuff that he isn't good enough is inane, stupid and silly. there is no argument that you have that isn't countered by examples that are now successful in the NBA, or in drafts this season that are slower, smaller, and didn't win POY.

What really cracks me up is the vitriol of people who just wish him to fail. Why? what's in it for you? What do want him to NOT succeed?

Give it a rest.

Honor Code
Denver, Colorado

Well, I'm no Fredette fan, but I will give kudos to the kid for not walking around as if he's the KING!!!

Richfield, UT

Prediction: NBA League Pass package sales will more than double in the state of Utah when and if we have a season. The one and only reason....to follow Jimmer....I will still be a Jazz fan but if he's in the 3 guard rotation which is the word coming out of Sacramento, I will be watching every game I can.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

Another great hall of famer wore #7.

I hope big brother TJ will execute another contract with Jimmer:

"I, Jimmer Fredette will do whatever it takes to be inducted into the NBA hall of fame one day."

Mesa, AZ


What is your point?

You dislike Jimmer? Message received.

You hate BYU? Got it.

You dislike Mormons. Yeah for you.

The real question is why? Why do you even care?

Momma always told me, if you can't say anything nice, say nothing at all.

It would be different if you actually had something to say except that you hate BYU and you want Jimmer to fail.

Have you ever acknowledged Jimmer for what he's accomplished?

See there's the difference. You just hate.

The Kings were happy to select Jimmer 10th, and frankly they have a more level head, clear thinking, and are not tainted by hate. So if you don't mind, I will go with those who are actually paid to have an opinion.

Not you.

Doctor J
Manti, UT

Go Jimmer!

Alpine, UT


Well said ...

Orem, UT

There is one reality now, what you did in the past got you where you are. But you do in the future will determine if you stay. Jimmer has to produce. But once he finds his role with the Kings and settles in, I believe he's going to be a solid addition to their team. If it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out. This much is obvious, he will do all he can, give all he can, and care all he can to make it happen. There will always be the detractors, the ones that belittle. They are not true sports fans who love the game and respect it regardless of who the player or the team is.

Holladay, UT

Why do Jimmer lovers thing those that criticize him hate him? It is really simple to why I am not sold on him; I do not think his skills will transition to the NBA. At least not at the same level as his college game was. I do not hate him, I hope he does well. I really believe most critics do not hate him, but Jimmer worshipers do not accept any critiques on his game. I agree with hedgehog, the Kings will still be in turmoil next year.

Jimmer will not be a star or hall of famer. I put his ceiling at a rich man's JJ Barrea. Trust me, there are much worse things to be than that. That would mean he would have a solid career by finding a nice area to fill for a team.

Cedar Hills, UT

Can't wait to purchase the Jimmer jersey.

Provo, UT

Funny how peoples' passions cause them to go all out in one direction or another and forget all about balance. Some see Jimmer as the second coming of MJ, and others see him as a total bust. What is more likely is that he will have a solid if unspectacular career.

His level-headedness and work ethic increase the probability that he will survive in the league. We have seen enough first round picks in Utah that never panned out and in most cases they were either head cases (Luther Wright, anyone?), incomprehensibly bad picks (Walter Palmer) or not coachable (Kirk Snyder).

Occasionally a selfish, emotionally imbalanced player can stick with the league through talent alone, but that wouldn't be Jimmer - his talents are limited enough that he will need all the abilities of his mind and determination to make it.

The big question is how far that will take it, and that is something no body knows yet.

Richmond, VA

It appears that no matter how much success Jimmer achieves, there will always be those who will never ever give him any credit at all. There's nothing I would love to see more than for Jimmer to prove them wrong and become a huge success in the pros just like he did in college. Most especially, I hope he becomes a huge success with the Kings, if nothing else, just to prove his haters wrong and silence a lot of his critics, not that they give a darn anyhow. They will always hate him regardless! As for being a hall of famer one day, I think it's way too soon to even mention that but with Jimmer's attitude, work ethic, and determination, I wouldn't even put that beyond him. Only time will tell!

Orem, UT


"I'm sure the Kings will be looking to start over with the first pick of the 2012 NBA Draft."

yeah, yeah

And, I'm sure that Jimmer will be a starter for the Kings in his rooke season, that the Kings will finish with a better winning percentage than they had last season, and that Jimmer will be named to the all-rookie team.

Mark it down!

Claremont, California

Just an FYI to the writer of this article that Marcus Thornton averaged 12.8 ppg last year....

Iowa City, IA

"...been in some situations where some of my players have had cult followings before."

---Coach Westphal

So he sees Jimmer's followers as a cult.

No surprise.

The hero worship was at fever pitch this past Winter in the Marriot Center. Now it's onto the Kings bandwagon. Soon "Jimmer" or "James (aka Jimmer)" will be in the top 5 of Utah baby names.

There's a lot of hype with this pick. Hopefully he lives up to it. Would hate to see the cult disappointed.

Utah Jazz fan Chris
Clearfield, UT

wowwwww! Its stupid that people think that its the end of the world just because utah didn't get ONE PLAYER! Go ahead, be a sacramento fan but when jazz have sucess don't jump back to the jazz wagon just stay at your precious jimmer sacramento wagon!

Blackshear, GA

I'm encouraged by the comments of those who expect Jimmer to fail, as well as those who love Jimmer, but don't expect him to amount to much in the NBA.

Why am I encouraged?

Because those who know Jimmer, know that comments like that send him soaring high enough to exceed all expectations.

Dissers, Thanks for fanning the Jimmer flame!!!

sandy, UT

it is a good thing that you are not sold on Jimmer making it in the NBA. Please tell me which team you are the head scout for and I will really be amused if they were one of the 9 teams that passed on Jimmer. Otherwise, you and your opinions are just that, your opinion. In the opinion of others, jimmer's skills will translate into the NBA. Please tell me which player you will guarantee me that their skills will translate into a hall of fame career in this years draft. Pick wisely. What you post will be remembered.

Salt Lake City, UT

Utah Jazz fan Chris

"Its stupid that people think that its the end of the world just because utah didn't get ONE PLAYER!"

What's stupid is thinking that NOT picking ONE PLAYER couldn't be franchise altering.

How would Bulls/NBA history have changed if Portland had picked Michael Jordan, instead of Sam Bowie? Or Jazz/Mavericks history, if Dallas had picked John Stockton instead of Terrance Stansbury? Or Jazz/Spurs history, if the Jazz had picked Alfredrick Hughes instead of Karl Malone?

No, none of those changes would have been the "end of the world", but any one of those changes could have SIGNIFICANTLY changed Jazz history.

At this point, nobody knows how the NBA careers of any of this year's draftees will turn out, but if Jimmer turns out to be another Stockton or Nash, the Jazz will never hear the end of it.

Opinions of the Jimmer lovers are just as valid as the Jimmer naysayers/haters.

fyi, Chris, many Jimmer fans are first and foremost, BYU fans; the Jazz are meerly a team of casual interest for some of them, and the Jazz just lost a good portion of those fans.

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